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three Independent Study Courses::
Worldview Literacy (version 2.0 based)        Global Education       Nurturing Global Citizens (under development) 

the Global Education course (version 5.0 based) 

A. Who this course is for, and learning outcomes to be expected:

This a free online course based on the Choices We Make cards & booklet
for those of high school (11th grade) age or greater
and college students, lifelong learners of all ages! 

It is for those who want to:

1) make sense out of “the confusion of existence” / see “the big picture”

2) get a global education based grounding in the human cultural experience

3) have a character education learning experience that points you toward a more mature worldview

4) figure out what you believe and value, and why by considering all the possibilities and choices out there*

5) better understand words / beliefs / background behind the important choices we make  

6) become better prepared to live in a polarized society where finding common ground is increasingly important 

*in a metaphorical sense, a goal is summarized with this warning:
"As you shop in “The Reality Marketplace” avoid spending your “reality cash” too early, before you have seen everything.”
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.  

B. Overview of Global Education course, time formats, relationship to other online courses:

Based on the 104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices—where (we suggest) each week you focus on a different choice—everything you need is available online. This includes the 104 worldview theme web pages— including thousands of “More to Explore” links—and the 52 choices web pages—including the “Related Words, Beliefs, Background” pages from the Project Worldview Cultural Literacy Encyclopedia. Altogether this has over 1500 entries with descriptions totaling roughly 90,000 words. Typically two ten question self tests—designed to not only test your understanding but to guide your learning and promote critical thinking—are provided for each choice, with (altogether) nearly 1100 questions. 

The course can be formally completed with a leisurely one year ( full 52 week) schedule, or in a more intensive one semester / four month  format, or in some other way of your choosing. In the 52 week offering, one choice would be covered each week. Initial and final weeks would involve additional work. Week #1 would include completing initial diagnostics, getting an introduction to worldviews along with tackling choice #1 material; Week #52 would include completing a detailed worldview analysis and final exam, after previously covering choice #52. Offered in more four-month intensive fashion, we suggest the following: month #1 cover intro and choices #1 to #13; month #2 cover choices #14 to #26; month #3 cover choices #27 to #39; month #4 cover choices #40 to #52 and final analysis. 

This course is a free inquiry implementation of a systematic approach to individual worldview development guided systematic approach to individual worldview development, where you evaluate each of the 52 choices on your own.
                                         You can click here for a syllabus of the Global Education course

Unlike this Global Education Course, our other version 5.0 theme structure based course, known as the Nurturing Global Citizens course helps you evaluate them from a global citizen perspective. It does this by incorporating reading and questions found in two books: Coming of Age in the Global Village and soon to be published Choices We Make in the Global Village. This course is currently under development. Our oldest independent study course, the Worldview Literacy course is based on the version 2.0 (and 3.0) theme structure. You can click here for more about the Worldview Literacy course.

C. Ready to start the Global Education course? Begin with these steps:

1) Download and print out a syllabus of the Global Education course

2) download the digital version of the Choices We Make booklet or request / purchase the booklet in printed hard-copy form 

3) Once ready to begin you'll start by clicking Worldviews--An Introduction, follow the procedure outlined, and then proceed to consider choice #1 and go through all 52 choices in order. Consideration of Choice #1 begins here. 


** while not needed, you can make your own deck of 52 Choices We Make playing cards; 

*** for security purposes, we will provide a .pdf file containing all four unit exams with separate answer key
to those facilitating student learning or adults requesting them--please email us --putting "need unit exams" in subject line 

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