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I believe that the rules and customs of any long-lived society deserve respect. This glue, shaped by challenges of untold demands, holds society together. While those guided by self interest may not like limits on behavior that society imposes, accepting them is a responsible choice. (Note: Those who respect authority, law & order, and value the hard work / sacrifices of their ancestors, will be comfortable with this theme.  So will many who value traditional gender-based roles and religious institutions.)

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“Why American Children Stopped Believing in God” By Cameron Hilditch (opinion piece in National Review December 2020)
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"The Rise of the Islamic Feminists" by Elizabeth Segran (article in The Nation Dec 23 2013 issue)
"Indian Mothers in Law: Curse of the Mummyji" (article in The Economist December 21 2013)
"Fashion in Iran: Keep your eyes off those legs"  (article in The Economist Sept 14 2013)
"India's Languishing Countryside: A Village in a Million"   (article in The Economist Dec 18 2010)
"Robes for Women--the Movement to Ordain Female Priests" by Tim Padgett ( article in Sep 27 2010 Time
"How the World Eats," by Bryan Walsh (about preserving / abandoning traditional diets, in Time June 11 2007)
Arranged (2007 movie about maintaining one's traditional beliefs despite modern stresses on them)

God's Middle Finger: Into the Lawless Heart of the Sierra Madre  by Richard Grant (2008 book re: indigenous people, their traditions and the drug lords) 

consanguinity (refers to being of the same blood; this website takes a global perspective)
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"The Gender Conundrum," by Laura Fitzpatrick  (article in Time November 19, 2007)
Children's Literature: Gender Roles and Sex Stereotyping (website at Indiana University includes many links)
The Science of Gender and Science (2005 debate at Harvard: Pinker vs. Spelke)
China's Honor Code (Los Angeles Times story, April 15, 2006)
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Ban Same Sex Marriage (refers to itself as "The Ultimate web site providing information on the issues")
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Third World Network: Women's Rights and Gender Issues
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Why Gender Matters, by Leonard Sax
Raising Cain, book and PBS documentary (author Michael Thompson claims, "Boys measure everything they do by a single yardstick: does this make me look weak?")
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from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.