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three Educational Games 


The Not-So-Trivial Pursuit Choices We Make is our newest and best game, and it's free!

For two to six players, it's version 5.0 based, and can be played with or without the Choices We Make playing cards.
It is built around assessing the player's positions on 72 issues
many of them make wonderful debate topics.  
It can be used in conjunction with two of our independent study courses to provide a fun change of pace. 

Complete instructions and everything you need to play is here: Not-So-Trivial Pursuit Choices We Make

If you wish to use the playing cards, for more info and instructions to make them click here.

Having a copy of the The Choices We Make booklet will enhance your experience playing this game and is a great way to systematically pursue worldview development 



The TFJD Oracle: An Oracle for the 21st Century 

In The Worldview Theme Songbook--Exploring the Feelings Behind Worldviews ,an oracle is described as "a person or procedure thought to provide wise counsel or good symbolic guidance with respect to questions as to how to proceed at life’s important crossroads.  It is a form of divination: the art or practice of revealing hidden knowledge, especially the foretelling / predicting future events." After recalling its ancient history, that book's account connects it to 20th century Jungian psychology / synchronicity, MIT physics professor Kerson Huang, and quantum mechanics / quantum random walks. With that characterization one might skeptically (and rightly?) connect this modern attempt at reviving interest in and using oracles with pseudoscience / nonsense. But many with a New Age / Mysticism worldview that appreciates Non-Rational Knowing and Positive Expectations are intrigued by oracles. They see evolution as a process  informed by a connectedness that some call a "cosmic mind" rather than random process. And quizzing an oracle in terms of putting a question out there to that cosmic mind. The TFJD Oraclewhere the letters are for "thinking, feeling, joining, and doing" codes is for them. 

This modern oracle is introduced near the end of The Worldview Theme Songbook, where complete instructions are provided for its use. If this is to be characterized as a "game" for one or more players, it would not be one associated with having fun, but rather with confronting uncertainty, perhaps even crisis. This is especially true where one troubled person seeks to pose a question for an oracle. As Huangwho with his wife has provided a modern translation and interpretation of the I Ching described it, he feels that “to consult it” is “to solemnize the moment.” And feels the function of an oracle “is to satisfy certain needs of the person seeking counsel."

Click here for more about The Worldview Theme Songbook



The Worldview Explorer Game
This is a version 2.0 and 3.0 based educational card game for from one to four players.
Making use of the customized worldview theme cards you create, this is a game for learning more about one’s own worldview and the worldviews of others.  Instructions are freely available on this website. 

Click here to get started with this game. 


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