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I have failed to restrain myself. Increasingly I feel trapped by my own behavior, and that —in my despairing moments—I have no choice to behave otherwise.  I am, to some extent, imprisoned by my brain biochemistry.  Simply put: I can’t stop doing certain things, even though I need to, or must, to survive. (Note: Such people are addicted to certain substances and/or behaviors. These include addictions to tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, painkillers, caffeine, food, sex, sugar / sweets, carbonated soft drinks, gambling, video gaming, shopping, etc.)

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 worldview internal inconsistency related: Strongly valuing this theme and any of the themes in the list below is a contradiction:

#11B Free Will   #18B Rational, Dispassionate   23B Enoughness   #28B Healthy Orientation
#29A   The Self Restrained Person #30    Imagination, Curiosity, Intellectual Freedom    #47A  Attitudinal Fix     #52   Physically Challenged ==>Independent Living  

#102A Conscientious, Efficient Stewardship

#202B Relaxed, Generous, Loving  

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