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The Worldview Literacy and Emotional Intelligence Course 

Our oldest independent study course, the Worldview Literacy course, 
has been expanded and become The Worldview Literacy and Emotional Intelligence course 
This is based on the version 2.0 and 3.0 theme structure.

You can click here for a syllabus of this course. (syllabus is newly revised)

You'll need printed hard copies of version 2.0 The Worldview Literacy Book
and the version 3.0 The Worldview Theme Song Book. The book 
Coming of Age in the Global Village is a useful supplement. 
All three are included if you order this course package

Note from the Unit #1 Schedule in the Course Syllabus, the course starts with reading pp 1- 15 in The Worldview Literacy Book for an "Introduction to Worldviews" and reviewing the part III glossary / mini-encyclopedia entries for the terms listed  in three groups in the middle column on page 15 and taking the three associated self-tests.  
Click here to go to the first of those three self tests. 

You'll then continue Unit #1 work with consideration of each of the thirteen diamonds worldview themes  

click here to go to the first version 2.0 worldview theme page 

note page 8 of The Worldview Literacy Book outlines the five step process for considering each theme, which includes taking a self test and completing a questionnaire to assess your compatibility with it. 

Unit #5 employs The Worldview Theme Song Book in using songs to get at the feelings
associated with the worldview themes and help you review for the course final exam. 

Access to the files containing the four unit exams,
the final exam, answer sheets, and answer keys
will be provided to a designated facilitator with receipt of your order.
If you demonstrate at least some mastery of the material, you receive a certificate verifying this.   

Attention: parents / teachers can email Project Worldview for more information  

to order The Worldview Literacy and Emotional Intelligence Course 


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