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Choices We Make worldview analysis programs:    for one person use         for two persons use 

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making your own playing cards

support for both Choices We Make cards and booklet: 

click to begin your systematic review of all 52 choices in the card deck starting with Choice #1

click here to see an overview of all 52 choices in the card deck

click on the .pdf support file you need*:

A. Cards "Background" and "Getting Started" sheets

B. SCORECARD use w/ cards    SCORECARD use w/ booklet  
C. Choices We Make Computer Program Output Record Sheet
D. Generic Worldviews Defined by Choices Chart 
F. Choices We Make "Not So Trivial Pursuit"Educational Game 

G. for Wikipedia fans: the104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices are summarized using those roughly 1000 Wikipedia articles 

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