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A Detailed Listing of the Content of
our basic Global Education Course
alternate name: Science, Technology, and Human Values 

focuses on descriptions of nearly 600 background terms & 312 SAT prep vocabulary words,
with 1080 self-test questions, and 1000s of "more to explore" links   

Besides introducing worldviews, acquainting you with 104 worldview themes, paired to define 52 choices,
for use in characterizing worldviews--and many hundreds of words and background terms
associated with them highlighted in
yellow and red below-- this course aids your SAT / GRE prep efforts.  

To view mini-encyclopedia descriptions of these terms and definitions of the words
click on the choice #s in the left hand column.
There you'll find SAT vocabulary highlighted in
All of this is part of our free online Basic Global Education course. Now for that detailed listing of its content...

 the initial Introduction to Worldviews material has you reading four sections with a focus on  69 background terms,
some of which appear again to the lists of background terms below for the choices...

Words associated with Diamonds / "Thinking" themes 

choice # worldview theme  background terms  SAT words 
1 #201A Evidence-Based    concept, conceptual framework, worldview, Reality, feedback aberration, corroborate, incontrovertible
 => #201B  Positive Expectations  belief, justification of belief, adopting healthy beliefs, wishful thinking, delusion    expectancy, optimism, sanguine 
2 #101A Mind Open, Vision Global    cosmic distance scale, geologic time, natural selection, human evolution, human evolution and feedback  cosmology, ephemeral, evolution
 =>  #101B Mind Narrowly Focused space vs. time plot, mindfulness, focused vs. global vision, lumpers vs. splitters, cognitive dissonance  contradiction, egocentric, insular
3 #1A   Humbly Unsure values /value judgment, values clarification, humility, humility and tolerance, humility & spirituality & religion dubious, equivocal, taciturn 
  => #2B I Know What's Best For You   unsolicited advice, persuasive communication techniques, leadership, ethnocentrism  articulate, cajole, hubris 
4 #1B Skeptic skepticism, two types skepticism , scientism, humility and science, reason vs. faith   debunk, demur, iconoclast 
  => #2A   The True Believer faith, faith v. trust, conversion, superstition, seekers v. believers  credulity, doctrine, dogmatic 
5 #8A   Monotheistic Deism Big Bang Theory, arguments for existence of God, intelligent design, Distant God, miracle    agnostic, deism, pantheism
  => #8B   Belief in a Personal God religion definitions of, personal God, praying, God--the purposes of a personal, grace  paternalism, theism, theological 
6 #7A   Mysticism consciousness, cosmic consciousness, tacit knowledge,  New Age movement, holographic paradigm   ecstatic, epiphany, ineffable 
  => #12A Polytheism, Animism, Pagan   polytheism, spirit, muses, trickster, myths  animism, pagan, pantheon 
7 #6A Orderly & Explicable orderly universe, logical reasoning, Chain of Being causality, chaos theory  anachronism, empirical, manifest 
  => #7B Magic magic, for entertainment vs. a worldview, parapyschology, pseudoscience, shamanism, positive thinking the power of  divination, enigmatic, homeopathy 
8 #9A   Religious Fundamentalism word of God, absolute moral code, teleology,  literal interpretation of sacred texts, historical metaphorical interpretation evangelical, orthodox, sacrosanct 
  => #10   Secular Humanism  humanism,  liberalism, meaningless life, existentialism, spirituality atheist, blaspheme, secular
9 #5A   Scientific Materialism matter, physical laws, energy, life, cell  heterogeneous, random, yield
  => #5B Vitalism soul, ghost, astral body, angel, medium  apparition, ethereal, seance 
10 #6B   Scientific Method science--definitions, science--the relevance of, empiricism, testability, systematic problem solving approaches bias,  hypothesis, quantitative 
  => #12B Non-Rational Knowing creative thinking, insight, dreams, synchronicity, unconscious memory   intuition,  meditation, prescient 
11 #11A  Fatalism   fatalism vs. determinism,  mind/ body problem,  behaviorism, instinct,  automatism determinism, fatalist, pre-destination
 => #11B Free Will   free will and the brain, free will freedom vs. responsibility, process theology, God omniscience and omnipotence of, free will and sin fortuitous, serendipity, volition 
12 #15 The Group Think Imperative social influence, peer pressure, suggestibility, right / left brain, bicameral mentality censure, hypnosis, imperative
  => #30 Imagination, Curiosity, Intellectual Freedom   intellectual curiosity, discovery learning, learning domains, academic freedom, freedom of press / speech cognizant, epistemology, nonconformist
13 #9B  Simply In God's Hands: Apocalypticism end of game strategy, Armageddon theology, messianic fervor, End Times, Book of Revelation apocalyptic, catastrophe, imminent
  => #13 Complexity--In Our Hands: Dancing With Systems systems, levels of organization, complexity theory, emergent properties, wholism paradigm, systematic, virtual 


Words associated with Hearts / "Feeling" themes 

choice # worldview theme  background terms  SAT words 
14 #202A Cautious Processing harm avoidance, assertive coping, defense mechanisms, trust & distrust biochemical basis, stress hormone discretion, prudence, solicitous
  => #202B Relaxed, Generous, Loving emotions, emotions and brain, love, stroking,  interpersonal communication humanistic model  amorous, benevolent, munificent
15 #102A Conscientious, Efficient Stewardship conscience, personality, goal-oriented behavior, task-oriented , stewardship conscientious, meticulous, punctilious 
  => #102B Easy-Going, Disorderly, Cavalier introversion & extraversion, laughter & worldviews, entropy and disorder, tolerant,  character disorder  cursory, derelict, nonchalant
16 #14A  Salvation & Moralistic God    guilt, sin, salvation, afterlife, Hell, penitent, righteousness, repentant
  => #14B Moral Arc of Universe/Karma/Reincarnation justice, karma, rebirth / reincarnation, Buddhism, Hinduism  conscience, karma, nirvana
17 #25  Evil is Out There   evil the problem of, evil in various religions, the Devil, dehumanizing by linking to Devil, witchcraft & Wicca exorcism, incarnate, sorcery 
  => #29B Taking Charge==> Violence aggression origin and types, bullying, domestic violence, heart of darkness, Hobbesian view of human nature intimidate, litigant, wrath  
18 #16A Culture of Fear   fear, adrenalin, fear using it to achieve goals, gun ownership and violence, discipline vs. punishment duress, timorous, trepidation
  => #16B   The Golden Rule, Village Ethic of Mutual Help Golden Rule formulations, Golden Rule in other religions, Good Samaritan parable,  religion --social function of, TIT for TAT strategy  compassion, empathy, reciprocate
19 #17A  Bitterness & Vengeance    anger,  honor and vengeance, shame leading to vengeance, an eye for an eye, justice--types of  aggrieved, retribution, vitriolic
  => #17B Gratitude & Forgiveness   anger-- constructive expression, forgiveness,  forgiveness &  religion, gratitude and feelings of well being, closure-- psychological catharsis, exculpate, exonerate 
20 #18A   Passionately Impulsive   passion, impulse, neurotransmitters,  instant gratification, emotions and consciousness    impetuous, pathos, vivacious
  => #18B Rational / Dispassionate   rational choice theory, conscious vs. unconscious behavior,  stoicism, stoic wisdom, serenity   apathetic, dispassionate, stolid
21 #28A   Hedonistic Orientation   epicurean, gourmet, playboys and playgirls, recreational drug use, victimless crimes  carouse, prurient, ribald
  => #28B Healthy Orientation preventive medicine, nutrition, cardiovascular disease prevention, cancer prevention,  mind / body connection  pathology, placebo, sedentary
22  #29A   The Self Restrained Person  self control, goal-oriented behavior, abstinence, monasticism ascetic, sobriety, temperance
  =>   #33B  Addiction  addiction, addiction consequences,  nicotine, tobacco use health care costs, pusher alcoholism, intoxicant, wanton 
23 #32A  Human Rights   human rights, human rights struggles,  civil rights, indigenous people rights, immigration issues enfranchise, refuge, reparation
  =>  #33A   Servitude--Suffering, Enabling, Enslaving slavery, prostitution forced, political prisoner, master, slavery & Christianity  abhorrent, fetter, servitude
24 #32B Culture of Tolerance    pluralism, multiculturalism, equal opportunity, non-sectarian, teaching tolerance discrimination, magnanimous, prejudice
  => #39B Blaming / Scapegoating  segregation--racial, blame, hate crime, dehumanizing before killing, Holocaust  genocide, ostracism, xenophobia
25 #38   Love As Family Glue   unconditional love, kinship metaphors, family life--promoting, parenting styles,   overprotection   cosset, coddle, lenient
  => #39A   Tough Love   tough love, personal responsibility--accepting, dysfunctional family, shame / shaming, alcohol or drug abuse treatment programs  austere, didactic, exhort
26 #41   Struggling With A Basic Need: Self Esteem   self concept, self esteem raising it, self actualization, emotional intelligence, neurotic needs alienated, introspection,  psychotherapy
  => #52   Physically Challenged ==>Independent Living   independent living for people with disabilities,assisted living, attitudes toward disabled people, disability--different ways of looking at, disability rights impairment, palliative, vulnerability


Words associated with Clubs / "Joining" themes 

choice # worldview theme  background terms  SAT words 
27 #203A Hierarchical Rigidity   conservatism, social status, patriarchy /patriarchal society, chain of command, wage and wealth inequality   caste, conservative, meritocracy
 => #203B Egalitarian Progressive   social justice,  wealth inequality & capitalism, wealth redistribution of, affirmative action, progressive taxation attenuate, egalitarian, hierarchy 
28 #103A Individual Glory   individualism, human potential movement, self actualization, Winner Take All society, zero sum game culmination, meritorious, narcissism 
 => #103B Celebrating Team Accomplishments   self reliant people-- work and loneliness community vs. society, fellowship, Win Win non-zero sum games, labor union egotistical, mentor, solidarity
29 #20B Authoritarian Follower authoritarian personality, authoritarianism, statism, social contract, police compliant, obsequious, subjugate
 => #31   Education for Democracy   democracy, liberal education, public education, civics, democracy & science judicious, suffrage, vigilant 
30 #20A   Elitism  democratic elitism,  social class, plutocracy, oligarchy, power elite bombastic, exclusion, pompous 
 => #21A  Idealistic Populism    trust, populism, dividing people tactics, economic democracy, workers' rights  cleave, demagogue, resilient
31 #34 Valuing Traditions and Status Quo    customs,  oral tradition, institutions, ritualism vs. legalism, Confucianism clergy, mores, venerable 
 => #35B Working for Change   top down / bottom up, social movement--stages,  community organizing--rules for, activist, whistle blower  dissent, espouse, insurgent 
32 #21B Service to Others   public service tradition, humble public servant, volunteerism,  Golden Ladder of Giving, non-profit organizations ameliorate, civic, philanthropy 
 => #36A Cynicism human imperfection, practice what you preach, cultural pessimism, corruption, corporate crime   corrupt, cynicism, hypocrisy
33 #42   Ethical Orientation   law--rule of, ethics, conflict of interest, utilitarianism, distributive justice scrupulous, strait-laced, utilitarian
 => #43   Seeking Wealth & Power   tooth & claw ethics,  machiavellian, greed, grabber,  kleptocracy affluent, avarice, plutocracy
34 #19A  Competitive Capitalism    competition vs. co-operation, economic system--functions of,  capitalism, commodification, exchange value
capital, commodity, innovate
 => #48B  Liking Co-operation-Based Communities     cooperatives principles, cooperatives types of, centralized vs. decentralized, subsidiarity, ecovillage barter, collective, succor
35 #19B Corporate Capitalism   corporation, corporate state, corporate welfare, shareholders vs. stakeholders, corporate executive pay issues liability, lobbyist, monopoly
 => #49A  Social Welfare Statism  socialism vs. social welfare statism, social safety net,   welfare assistance,
government involvement in a market economy,
public sector / public goods
bureaucracy, centralized, nationalization 
36 #37A   Proud Identification & Tribalism   ethnic group, tribe, tribalism, nationalism--religious vs.  ethnic vs. civic, nationalism vs. patriotism clan, nativism, patriotism
 => #37B Global Citizen   Earth from Space, ethical behavior evolutionary pyramid, common good, global ethic, global education cosmopolitan, pluralism, utopia
37 #35A  Sharing What Some Consider Very Private  transparency, gay sex growing acceptance of, , same sex marriage, non-binary or gender queer, transgender  authenticity, flaunt, monogamy
 => #48A Privacy confidentiality, privacy rights, privacy rights fight USA history of, digital footprint, tracking cookies anonymity, scrutiny, seclude
38 #36B  Conspiracies   conspiracism, conspiracy theories history / evil reasons why they are spread, culture war, United States of Conspiracy, conspiracy- fact-based ones  clandestine, collusion,  psychopath
 => #49B Idealistic Socialism  socialism, socialism centralized,  Marxism, authoritarianism and collectivism, communism altruism, bourgeois, socialist
39 #50A Libertarian  Atlas Shrugged, objectivism and the virtue of selfishness,  private property sanctity, non-aggression principle, liberty principle coercion, egoism, libertarian 
 => #50B Left Anarchist   anarchism, left anarchism, collectivist anarchism, mutualism, nation state--argument for its existence anarchy, commune, empower


Words associated with Spades / "Doing" themes 

choice # worldview theme  background terms  SAT words 
40 #204A Freedom From Limits   individual freedom diagram, American exceptionalism, civil liberties, wise use movement, colonizing space defamation,  exceptional, lavish 
 => #204B  Limits & Ethics   catastrophes-- manmade global, land ethic, tragedy of the commons, population growth concerns, population and family planning,  censorship, parameters, transgress
41 #104A  Human-Centered   human exceptionalism, illusion of central position, anthropocentrism and Christianity, anthropocentrism and science,  wise use movement philosophy  anthropocentric, dominion, innate
 => #104B  Respect for Nature deep ecology, Earth's natural cycles, ecosystem, biodiversity ,  ethical treatment of animals cherish, ecology, extant 
42 #44A Sanctity & Dignity of Life   sanctity, bioethics, rights of unborn children, capital punishment, genetic engineering eugenics, fetus, gestation
 =>   #44B  Hands Off My Body bodily integrity, pro-choice vs. pro-life, creative destruction, abortion, assisted suicide euthanasia, integrity, populous
43 #3 Valuing Honesty, Learning nature vs. nurture, gene, meme, cultural evolution, critical thinking skills deceit, erudite, veracity
 => #4 Spreading Disinformation / Tactical Deception misinformation vs. disinformation, baffling not clarifying, false balance / both sidesism,  social media, anti-social media legislation duplicity, guile, mendacious
44 #22A Economic Growth   economic growth-- basis for, economic growth-- measuring, investment decisions-- basis for, opportunity cost, regulations-- pollution  and economic growth dynamic, infrastructure, productivity
 => #23A  Sustainability sustainable development, energy balance, greenhouse effect, renewable resources,
obs and renewable energy 
endure, nurture, perturbation 
45 #23B Enoughness   alternative hedonism, small is beautiful, appropriate technology, simple living, ecosharing  frugal, moderation, stingy
 =>   #26B  More is Better Mentality / Abundance need for power, conspicuous consumption, McMansions,
abundant life / community of abundance, affluenza 
gluttony, insatiable, plethora 
46 #26A The Consumerist  consumerism, consumerists, salesmanship /  marketing, advertising, needs vs. wants dissipation, propaganda, residue
 => #27 The Small Producer   food from plants-- the basics, organic gardening / farming / permaculture, do it yourself,  barter economy,  laborers vs. craftsmen vs. artists husbandry, incentive, refurbish
47 #24A  Struggling With A Basic Need: Sustenance   sustenance, absolute poverty, homelessness, world’s hungry and extreme poor,
hunger-- types of
indigent, impecunious, privation 
 => #24B Creative Expression   aesthetics and worldviews, art-- definitions, conflict resolution and art educationaddiction & creativity, ecological groundedness aesthetic,  figurative, virtuoso
48 #45A Borrowing Mentality  credit, mortgage, interest--simple vs. compound, national debt, bankruptcy dearth, obligation, usury
 => #45B Work, Play, Pay As You Go    sweat equity, Protestant work ethic, discounting the future, pay as you go--energy and environmental connection, ecological debt  avocation, resolute, vocation 
49 #46A  Technological Fix   technology, human senses--extending them, technology-- critiques of, 
engineering design, electricity 
assiduous, pollute, technicality
 => #47A  Attitudinal Fix    attitude,  attitude change-- factors in, bridge values, intractable conflicts, conflict resolution arbitration, assuage, ethos
50 #46B Military Backers military conduct and discipline, military education and training, military spending, war and its origins, nuclear weapons  martinet, militarism, pillage
 => #47B Pacifism / Non-Violence   pacifism , pacifism--types of,
non-violence, civil resistance, deterence
diplomacy, passivity, serene 
51 #22B Imperialism   colonialism, imperialism-- non-Marxist, cultural imperialism, McDonaldization, China’s Belt and Road Initiative bellicose, hegemony, jingoist
 => #51A Ethical Globalization globalization, free trade, economic development and underdevelopment,
basic human needs approach, World Bank
indigenous, institution, network
52  #40  Environmental Economics ecosystem services, environmental impact analysis, carbon tax, carbon footprint, regulations--public health and economic growth  efficiency, mitigate, subsidy
 => #51B Big Business Pushes Limits fossil fuels,climate change, geoengineering / planetary engineering, geoengineering-- problems and risks, nuclear energy brittle, futurist, moribund 


The above course is a great way to prepare for SAT and college!  

The specific 312 SAT vocabulary words found in the right hand columns above are highlighted in white in the
related background terms lists accessed by clicking the left hand column choice # links above. 

Those words in the right hand columns above have been selected from various lists of words used on past SAT tests.
They have been chosen to go with, and aid understanding of, the worldview themes
and associated terms listed in the middle columns. But, along with just memorizing the definitions of those selected words,
the learning experience this course provides can include much more...

The SAT prep (and GRE prep for lengthier implementations of this course) provided goes far beyond your just reading the definitions of the words and memorizing them. That approach--like cramming for a test with lots of memorization the night before--won't help transfer the meanings of these words into your long-term memory. In other words, you'll forget them soon after the test. This course puts a manageable number of terms (three) into a larger meaningful content--that of a worldview theme.  Like what you do on the SAT test, our basic Global Education Course has you has read two short passages--each typically around 100 words in length. These are about two different worldview themes. It then asks you to scan through a page of background terms related to those worldview themes, and read over the highlighted in white definitions of the six SAT vocabulary terms included. You then answer questions to test your understanding.

 There are ten (self test A) questions--the first four of them are like reading comprehension SAT questions, the last six are specifically about the definitions of the SAT vocabulary words. If time is sorely lacking, your prep can be limited to just taking self test A for each choice. But you can extend this into a learning experience that goes far beyond SAT prep, by following through and reading the yellow and red mini-encyclopedia entries and also taking self test B!
Specifically this will help you master the learning objectives for our basic Global Education Course,
alternately named Science, Technology, and Human Values,
that you'll find in the course syllabus found by clicking here.  

A final note: our self test questions force you to read carefully. Many of them are asking you to identify what's wrong, not what's correct. Likewise other questions involve selected from ordered pairs of choices, or picking out what word or phrase does not logically belong together with others in the list. If you don't read carefully you won't answer correctly! 


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