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Parthenon Books-Project Worldview's in house publisher  

news-January, 2020: We are pleased to announce the publication of two booklets:

the Choices We Make booklet 

the Choices in a Time of Climate Crisis booklet  

news-January, 2015: We are pleased to announce the publication of 

                                  The Worldview Theme Song Book--Exploring the Feelings Behind Worldviews
                                 by Stephen P. Cook, ISBN 978-0-9627349-4-6.  This large (8.5" x 11") 124 page paperback book retails for $14.95.
Small quantities are available from Project Worldview; cartons (quantity = 32) will ship from our Ingram-Spark distributor. 

about us: Parthenon Books began in 1990 with the the publication of Coming of Age in the Global Village by Stephen P. Cook (with Donella Meadows)
                ISBN 0-9627349-0-X. This 400 page paperbook (retail price $14.95) remains in print and is available from Project Worldview.
                By 1995 it was publishing its fourth edition (ISBN 0-9627349-3-4) of Physical Science in the Laboratory, now out of print. With the 2006
                launch of the Project Worldview website it offered The Worldview Kit, which has since gone through several editions. By 2009 this was bundled
                with The Worldview Literacy Book by Stephen P. Cook (ISBN 978-0-9627349-1-5). This package is available from Project Worldview.

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