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our three Independent Study Courses::

 basic Global Education Course (version 5.0 based)
alternately titled Science, Technology, and Human Values  

Worldview Literacy and Emotional Intelligence (version 2.0 & 3.0 based)   

Nurturing Global Citizens (version 5.0 based) 

all of these are available free / you may pay tiny mailing costs 

Comparing the Independent Study Courses:

all of them: are for high school (11th grade) age or greaterand college students, lifelong learners of all ages, 
                         interface with online background terms info, more to explore links, online self tests automatically scored

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syllabus and texts text size,        total pages  worldview themes #

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basic Global Education
alternate title: Science, Technology, and Human Values 

This is self-paced, with intro to worldviews followed by 52 choices ordered by grouping in four categories of 13 (thinking, feeling, joining, doing.)  Allow a minimum of four weeks to complete this basic course. A more leisurely in depth treatment could spread the course out over one full year (one week on each choice)! 

no final examcan use the one person worldview analysis program or making cards and playing the "Not So Trivial Pursuit" game for closure

free (digital copy,  use online, or print your own copy)

individual printed copies of student edition  

bulk purchase

syllabus: click here  

content: click here for detailed listing 


text: none other than the  Choices We Make  booklet found online or can print out. The website serves in lieu of a text.  



many web pages fill this role



104 worldview themes

1080 self-test questions

(for student use, not part of any course grading)  

no exams

use with the not so trivial pursuit game

pro: free, uses version 5.0 themes; includes a superior SAT /GRE prep offering built-in; you can finish this course in four weeks working 4 to 8 hours each week. But if you more time: the web pages associated with each choice offer much in the way of "more to explore" surfing the web, etc. 

The self tests are automatically scored and provide good check on student grasp of meaning of key words, terminology, and concepts needed to understand the various choices, and perhaps a lesser job of what the choice means, its importance, related tradeoffs, etc. All of this big picture look at reality is nicely structured by the 104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices spread over four (thinking, feeling, joining, doing) categories; this structure facilitates interface with online computer-aided worldview analysis programs at end of course, and Non-Trivial Pursuit game if time permits. 

con: no unit exams, no final exam; no certificate of completion; presents information about choices with little or no discussion, no evaluation; no finding "meaning in life" / values clarification  help that the reading in texts and a good teacher/discussion can provide. 

Worldview Literacy & Emotional Intelligence**

organized in five units: 

first four units are 3 weeks each with exam at end = 12 weeks; 

fifth unit is 4 weeks long with computer-aided analysis at end

final exam over all units, with unit #5 getting a few more questions than the others   






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syllabus: click here  



#1 The Worldview Literacy Book,   

#2  The Worldview Theme Song Book

one can admittedly find parts of these texts freely available on the project Worldview website, but having the hard copies provides everything for readily accessible reference 

supplement: the original version of Coming of Age in the Global Village

8.5" x 11"

two texts total 326 pages 

80 worldview themes (version 2.0)

81 worldview themes (version 3.0)

680 self-test questions

(for student use, not part of any course grading)  

4 unit exams, 1 final exam

exams are emailed in two .pdf files, one w/ ready to print exams, the other w/ answers

use of  The Worldview Explorer game, and the TFJD Oracle is part of this course

certificate of completion included in test package


pro: uses TFJD codes* (see note below);  the texts overcome the "no discussion, no evaluation  /no values clarification" limitation cited above in the basic global education course description; good attention to feelings and related brain function aspects, offers inspiration w/ poetry / song lyrics, and help along "the road to emotional maturity";  texts have a few stories, some finding meaning in life help that comes from the broader perspective provided; besides self test questions there are 660 questions to assess the  compatibility of your worldview with each of 80 themes compare with typical USA adult (based on social science survey results typically from the 2000 to 2006 era) something the computer will provide upon completion of the related questionnaire. Some of these are good discussion questions; there are an additional 50 worldview development questions  

con: text #1 uses version 2.0 themes, text #2 uses version 3.0 themes; these versions are nearly identical and date from 2008 to 2015 era; "more to explore" web surfing  is somewhat limited by this; texts are a bit dated, has limited worldview analysis compared to the newer version 5.0 based programs employed by the course below; discussion is not structured with focus on choices, and not as good in the  finding ' meaning in life' area as the course below; the first of these texts is not set in the real world content of someone's life, and the second text only occasionally goes there. In contrast,  the two texts for the course below especially the second onedo this in personalized fashion throughout, and provide numerous stories.  


Nurturing Global Citizens

organized into four units, each lasting four weeks:    

#1: basic global education course as described above is done in  fast-paced intensive way; beyond the self tests, this ends with a unit exam  

#2 read first text with self tests keyed to reading; ends with a unit exam  

#3 read second text with self tests keyed to reading; ends with a unit exam   

#4 after review provided by returning to Choices We Make booklet and more self tests, time is provided for making cards and playing the "Not So Trivial Pursuit" game. And following that with using both the one person and two person worldview analysis programs (where the "2nd person" in the latter program can be the idealized global citizen the second text charts.) Ends with a final  exam over all four units.    







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syllabus: click here  

   two volume set:

#1 Coming of Age in the Global Village, with Updates 

#2 Choices We Make in the Global Village 

5.5" x 8.5"

two texts total 860 pages

104 worldview themes

1440 self-test questions

(for student use, not part of any course grading)  

3 unit exams, 1 final exam

instructions for taking or administering the exams are emailed upon shipment of course materials 

certificate of completion included in test package

use with the not so trivial pursuit game




pro: uses version 5.0 themes*** (see note below), global perspective, good discussion and evaluation with making wise choices perspective, texts have many stories, good finding meaning in life help, some songs, texts are updated and new as of December, 2021; the texts to some extent are personalized (based on author's experiences and are thus often set in the real world content of someone's life; particularly strong in addressing 1) building scientific literacy and critical thinking skills; 2) spirituality and (to some extent) organized religion in a broad and open-minded fashion; 3) the pursuit of an ethical lifestyle, and 4) the climate change problem and solutions at both global and individual levels; both texts communicate "School of Hard Knocks" lessons and provide some character education; facilitates interface with online computer-aided worldview analysis programsboth one and two person versionsat end of course. (One person version allows user to compare his or her choices with those of idealized people holding twelve different generic worldviews; two person version allows user to compare his or her choices with another specific unique individual, or with those of an idealized global citizen using input data provided for the latter.)

con: The course is not as focused on touching emotional bases as is the second course above, and  offers no attempt at quantitatively analyzing emotional volatility of themes, or use TFJD codes.) 

* Note: TFJD codes are four digit codes that gauge the relative "thinking, feeling, joining, doing" of each of the 81 worldview themes

** Note: Project Worldview is no longer supporting its oldest course in its original form described here: The Worldview Literacy Course syllabus.      This course has evolved into the Worldview Literacy & Emotional Intelligence as described above. If this inconveniences you, please email us 

*** Note: The course begins with The Coming of Age in the Global Village text published in 1990 with the 26 original version1.0 worldview themes, but recently added Updates at the end of each chapter connect those themes with version 5.0 themes and the 52 choices it is structured around.