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Humans are special. I'd say we have dominion over the natural world (some would say it’s God-given) So I believe the natural environment should be used, developed, and enjoyed-- in short, nature should serve people. I am comfortable with the increasing commodification of everything and valuing things based on usefulness to humans. Creatively making land more to my liking and using its resources, wildlife, etc, is part of being human not something I should apologize for or feel guilty about. (Note: some extend this in worshiping a Personal and Moralistic God and highly valuing their own ultimate salvation.)

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Nature Wars by Jim Sterba (Jan 2013 Washington Post book review of book about conflicts associated with wildlife in urban areas)
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video of John Prine with lyric contextual relevant images performing his 1972 song "Paradise" about coal mining in Mulhenberg County Kentucky
quotes related to private property

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