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Metaphorically my mindspace contains unfamiliar, potentially unfriendly, dangerous places, so I’m cautious. I draw out as much information from it as I can, and perhaps am not as “giving back” as some. I often feel unsettled, stressed, anxious. My caution is due to past a) unpleasant, distressing sensory experiences, and b) physical and emotional stress caused by hurtful incidents or encounters.  Given my self-concept and memories, with my fear of a) and b) I sometimes feel angry and mean. (Note: some subjected to prejudice, bullying, or unwanted sexual attention may abandon caution and hit back.)

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Anxiety recognizes information is needed to resolve uncertainty about some situation Negative Affectivity
Fear Pain very slow to extend trust
self concept  defense mechanisms stress
Resentment Dukkha (Buddhist concept of pain, suffering)  

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