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Choices We Make in the Global Village  

"...Enthusiastic and authentic storytelling...
A thoughtful and well-reasoned guide to making lifestyle decisions."

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now, the long-awaited sequel to the classic
Coming of Age in the Global Village book

Choices We Make in the Global Village

by Stephen P. Cook, founder Project Worldview

subtitle: from Fantasy Land to Tomorrow Land

424 pages   ISBN 978- 0-9627349-5-3  published in 2022 by Parthenon Books

Contents, with eight chapters and Appendix as follows:

#1 Overview & Background

#2 History & Hope

#3 Sociology

#4 Religion / Imagining Changes

#5 Science: Sky, Earth, Life

#6 Economics, Ecology, Ecosharing

#7 Choices & Climate Crisis

#8 Skepticism & Reverence

Appendix: a) the Choices We Make booklet with index,   b) Love in a Time of Global Crisis songs, c) carbon footprint analysis  / ecosharing compliance /framing choices /questions & projects; Index

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The Nurturing Global Citizens course is built around
the Choices We Make in the Global Village book 

More about selected chapters in the Choices We Make in the Global Village book:

note: the author's physics background (M.S. Physics UCLA), wilderness advocate /
environmental activist credentials (Sierra Club group leader, etc) inform these pages.
One reviewer of his earlier (1990) book, Coming of Age in the Global Village said:
"Much of the book shows a deep and open-minded concern for spiritual matters..." 
Similarly Kirkus Reviews referred to the new book's depiction of the author's "authentic spiritual life"

Chapter 4: Religion / Imagining Changes                                 pages 118-166

Toward a Reality Check; Stories from My Own Experience;
—Using Words Carefully;
Imagining a Discovery and Q
GAIA Conspiracy;
Christian Salvation / Having Dominion Over View;
Christian Love / Stewardship Worldview;
Imagining “Opening the Muslim Mind”; 
Imagining More Change in  Religious Landscapes;
Christians As Global Citizens?;  Global Citizen Worldview

In setting the stage for its chapter 8, near its beginning Carl Sagan is quoted:    

A religion that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by traditional faiths." This book, while respecting cultural heritages and diversity, can promote the growth of such a futuristic religion out of today’s earth centered spirituality by helping its enthusiasts—or disgruntled refugees from mainstream religions—
gain new understanding and make new connections.

Chapter 8: Skepticism and Reverence                            pages 325-371

Introduction; Four Skeptical Looks; Skyhooks; Sacred Ground;
Four Dispatches in the Battle to Find Meaning in Life;
The Ending of this Book—Three Alternatives  

Appendix B  “Love in a Time of Global Crisis” church service / songs         pages 398-408 

chapter 5 in Choices We Make in the Global Village provides a wonderful overview of what science is and is not--using down to earth stories and examples. It draws on the author's experience teaching astronomy and geology in helping readers use their own eyes in viewing the night sky or rock formations on earth to understand basics that might otherwise be confusing. 
In discussing life, it sets the stage for the  related discussion in chapter 8: Skepticism and Reverence. Besides delineation of what to the author is "sacred ground," it nonetheless takes a skeptical looks at things like astrology* 

from Table of Contents:     Chapter 5: Science: Sky, Earth, Life         pages 167-225 

Science—What is it?; Thinking Like a Scientist—My Personal Connection;
Non-Rational Knowing—My Personal Connection;
Science and Religion in Conflict; What is Life?;  

Discovering the Sky: 10 Basic Observational Exercises
Discovering the Earth; Living on Earth—as Human Technology Develops;
  Technology and a Big Beautiful Tomorrow?

*excerpt: Statement from author after spending time with the We’Moon 2020 Gaia Rhythms for Women astrological planner and calendar: “I too don’t like the ‘racist patriarchal society’ we live in and support ‘empowering women.’ But I’m saddened that what you bill as a ‘Handbook in Natural Cycles’ is not science-based. Science is what works, the silliness your handbook promotes does not work, and I fear you’re (choice #43) deceiving women into thinking this nonsense will empower them.
This chapter 5 is my effort to provide those interested in natural cycles with knowledge they can build on, and accordingly magnify their power.” 

Note: while celebrating science,  this book is by no means a put-down of "Non-Rational Knowing" (choice #10)

Choices We Make in the Global Village will inform your understanding of the global climate crisis,
the economic and physical realities behind it, 
and practical steps you can take to be part of the solution, not part of the problem 

from Table of contents:   Chapter 6: Economics, Ecology, Ecosharing     pages 226-280

Introduction; Market System in Crisis; Rebuilding An Economy Based on Simple Lessons;
Stories of Making a Livelihood /Working for Change; Pointing the Market System in the Right Direction;
Top Down and Button Up: A Tale of Two
Putting Environmental and Social Costs into Prices;
Reworking Markets to Fight Inequality; Steering Markets To Respect Nature;
Choices: Health, Education, Natural Security

from Table of contents:   Chapter 7:  Choices In A Time Of Climate Crisis       pages 281-324
Introduction; “Love in a Time of Climate Crisis” Family Letter;
A Big Picture Look at the Global Climate Crisis; Choices: Tough Love in a Time of Climate Crisis;
Environmental Transgressions and Showcases; Solar Power for the People
Appendix C carbon footprint / ecosharing   pages 408-412


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