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I value solving problems by scientific methods: gathering data (I like numbers), making testable hypotheses (I like equations) to fit data, testing (I like statistical tests,) refining, publishing for others to verify. Scientists work to avoid bad experimental design, faulty controls, selection effects, bias, prejudice, errors, etc.  A complex problem may require reduction to many simpler ones and sorting out multiple causes / effects. Science works better than anything else when it comes to making good predictions and solving problems. If there were something else that worked better, I’d be for it!

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"Science--What is It?"  in chapter 5 pp167-175 in Choices We Make in the Global Village by Stephen P. Cook
book review: The Knowledge Machine by Michael Strevens 
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"As you shop in "The Reality Marketplace" avoid spending your "reality cash" too early,  before you have seen everything. " 
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.