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I like the feedback that well-educated citizens provide elected officials in a democracy with their votes. I don't think this will work without them, as they're, as Jefferson put it,  “ultimate guardians of their own liberty." So… free K12 state supported education for all should promote 1) skills to make valued workers, and lifelong learners / critical thinkers, 2) people skills / community values, 3) understanding of technologically and ethically complex issues they may one day vote on, and 4) their ability to ultimately select good leaders.

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The Benefits of Character Education-- What I learned from teaching at a "core virtues" school by Jessica Lahey (story in The Atlantic May 6, 2013)
"Noncognitive Measures: The Academic Trend That Could Change Everything" (Feb  4 2013 post on Education Database Online blog)
"Citizen Law Making: Government by (all) the People" (from The Economist October 29 2011)
"The Failure of American Schools" by Joel Klein (in June 2011 issue of The Atlantic) 
"Lessons from California: The Perils of Extreme Democracy" (The Economist Apr 20 2011 cover story)
"Don't Let Ignorant People Vote" by LZ Granderson (posted on CNN Opinion, April 12, 2011)
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"The Best Laws Money Can Buy" by Steven Brill (cover story, Time July 12 2010)
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"How to Raise the Standard in American Schools,", by Walter Issacson (article in Time April 27, 2009)
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“The public good: knowledge as the foundation for a democratic society” by Don Michael Randel  ( in Winter 2009 issue of Daedalus)
"How to Make Great Teachers," by Claudia Wallis (cover story, Time February 25 2008)
"How to Fix No Child Left Behind," by C.Wallis and S. Steptoe (cover story, Time June 4 2007)
Democracy in the Workplace, by Traci Fenton (Aug 2006 article from CSM)
Education Issues--Most popular Programs (dozens of UCTV programs on this topic)
Khan Academy (offers over 2700 free videos on all topics, emphasis on math & science)
Free Online Courses and Education (Education Portal website)
Affordable Colleges Online   (guides and information)
Online College Classes (website with links to free classes, textbooks, ebooks, etc. )
Academic Earth ("thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars")
The Concept of Citizenship in Education for Democracy (from ERIC Digest)
Education for Democracy (from the encyclopedia for informal education, good bibliography)
Education for Democracy -- Statement of Principles (from Albert Shanker Institute)
Citizenship Education for Democracy in the 21st Century (1998 Canadian report)
Education, Democracy, and the Public Good (ch. 4 of a book by Ed D'Angelo on public libraries)
The National Center for Science Education ("working to keep evolution and climate science in public school science education")
Center for Deliberative Democracy (at Stanford, "devoted to research about democracy and public opinion"
The Forum for Education and Democracy
Foundation for Education for Democracy
Experience, Education, and Democracy, by Ziniewicz
Education and Democracy Homepage
ERIC -- Education Resources Information Center

US Dept. of Education Homepage

Guide to US Dept. of Education Programs & Resources
National Education Association
Character Education Partnership (goal: developing "people of good character for a just and compassionate society")
draft statement from UNESCO conference on Science Education
The League of Women Voters
Public Policy Institute of California ("informing and improving public policy through independent nonpartisan research")
Links on the Philosophy of Liberal Education
Democracy and Education by John Dewey (the classic 1916 book, online) 
Liberal Education and American Schooling  (1997 Ph.D. dissertation, by Thomas McCambridge, UCLA)
Philosophy of Education Society
Center for Democracy and Technology ("working for democratic values in a digital age)
Global Educator (offers an extensive collection of peer reviewed articles for global educators)
National Science Teacher's Association (NSTA) (position statement on Science/ Technology / Society (STS) education)
The Freedom From Religion Foundation (working to keep church and state separate)
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