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Holes in market-based capitalism must be fixed! Prices must include life cycle environmental health impact fees. Fossil fuel subsidies must end. Renewable energy based efficient industrial activities most like natural processes  (matter recycling in closed systems should be promoted—not wasteful polluters. Use of Earth’s commons (air, water, land, soil, trees, minerals) should be linked to responsibility to protect it. Incentives should encourage producing necessities (small affordable housing, plant based food, clean water), valuing and protecting bio-diversity and natural capital (especially soil), and reducing inequality.

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Doughnut Economics Diagram
Carbon Footprint Related Song Lyrics
National Center for Environmental Economics (maintained by US EPA)
Climate Change News (Climate Home News website)
The Borrowers Guide to Financing Solar Energy Systems (online copy of 44 page NREL 2009 booklet)
Alliance to Save Energy (non-profit group promoting energy efficiency worldwide since 1977) 
The Energy Collective (blog/website: "Power, Policy, Climate--the conversation begins here")
Carbon Footprint (“the web’s leading carbon footprint calculator”)
Climate Neutral Now (UN sponsored site, hosts carbon footprint calculator and donations to UN approved projects to offset your carbon use)
National Tree Benefit Calculator (estimate the annual economic and environmental value of individual street trees)
The Actuaries Climate Index (gauges extreme weather events and sea level rises, updated quarterly) 
Drawdown Labs ("works to advance the next level of business leadership on climate solutions")
The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions ( nonprofit with  key objective of national market-based program to reduce emissions cost-effectively)
EPA proposes fee aimed at reducing methane emissions  (AP story posted on NPR January 12 2024)
Study reveals how much carbon damage would cost corporations if they paid for their emissions by Seth Borenstein (AP News report August 24 2023)
Cash For Climate services (report from The Economist March 4 2023)
 How to run your house on clean electricity, no solar panels required by Emma F. Merchant (story about finding a more environmentally aware utility company from The Washington Post  Feb 9 2023)

US renewable energy farms outstrip 99% of coal plants economically – study by Oliver Milman (from The Guardian Jan 30 2023)

Your Dog's Carbon "Pawprint" May Be Almost as Bad as Yours by Damian Carrington (from Mother Jones Nov 19 2022)
Climate crisis study finds heatwaves have cost global economy $16tn by Sofia Quaglia   (from The Guardian Oct 28 2022      )
The case for paying carbon taxes on unsustainable food  by Carla Delgado (in Popular Science July 25 2022)
“Energy efficiency guru Amory Lovins:  'the largest, cheapest, safest, cleanest way to address the crisis’” by John Vidal ( The Guardian, March 26 2022)

Biden’s Biggest Idea on Climate Change Is Remarkably Cheap by Robinson Meyer (article from The Atlantic Feb 9 2022)

"The ESG Mirage" by C. Simpson, A. Rathi, S. Kishan (skeptical report about ESG ratings from Bloomberg Business December 10 2021)
"Want to limit carbon and curb wildfire? Create a market for small trees " (UC Berkeley report December 13 2021)
“Most new wind and solar projects will be cheaper than coal, report finds” by Jillian Ambrose  (report from The Guardian June 23 2021)

‘Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world by Royce Kurmelovs (report from The Guardian April 24 2021)

Fossil Fuel air pollution caused 8.7m deaths globally in 2018 (report from The Guardian Feb 9 2021)
Economics of biodiversity review: what are the recommendations? (report from The Guardian Feb 2 2021 says use of GDP as indicator should be ditched!)
Doughnut Economics in Amsterdam  by Ciara Nugent (article in Time magazine Jan 22 2021)
The Circular Economy and Cascading: Towards a Framework by Kieran Campbell-Johnson etal. (article posted on sciencedirect website January 2021)
Circular Economy by Elizabeth Cline (in Sierra magazine January 2021)
Biodiversity and the "Eco" in Economics (from The Economist Feb 6 2021)
“Fighting Climate Change, One Building At A Time” (story about saving money and energy from NPR October 18 2020)

1.35 Cents/kWh: Record Abu Dhabi Solar Bid  (report about stunningly cheap solar power from CleanTechnica June 8 2020)

Taxing Carbon (report from The Economist May 23 2020)
“Fossil-Fuel Subsidies Must End” (Oped from Scientific American Feb 25 2020)
Sustainable Investing--Green Giant Black Rock  (report from The Economist Jan 18 2020)
What is the Circular Economy? (from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
The Circular Economy—A World Without Trash by Robert Kunzig  (from National Geographic February 18 2020)

"We Already Have the World’s Most Efficient Carbon Capture Technology" By Emily Chasan (article about “The Tree That Will Save the World” and offsetting carbon emissions in Bloomberg Aug 3 2019)

“How Climate Change Could Trigger the Next Global Financial Crisis” by Robin Meyer (article in The Atlantic Aug 1, 2019)
"Staying Green While Traveling: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!" by Andrew Wan (May 17, 2019 post)
"How California became far more energy-efficient than the rest of the country" by David Roberts  (May 31 2019 report from VOX)
Renewable Energy Costs Take Another Tumble, Making Fossil Fuels Look More Expensive Than Ever by Dominic Dudley (article from Forbes May 29 2019)
"The moral assumptions embedded in economic models of climate change (from The Economist Dec 12 2018)
"Two US electric utilities have promised to go 100% carbon-free—and admit it’s cheaper" by Michael Coren  (Dec 13 2018 post on
"Bitcoin Is Terrible for the Environment"  by Emily Atkin (article in Mother Jones Dec 5 2017)
“The Northeast US has a carbon-trading system. It is boosting, not hurting, state economies” by David Roberts  ( report from VOX April 25 2018)
"How to improve tax reform: a carbon tax and expanded benefits for working families" by Aparna Mathur and Adele Morris  (Dec 8 2017 AEI website)
"Government report calls on Trump to act on climate change" by Eli Watkins (cites cost of extreme weather, from  CNN Oct 24 2017)
100% Renewable Energy At What Cost? (article from The Economist July 15 2017)
The Switch: How Solar, Storage and New Tech Means Cheap Power for All by Chris Goodall (review by Pilita Clark of this 2016 book posted on the Financial Times)
"Prominent Republicans Pitch Carbon-Tax Plan to Top Trump Aides" by J. Dlouhy and M. Talev (Feb 8 2017 article on Bloomberg News) see The Carbon Dividends Song in this regard
Breaking the Habit: The Future of Oil  (special report from The Economist November 26 2016)
Off Grid Solar Power: Africa Unplugged (report from The Economist October 29 2016)
Washington State's Carbon Tax (report from The Economist October 15 2016)
"Measuring Economies--The Trouble with GDP"  (article from The Economist April 30 2016)
"Corruption and Natural Resources: a fight for light" (report from The Economist October 24 2015)
"Shell, Exxon, and Carbon: The Elephant in the Atmosphere" (article in The Economist July 19, 2014)
"Petro-Machismo" by Michael T. Klare (article about how the US energy boom is affecting its foreign policy from The Nation Mar 24 2014)
"China and the Environment: The East is Grey" ( cover story from The Economist Aug 10 2013)
"China's Citizens Must Act to Save Their Environment" by Qiang Wang (May 8 2013 opinion piece published by Nature)
Measures of Well Being: Chilled Out (Feb 25 2012 article in The Economist)
"New Report Examines Risks of 4 Degree Hotter World by End of Century" (Nov 18 2012 post on World Bank site)
"Costs of Climate Change Can be Mitigated if Economic Activity Moves in Response" (The Economist Dec 8 2012)
"Climate Bonds: A Dull Shade of Green" (article in The Economist October 29 2011)
"The world needs a massive carbon tax in just 10 years to limit climate change, IMF says" by Chris Mooney and Andrew Freedman (article from The Washington Post Oct 10 2010)
Confessions of a Radical Industrialist by Ray C. Anderson (2009 book re: "doing business by respecting the Earth")
"Nothing Grows Forever" by Clive Thompson (article on no growth economics from May 2010 Mother Jones)
The Power of Renewables, by Matthew Wald (from March 2009 issue of Scientific American)
A Grand Plan for Solar Energy (January 2008 Scientific American article)
"Sunrise for Solar Heat Power" by Moises Velasquez-Manoff (August 18 2009 article in Christian Science Monitor)
"Studies Start Linking Climate Change to Current Events" by Janet Raloff (November 17 2012 Science News article)
More Profit With Less Carbon, article by Amory Lovins / with bibliography
Carbon Mitigation Initiative (from Princeton University Environmental Institute)
The Carbon Reduction Label (from non-profit with mission to "accelerate the move to a low carbon economy")
Personal Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator (figure your carbon footprint using this tool from US EPA)
"Companies and Emissions: Carbon Copy" (article about preparing for a carbon tax from The Economist December 14 2013)
"We Have a Winner: British Columbia Carbon Tax Woos Sceptics" (July 21 2011 article in The Economist) 
"Putting a Value on Nature Could Set Scene for True Green Economy" by Pavan Sukhdev (Feb 2010 article)
"A Refreshing Dose of Honesty" (cap and dividend alternative to cap and trade, The Economist Feb 4 2010)
The Carbon Limits and Energy for America's Renewal (CLEAR) Act  (2010 Senate bill per Maria Cantwell)
"Time to Tax Financial Speculation" by Sarah Anderson (Feb 11 2010 YES! Magazine article)
"Banking on Carbon," by Bryan Walsh"  (in Time December 14 2009)
Misleading Indicator, by Megan McArdle (why GDP needs to be replaced, from The Atlantic, Nov 2009)
A Mechanism of Hot Air, by Madhusree Mukerjee (re: carbon offset method, June 2009 Scientific American)
"Land of Hope," by Alex Perry and Kareygorou (re: Africa and externalities; in Time December 13 2010)
America's Untapped Energy Resource: Boosting Efficiency, by M. Grunwald (in Time January 12, 2009)
"Sizing Up Carbon Footprints," by B. Walsh and T. Sharples (in Time May 25, 2008)
"CO2--They Should Bottle That Stuff" by E. Roston and B. Chameides (April, 2008 Time website article)
Preparing for Climate Change by M. Mastrandrea and S. Schneider (more on this 2010 book from MIT Press)
Fixing Climate, by W. Broecker and R. Kunzig (interview w/ Broecker re: his plan detailed in this 2008 book)
Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (at UC Berkeley)
Earth Policy Institute (organization devoted to "building an economy for the Earth")
The Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (non-profit with "mission to develop and disseminate sustainability accounting standards" to help corporations)
Emissions Reduction Market System -- An Overview (from Illinois state EPA)
US Climate Action Partnership (coalition of corporations supporting action to curb global warming)
The Climate Leadership Council (group of prominent Republicans have authored a carbon tax plan -- 2017) 
Business Environmental Leadership Council (assoc. of US corporations focused on climate change)
Conversations With History: Natural Capitalism with Amory Lovins (2009 UCTV program) 
Greenhouse Reduction - Underground Storage of Carbon Dioxide (2008 UCTV program)
"New Nuclear--The Economics Say No" (November, 2009 Pan Europe Utilities Citi Report)
Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, by P. Hawken, A. Lovins, H. Lovins (about this book)
Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken (Mother Jones article March 1997)
Ecological Economics, textbook by Herman Daly and Joshua Farley, Island Press (about this book)
Revisiting Economic Man, by Alexia Eastwood (2010 article on Share the World's Resources website)
What's Nature Worth: Opening the Black Box of Ecological Valuation, article by James Boyd, RFF
The New Economy of Nature, by G. Dailey and K. Ellison, Island Press (about this book)
Human Well Being and the Natural Environment, by Partha Dasgupta, Oxford University Press (about this book)
The Global Commons, by Susan Buck, Island Press (about this book)
Natural Capital and Human Economic Survival (about this book)
Beyond Kyoto: Climate Change and the EU (detailed position paper from Greenpeace's European Unit)
Green Accounting (reports on Harvard grad student's research)
New Economics Foundation ("promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking")
The Tragedy of the Commons, by Garrett Hardin (the classic 1968 paper)
Special Issue, Science Magazine: Tragedy of the Commons? -- Web Resources
The Drama of the Commons (online book from NRC about devising workable systems for managing shared resources)
International Agreements (from Canada's equivalent of the Environmental Protection Agency)
Towards Effective Environmental Regulation (approaches to implementing & enforcing European environmental laws)
U.S. EPA Laws & Regulations Website
Environmental Regulation and the Competitiveness of US Manufacturing (classic 1995 paper by Jaffe, etal)
United Nations Population Division Homepage
Population Connection (resources on the connection between population and environment)
Population Reference Bureau
Population Council (devoted to improving well-being / reproductive health of current & future human beings)
Red Sky at Morning: America and the Crisis of the Global Environment, by James Gustave Speth (about this book)
quotes and links related to "What's Wrong with Business?" (from Planet Friendly website)
quotes related to environmental economics (from Andy Kerr website)
quotes from environmental economics guru Amory Lovins

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