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Broadening Worldviewsfor Astronomy and Earth Science Teachers

1)  book reviewers: free digital copy of short book Reverence for What Earth & Sky Can Teach Us
by Stephen P. Cook, available late July 2020

2) Classroom Activity: Making Observations (New Mexico Style) to Estimate the Size of the Earth, pdf file

by Stephen P. Cook, suitable for use in Earth Science or Astronomy classes  grades 7-12 
helps give a sense of how big the Earth is and how one’s eyes reveal this
can be adapted for use outside New Mexico for locations in the 31o to 36o N latitude range

3) Coming of Age Under the Night Sky: The Importance of Astronomy in Shaping Worldviews

pre-publication version of chapter published in Astronomy and Civilization in the New Enlightenment
based on talk given by Stephen P. Cook at 2009 International Year of Astronomy conference in Budapest

4) "How to Fall into the Night Sky Forever" by Adam Frank (listen to this four minute long NPR August 5 2013 story about the right way to get a sense of our place in the universe by viewing the night sky)

5) A Great Place for Astronomy & Earth Science Teachers: The Globe Museum in Vienna (report on Feb 2018 visit)

6) A New Resource for College Distance Education Astronomy Laboratory Exercises
by Nicole P. Vogt, Stephen P. Cook, Amy Smith Muise,  The American Journal of Distance Education vol. 27, #3 2013

it fully describes the lab activities found at

* Note: To view pdf  files you need Adobe Reader (available as a free download from Abode).