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our basic Global Education course (version 5.0 based) 
This a free online course based on the Choices We Make cards & booklet

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A. Who this course is for, and learning outcomes to be expected:

If you can say "Yes!" to the above questionsor in general if you're intellectually curious, eager to learn, want to build your understanding of, not just the world, but of reality itself and gain insight into life’s “big questions”this course is for you. Ideally those who pursue it will be old enough to have learned some things of importance from intellectual exploration, but not so old as to have closed  any doors to more such exploration.

More specifically, it's for those of high school (11th grade) age or greaterand college students, lifelong learners of all ageswho, if nothing more, want to increase their knowledge of a wide range of concepts, and increase their vocabularies. (The latter might especially benefit high school / college students in preparing to take college board / SAT /GRE tests, etc.)  

B. Overview of the basic Global Education course,
alternate name: Science, Technology, and Human Values

It's based on our 104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices structure. After an introduction to worldviews, the course takes you on a path that considers (in order) each of these 52 numbered choices. Everything you need to undertake this exploration is available online. This includes the 104 worldview theme web pages— including thousands of “More to Explore” links—and the 52 choices web pages—including the “Related Words, Beliefs, Background” pages from the Project Worldview Cultural Literacy Encyclopedia. Altogether this has over 1500 entries with descriptions totaling over 90,000 words. Four ten question each self tests test your understanding of the introductory material on worldviews, after which two (similar ten question each) self tests gauge your understanding of each of the 52 choices. 

The course is self-paced: taking anywhere from four weeks of intense work, to a leisurely one year, or in some other way of your choosing. This course is a free inquiry implementation of a systematic approach to individual worldview development guided systematic approach to individual worldview development, where you evaluate each of the 52 choices on your own.
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C. The above course might be called "Science, Technology & Human Values

The basic global education course--alternately titled "Science, Technology, and Human Values"-- can be tweaked to appeal to, and broaden the worldviews of, young minds interested in pursuing science, technology, and engineering (STEM) majors in college. The emphasis remains helping students see the “big picture” and offering a framework for understanding--but additional time is devoted to identifying and discussing where science and technology fits in.  The back cover of the student edition of the Choices We Make booklet sets the stage for this: 

"Imagine…you’re young, eager to learn, eager to prepare for the life ahead.  More than anything you value getting a good education —and imagine STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) is what you need to concentrate on. Perhaps—but be careful. As one teacher* put it, “We’ve become so good at specialization in STEM education, that we divide knowledge into smaller and smaller pieces, and we understand those little pieces exceptionally well…But it’s not enough. We need to equip citizens and scientists to think bigger.”  How do we do that, and instill meaning in our quest? This booklet—and associated resources—can help. With its Choices We Make approach, it provides a framework to facilitate learning valuable global education / character education lessons..."  * Peter Mahaffy, Kings University, Canada quoted in Time April 26 2021

D. Relationship of this course to other project Worldview courses

Unlike this Global Education Course, our other version 5.0 theme structure based course, known as the Nurturing Global Citizens course helps you evaluate them from a global citizen perspective. It does this by incorporating reading and questions found in two books: Coming of Age in the Global Village and soon to be published Choices We Make in the Global Village. This course is currently under development. Our other independent study course, the Worldview Literacy and Emotional Intelligence course is based on the version 2.0 and 3.0 theme structure. You can click here for more on these other courses.

E. Ready to start the basic Global Education course? Begin with these three steps:

1) Read, download, and print out the syllabus of the basic Global Education Course

2) Study the Detailed Listing of the basic Global Education Course page to appreciate course content, the three color labels on the background terms pages, and the possibilities for using the course for SAT / GRE prep 

3) The course starts from the WorldviewsAn Introduction page. You'll begin reading there, and taking the related self tests. You'll then proceed to consider choice #1 and go through all 52 choices in order. Consideration of Choice #1 begins here. 


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