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I could live in a non-democratic authoritarian system accepting subjugation, losing some freedom and the vote. I’d like law & order maintained, duties & rights of citizens spelled out, and troublemakers (including the press) reigned in. I’ll follow strong leaders whether from single party, military, church, aristocracy, etc. —and charismatic individuals. (Note: Followers favor authority / uniformity / obedience / over freedom / diversity / independence, can be manipulated by fear mongers, and accept simple answers to complex problems. At some point when followers submit to authorities too much,
democracy ends.)


I like the feedback that well-educated citizens provide elected officials in a democracy with their votes. I don't think this will work without them, as they're, as Jefferson put it,  “ultimate guardians of their own liberty." So, free K12 state supported education for all should promote       1) skills to make valued workers, and lifelong learners / critical thinkers,     2) people skills / community values, 3) understanding of technologically and ethically complex issues they may one day vote on, and 4) their ability to ultimately select good leaders. 

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"As you shop in "The Reality Marketplace" avoid spending your "reality cash" too early,  before you have seen everything. " 
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows