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Finding meaning in life can be overwhelming, what
people believe, what they do can be baffling ...
 We can help with "the confusion of existence"

Choices We Make

a framework for global education

introducing the Choices We Make cards and booklet
about the Choices We Make booklet available free

our free Global Education course is based on this 

order info for bulk printed copies of this booklet 

about making your own Choices We Make cards

about the Nurturing Global Citizens course, based on:

Choices We Make in the Global Village  new!

Coming of Age in the Global Village newly updated 

while they will enhance your experience, you don't need the booklet or cards to play our fun educational game:
Not So Trivial Pursuit Choices We Make
--and its free  
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all the files you need to get started 
go to the Choices We Make use menu page
for systematic review of the choices, leading to use of  worldview analysis computer programs, etc. 
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