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72 Issues / Debate Topics 

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#1 Knowingly posting or facilitating false information should be made a crime

#2 The decision to end a pregnancy should be the woman’s not some moralists’

#3 I tend to both help strangers in need, and give people the benefit of the doubt

#4 Women should be paid less than men for certain jobs 

#5 Burning the flag should be a punishable crime

#6 Young people should not be discouraged from credit card use / taking on debt 

#7 The moral arc of the universe tends toward justice in good /bad karma fashion

#8 God, not people, will ultimately decide the fate of humanity

#9 Obese people, smokers, and drug addicts should pay more for health care

#10 Violent video games should be banned

#11 $ from taxing the rich more are best spent to help the needy, not support art

#12 There should be no restrictions on gun ownership

#13 Eating meat should be discouraged as both unethical and unsustainable

#14 Although seemingly separate, all of us are connected at the most basic level

#15 I have sympathy for some prisoners, sex workers, victims of domestic abuse

#16 Education for democracy should be celebrated as should public service

#17 Laws should insure everyone has an income within min. and max. limits

#18 People who launch wars of territorial expansion are war criminals

#19 Advertising can be valuable, propaganda can be important to societal stability

#20 Human genetic manipulation and cloning should not be allowed in any way 

#21 Healthcare should prioritize mental health services over coping w/disabilities  

#22 Faith-based insight and reason are both legitimate routes to knowledge

#23 Useful consumer products that are determined to be harmful should be banned

#24 Competition spurs people to do great things, co-operation encourages laziness

#25 Artificial intelligence threatens society, its development should be restricted

#26 Efforts to colonize the Moon or Mars should be celebrated not discouraged

#27 Mandatory vaccination threatens freedom, as do other hidden agendas

#28 Some gifted people have paranormal ability that will always defy explanation

#29 Prayer in public schools and teaching intelligent design should be permitted

#30 The number of children a couple can have should be capped at two

#31 Freedom of speech should be universally allowed w/o restriction

#32 Anti-discrimination laws need strengthening, same sex marriage legalized

#33 Extraction of resources on public lands is an acceptable use of this land  

#34 Vouchers to attend private schools using taxpayer dollars should not be given

#35 How the wealthy spend money or use private property should not be restricted

#36 Vehicles should be taxed based on their weight, a price (or tax) put on carbon

#37 Legalizing all drugs / accepting & treating addiction would be a better policy 

#38 Helmets should be required when riding motorcycles

#39 Issuing money / legal tender should be limited to national governments only

#40 Life begins at conception. There’s no excuse for killing unborn human life

#41 People should identify as “male” or “female” based on gender at birth

#42 Most accounts of alien abductions happened as describedè big cover up!

#43 Gasoline powered internal combustion engines should not be sold after 2035

#44 Providing universal K-12 public schools should be a priority for all nations

#45 I think God created all life and will judge us at death as the Bible describes

#46 Flying drones should be allowed to deliver products to private residences 

#47 The findings of most peer-reviewed scientific research can be trusted

#48 Too many people, felons, mentally-ill, non-hunters, have guns: change needed

#49 Seeking revenge is a worthwhile pursuit for those seriously wronged

#50 Events proceed according to God’s will and humans can’t change them

#51 Pampering, indulging, parents’ unconditional love does more harm than good

#52 Most people can be trusted to do what’s right—most will help those in need

#53 Poor people worldwide are more unlucky than at fault for their circumstances

#54 Testing of drugs and chemicals on animals is needed, it should not be banned

#55 Humans should use Earth’s resources today to maximize their current comfort

#56 UN agencies, international non-profit NGOs helping people deserve support

#57 Free universal health care should be made a top priority of nations

#58 Government not needed: small groups can live together and make their rules

#59 Consumer products that are unhealthy should be heavily taxed if not outlawed

#60 Governments should not interfere in free enterprise—the market knows best

#61 It’s human nature to be selfish; altruistic do-gooders are deluded / weird!

#62 Climate change concerns are overblown, technology will rescue us!

#63 The US invasion of Iraq in the spring of 2003 was justifiable

#64 Most people are ill-prepared to vote and incapable of making wise decisions

#65 Labor unions push management toward increasing worker pay / benefits

#66 If rich are taxed more, ordinary people will sufferè trickle down is important

#67 Much more public land should be set aside as wilderness 

#68 The death penalty should be abolished

#69 Legally, corporations should have all the rights that individuals have

#70 Junior high age youths who commit serious crimes should be tried as adults

#71 I believe in the existence of many deities or godsèI’m not monotheistic

#72 Bankruptcy should not be stigmatized, it’s more bad luck than moral failing  


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