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The Choices We Make Booklet       get a free printed copy

pictured above: the front and back covers of the Choices We Make booklet reference edition 

The Choices We Make Booklet alternative to the playing cards

our Framework for Global Education in 28 or 32 page 5.5" x 8.5" booklet form*
* The colorful reference edition has 28 pages and a cover printed on sturdy 100# card stock. The 32 page student edition, while not as pretty,
has large margins to facilitate note-taking as you work through the related basic Global Education independent study course.
(You may want to write down meanings of unfamiliar words, correct wrong answers on related self-tests you take, assign scores to worldview themes for worldview analysis purposes, make notes for debate prep, etc. Use of pencil in making these notes is recommended.
Both are printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Whether presented on the cards or in the booklet, the theme card content and choices offered are the same. Instead of contrasting themes on front / back sides of cards, in the booklet they’re on left or right sides of a bigger frame. While lacking the tactile feel that gripping playing cards provides, having them instead printed in a bound booklet offers certain advantages. 

the Choices We Make booklet .pdf file** is available as a free download

single printed copies of the Choices We Make booklet (reference edition) are free, you pay only small S & H fee

teachers can order printed copies of the Choices We Make booklet in either edition in bulk quantities    

click on any of the above to download or for order information

*note:  you must have previously downloaded Adobe Acrobat to view the .pdf file. It is copyrighted but may be used to print out single copies of the booklet for your personal, noncommercial use.          

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