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A good life coach can push you toward your goals and help you combat this:
"Your comfort zone is your own worst enemy"    
(said Barry McCarthy in early 2022) 

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 To be a good life coach, you first need to fully understand your worldview.
In a February 2018 post on, entitled
"Coaches: How You See the World Impacts Your Clients",
Matt Trenchard discusses the importance of this, and explains
why life coaches should encourage and help their clients in this regard.
He ends his article by expressing this wish...

"May you go into your future sessions, noticing both your own worldview and that of your client
and may you have deeper, more fruitful, more intimate conversations
leading to greater impact for, and through, your clients" 

Project Worldview can help you do this. After you understand our framework for characterizing worldviews in terms of 104 worldview themes paired to form 52 choices, and have used our resources to explore your own worldview, we recommend you do the following: 

#1 After acquainting your clients with what is meant by the term worldview, give them a copy of the Choices We Make booklet, or at least direct them to the smart phone scrolling version of it.
Ask them to spend some time reading it and picking out choices
that most strongly speak to them.  


#2 Devote at least one session to discussing these choices with your client, and perhaps additional ones with choices your client faces that pose particular challenges. And you may decide to spend additional time probing for what you suspect, but what the client is not telling you. 


#3 When appropriate, ask your client to use worldview analysis programs, and reflect on the results and apparent contradictions uncovered. 

If careful attention is given to input, the one person program can provide a good % estimate
of how his or her  worldview correlates with 12 different generic worldviews
Click here for the program. 

A second program can be used to estimate the extent to which the client's worldview correlates
with that of another person's worldview--perhaps their life coach's (your own!)
Click here for the program. 

#4 As appropriate spend some time with your client discussing particular worldview themes as they relate to challenges they face. The web pages for these themes are wonderful resources to use in this regard! Examples: 

#17B Gratitude & Forgiveness

#28B Healthy Orientation

#33B  Addiction 

#41   Struggling With A Basic Need: Self Esteem  

#52   Physically Challenged ==>Independent Living  

#201B  Positive Expectations* (see below)

*While the  last theme above has some value, often the most important thing a life coach can do for a client is to help that person avoid wishful thinking and be firmly grounded in reality.
That is, to encourage your client to value the other theme in choice #1 more highly:

#201A Evidence-Based   


#5 If your client is from a progressive background,
he or she may benefit from reading the book,

Choices We Make in the Global Village

Kirkus Reviews described it as follows:
"A manual looks at how individual choices shape the future of society...
A thoughtful and well-reasoned guide to making lifestyle decisions."

The ultimate goal of a life coach to help create self-actualized individuals!

Accordingly, we return to choice #1 in the Choices We Make booklet,
and end with what famed psychologist and human potential researcher
Abraham Maslow concluded about self-actualized individuals.
To paraphrase him, he felt such people

“see life more clearly than others due to a better understanding of themselves.”
And that self-actualized individuals have the “ability to see life clearly,
to see it as it is, not as they wish it to be.”