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The Choices We Make Booklet alternative to the playing cards

Whether presented on the cards or in the booklet, the theme card content and choices offered are the same. Instead of contrasting themes on front / back sides of cards, in the booklet they’re on left or right sides of a bigger frame. While lacking the tactile feel that gripping playing cards provides, having them instead printed in this bound booklet offers certain advantages. 

Choices We Make

the booklet

For characterizing worldviews, discussing differences in beliefs, values, or the often  tough choices that one’s position on a particular issue is based


See the back cover for more on how to use

this booklet, and make  a related deck of cards

by Stephen P. Cook


Project Worldview


 version 4.2 edition

the digital Choices We Make booklet is available free of charge :                                

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You simply need to put "Yes to CWM" in the subject line 

                                     Stay tuned: we anticipate putting online files that will enable your printing out
                                                 a 26 page 5.5" x 8.5"  version of the Choices We Make booklet

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