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The Home Schooling Page

"Home schooling is growing faster than ever" begins an article in the Dec 22 2012 issue of The Economist  For home schoolers out there who either stumble upon or seek out the Project Worldview website, we offer the following (appropriate for ages 14 and up):

1) A short (one or two class session) exercise  for you to incorporate into your home schooling curriculum

instructions: Go to The Reality Marketplace page that lists all 80 (version 2.0) worldview themes on 52 web pages by clicking here.  Then proceed as follows via a multi-step procedure:

a) Choose a worldview theme by clicking on the named page of your choice. 

b) Read about the theme as described at the top of its web page.  

c)  click on and read the related  "Discussion from The Worldview Literacy Book" and the "Related Words, Beliefs, Background" as needed

d) Likewise click on and read as your interest dictates any related Wikipedia or online encyclopedia entries or--to get at the feelings behind the theme--click on and explore the songs from The Worldview Theme Song Book for that theme

e check your understanding by taking the self-test (clicking on the link provided.) 

f) go back to the worldview theme's web page and find  the "More to Explore" links  Spend the rest of time exploring these links. 

g) As you finish, if you are older and have some life experience,  you can click to test the compatibility of this theme with your worldview.  

Followup Assignment: write a short (one page or two) report on what you learned. Include comments on the role the particular worldview theme you selected plays in your overall worldview. Be sure to mention any web page (or pages) you visited in the course of your exploration that you especially valued.

2) A suggested exploration...

If you desire a greater understanding of what is meant by a worldview and associated terminology, concepts, issues, etc., we suggest that you spend some time on our Worldviews--An Introduction web page (click here).     Again you'll can take the self-tests provided to check your understanding. 

3) Should you desire a semester-long addition to your home schooling curriculum, realize that The Worldview Literacy Course is now freely available online. Click below for the course syllabus (note this is version 2.0 worldview theme based, with some version 3.0 content):

The Worldview Literacy Course (semester long course based on Worldview Literacy Book* & version 2.0 & 3.0 themes)

WV Lit Course Unit #1 exam (parent /teacher access only!) 

WV Lit Course Unit #2 exam (parent /teacher access only!) 

WV Lit Course Unit #3 exam (parent /teacher access only!) 

WV Lit Course Unit #4 exam (parent /teacher access only!) 

WV Lit Course Unit exam answer sheet 

WV Lit Course Unit exam answer key (parent /teacher access only!) 

4) The Choices We Make card deck lends itself to all sorts of educational activity -- including an educational gin rummy like card game.
click here for more information. (note this is version 4.0 worldview theme version based)

The Choices We Make Booklet is a great way to systematically pursue worldview development 

5) More to Explore...we have provided links below to additional online resources to aid your self-directed learning:

More to Explore --Resources for Self Directed Learning

Khan Academy (offers over 2700 free videos on all topics, emphasis on math & science)
TED: Ideas Worth Spreading (videos / "Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world")
Free Online Courses and Education (Education Portal website)
Online College Classes (website with links to free classes, textbooks, ebooks, etc. )
Academic Earth ("thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars")


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"As you shop in "The Reality Marketplace" avoid spending your "reality cash" too early,  before you have seen everything. " 
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.

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