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104 themes paired into 52 choices--scroll thru all 52!

slow start--more formal introduction:
introducing the Choices We Make cards and booklet

about the Choices We Make booklet  

our free Global Education course is based on this 

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about making your own Choices We Make cards

while they will enhance your experience, you don't need the booklet or cards to play our fun educational game:
Not So Trivial Pursuit Choices We Make
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about the Nurturing Global Citizens course, based on:

Choices We Make in the Global Village new book

Coming of Age in the Global Village newly updated 


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all the files you need to get started 
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for systematic review of the choices, leading to use of  worldview analysis computer programs, etc. 
104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices
Attention, Wikipedia fans:

 the  wikiWorldview Themes structure for characterizing worldviews w/ links to roughly 1000 Wikipedia articles

104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices 
summarized using roughly 1000 Wikipedia articles

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