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Wiki Worldview Themes Structure for Characterizing Worldviews
Here Project Worldview themes are summarized using Wikipedia articlesthere are links to roughly 1000 of them!

With a click you can visit each of the individual Project Worldview web pages for its 104 worldview themes, where you'll find a roughly 100 word theme description and a great deal more to help you fully understand the theme. Below you'll also find each of the themes linked to several Wikipedia articles, with summary article (if available) highlighted and in larger type.
The article titles themselves
typically with help of accompanying wordsconcisely describe the worldview theme, and/or cover a range of possibilities inherent to valuing itincluding (in some cases as noted) the opposite of it. 
Before covering the worldview themes, we start with an introduction to the term worldview

per Project Worldview's take on it, again communicated through Wikipedia articles.

Note: this is Version 5.01 (last edit 1/16/2024)
contact us if you'd like to contribute to refining this structure.
An earlier version 3.11 wiki structure (based on 81 version 3 worldview themes) is available here. 

Project Worldview Introduction to Worldviews / its wiki summary:
behind a worldview is a conceptual system worldview a worldview involves a belief system
concept your worldview is your map of Reality belief 
 a worldview is a mental model able to distinguish between the map and the terrain your worldview reflects what you value
mindset realistic worldviews can make good predictions value theory
  like a worldview,  your life stance centers on what you accept as having ultimate importance   

Project Worldview theme #1A: Humbly Unsure / its wiki summary:
involves feelings of uncertainty   humility moderate
temperance involves feelings of doubt  a fundamental disposition of people, part of human nature
deference shyness sort of opposite of pride (the "refusal to be humiliated")

Project Worldview theme #1B: Skeptic / its wiki summary:
debunkers often engage in skepticism skepticism scientific skepticism
rationality it is one of the tools of critical thinking religious skepticism
involves questioning involves expressing doubt  philosophical skepticism

Project Worldview theme #2A: The True Believer / its wiki summary:
has faith free from doubt carries belief to an extreme with excess of certitude  falls into confirmation bias trap
may possess righteousness may engage in noble cause corruption  The True Believer, book by Eric Hoffer
often promotes  dogma  may promote religious doctrine true believer syndrome

Project Worldview theme #2B: I Know What's Best for You / its wiki summary:
typically lobbying for something often involved in persuasion  has personality trait of assertiveness
may engage in proselytism may adopt a paternalism stance may selflessly display leadership
may engage in evangelicalism may be a missionary may seek a religious conversion
may be arrogant may have personality trait of grandiosity   may dispense propaganda
advertising persuasion technology subliminal stimuli may have 

Project Worldview theme #3: Valuing Honesty, Learning / its wiki summary:
highly values honesty values learning promotes critical thinking
values fact checking  promotes cultural evolution through learning recognizes imitation as important to learning
fights deception  may be a teacher but is a life-long student fights misinformation 
meme gene universal Darwinism

Project Worldview theme #4: Spreading Disinformation / Tactical Deception / its wiki summary:
uses deception  lie dispenses disinformation 
promotes delusion typically operates in bad faith mode may use bait and switch
military deception  may argue for what is perceived as balance: false balance may employ clickbait

Project Worldview theme #5A: Scientific Materialism / its wiki summary:
embraces materialism, excludes possibility of immaterial spirit  metaphysical naturalism looks to matter, energy, physical laws (physicalism) to explain all existence 
rejects dualism   rejects non-rational knowledge, embraces scientism embraces atheism 
spirituality exists only in the mind / brain as understood by  neuroplasticity universe has no purpose: rejects teleology  origin of life  

Project Worldview theme #5B: Vitalism / its wiki summary:
understanding based on presence of animating force called spirit  vitalism says consciousness resides in the soul
  has traditional view of spirituality uses a non-scientific esoteric or spiritual energy in explanations  accepts spiritual or ethereal beings
accepts reality of life force or odic force Qi (or Ch'i)  emergentism

Project Worldview theme #6A: Orderly and Explicable / its wiki summary:
values scientific law  appreciates Ionian Enlightenment roots recognizes empirical evidence foundation
 appreciates causality recognizes great chain of being as attempt to bring order values reason
appreciates limitations per chaos theory  appreciates value of conceptual framework tool values logical reasoning 

Project Worldview theme #6B: Scientific Method / its wiki summary:
recognizes importance of measurement scientific method appreciates key place of observation 
appreciates history of the scientific method appreciates value of reductionism in problem solving  values reproducibility
appreciates  rigorous hypothesis testing  recognizes need for careful design of experiments  abhors scientific misconduct

Project Worldview theme #7A: Mysticism / its wiki summary:
  strives to understand consciousness  mysticism in awe of reports of cosmic consciousness
recognizes meditation as important tool values mindfulness sympathetic to universal sufism
generally sympathetic to New Age ideas  holographic brain asceticism 
quantum mysticism quantum mind   global consciousness project

Project Worldview theme #7B: Magic / its wiki summary:
aware of link: magic--illusion believes paranormal phenomena deserve scientific investigation  values this link: magic -- supernatural
comfortable with mediumship and channeling may be involved with occult practices respects shamanism
may be involved with astrology may be involved with tarot  may be involved with numerology
may be intrigued by practical kabbalah   may be intrigued by alchemy receptive to some pseudoscience

Project Worldview theme #8A: Monotheistic Deism / its wiki summary:
monotheism deism intrigued by natural theology
God  embraces deistic evolution won't put down nontheism
big bang  rejects creation theology  aware of cosmological argument for God

Project Worldview theme #8B: Belief in a Personal God / its wiki summary:
accepts incarnation of God personal God believes in anthropopathism of God
  theistic evolution  believes God performs miracles values talking with God via prayer 
psychology of religion God in Abrahamic religions: Christians believe in Personal God; Jews accept applying this belief in metaphorical sense only;  Muslims reject    love of God

Project Worldview theme #9A: Religious Fundamentalism / its wiki summary:
holds a religious text  sacred Fundamentalism--religious  believes God communicates with revelation  
  Christian fundamentalists: Biblical literalism fundamentalist Christianity  Christian fundamentalists: Biblical inerrancy
Islamic fundamentalism many would prefer government by theocracy  evangelicalism
Islamic sharia law rejects religious liberalism Christian right
  orthodox Judaism  

Project Worldview theme #9B: In God's or Others' Hands: Apocalypticism / Millenarianism
its wiki summary:
concerned with End Times, eschatology apocalypticism may be member of doomsday cult
may be UFO Religion enthusiast  Millenarianism may call attention to Alien Abduction Incidents
may believe Savior is coming: messianism apocalyptic literature may look forward to rapture
may fear armageddon  four horsemen of the apocalypse  apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction

Project Worldview theme #10: Secular Humanism / its wiki summary:
values secular ethics secular humanism may like secular spirituality
asserts inherent dignity of people rejects divine plan or purpose; rejects teleology  values freethought

engaged in search for meaning: existentialism

 tends to have upbeat view of human nature concerned about human condition
may subscribe to atheism  firmly believes in separation of church and state secularism
may like religious humanism may be comfortable with irreligion  may like naturalism

Project Worldview theme #11A: Fatalism / its wiki summary:
believes in destiny fatalism may value the will of God
may believe in predestination  may look for causes behind effects, excessively promote determinism  causality
may believe in theological determinism  prediction prefers the nature side of nature vs. nurture

Project Worldview theme #11B: Free Will / its wiki summary:
values self determination  free will  may promote deliberation more than others
likes the nurture side of nature vs. nurture recognizes free agents have moral responsibility make value personalism
appreciates probability may believe free will and determinism are compatible: compatibilism appreciates factors limiting predictability

Project Worldview theme #12A: Polytheism, Animism, Pagan / its wiki summary:
believes in many gods: polytheism modern paganism may believe nature is alive: animism
appreciates historical paganism may like Wicca magic and religion 
may be a New Age enthusiast may promote Earth-centered religion  may engage in nature worship 
pantheon--religion Dualism in Cosmology (some worldviews built around two opposites--evil vs. good, yin & yang, goddess & god, etc) traditional African religions

Project Worldview theme #12B: Non-Rational Knowing / its wiki summary:
values intuition  appreciates much creativity resides outside the logical, analytical box  rejects scientism 
instinct appreciates the genetic memory possibility doesn't discount dreams as source of knowledge
prefers innatism over tabula rasa  pays attention to synchronicity type experiences  appreciates the collective unconscious
doesn't dismiss what psychics offer  open to extra-sensory perception as source of knowledge appreciates antireductionism

Project Worldview theme #13: Complexity--In Our Hands: Dancing With Systems/ its wiki summary:
living systems systems thinking  systems theory
modeling  biological systems  systems biology systems ecology
appreciates emergence in systems complexity characterizes behavior of system w/ interacting components     values  holism in science
feedback loops appreciates 12 leverage points to intervene in a system   world systems theory

Project Worldview theme #14A: Salvation and Moralistic God / its wiki summary:
may identify conscience with God's voice believes divine judgment is of fundamental importance  values concept of sin
believes in afterlife rejects eternal oblivion upon death values righteousness
perhaps battles with guilt behavior reflects high value placed on salvation may have fear of God
most likely believes Heaven is real place  most likely believes Hell is real place  judgment day
Hell in Christianity Sharia (the moral code and religious law of Islam)  

Project Worldview theme #14B:Moral Arc of Universe / Karma / Reincarnation / its wiki summary:
appreciates wheel of life concept  enthusiastic about reincarnation receptive to past life regression possibilities
reincarnation research values concept of karma open to genetic memory  possibility 
prefers innatism to tabula rasa  karma in Buddhism  karma in Hinduism

Project Worldview theme #15: Group Think Imperative / its wiki summary:
may succumb to groupthink  collective cognitive imperative   has personality characteristic: suggestibility  
unable to fight off peer pressure may be good candidate for indoctrination may engage in herd behavior
mind control may be good hypnosis subject  crowd psychology
the bandwagon effect may be good candidate for joining a cult hallucination
political correctness trance   delusion 
religious conversion mentality might be partial relic of ancient brain bicameralism  

Project Worldview theme #16A: Culture of Fear / its wiki summary:
fear is seldom far from this mind culture of fear  may be victim of fear mongering  
often perceives a stranger danger may experience moral panic fear, uncertainty, and doubt
derives security from gun ownership  believes law-beakers should expect harsh punishment judgment clouded by emotional bias 

Project Worldview theme #16B: Golden Rule, Village Ethic of Mutual Help / its wiki summary:
often able to give others compassion the golden rule may have large capacity for empathy
can go from feeling sympathy to acting  seeks to understand others' through their mental states: theory of mind values reciprocal altruism
 typically rejects stranger danger often engages in helping behavior reciprocity (cultural anthropology)
can be a good Samaritan if needed often concerned about others' happiness: altruism silver rule

Project Worldview theme #17A: Bitterness, Vengeance / its wiki summary:
has a  grievance feels strong resentment looking to assign blame 
has something of a victim mentality may feel strong need to seek revenge  perhaps seeking retributive justice
feeling some degree of anger    prefers an eye for an eye to turning the other cheek the problem of evil
revenge porn feud rape and revenge films

Project Worldview theme #17B: Gratitude, Forgiveness / its wiki summary:
working toward or feeling some degree of gratitude working toward or offering some forgiveness looking for psychological resilience
struggling to put away feeling of grievance may be battling grief may feel challenged to offer mercy
little or no victim mentality prefers turning the other cheek to an eye for an eye  may be wrestling with the problem of evil

Project Worldview theme #18A: Passionately Impulsive / its wiki summary:
sometimes passion overcomes restraint impulsivity often acts on impulse 
often unable to resist temptation like many addicts, may value sensation seeking  may suffer from impulse control disorder
 emotions in decision-making amygdala hijack (brain mechanism behind some emotionally charged responses)  may value novelty seeking 

Project Worldview theme #18B: Rational, Dispassionate / its wiki summary:
values rationality possesses this ability:  delayed gratification often maintains emotional detachment
devalues emotions in decision-making uses executive functions (brain mechanisms behind deliberate responses) passes Stanford marshmallow experiment
prudence rational choice theory stoicism

Project Worldview theme #19A: Competitive Capitalism / its wiki summary:
typically values economic liberalism  believes in the  market economy  values competition  in organizing society, economic matters
accepts commodification believes wisdom resides in the market system a fan of small business 
commodity values individualism in economic decision-making self interest based ethics / values      ethical egoism
behavioral economics appreciates the exchange value concept  informal economy

Project Worldview theme #19B: Corporate Capitalism / its wiki summary:
recognizes importance of stakeholders   corporate capitalism see advantages of the large corporation
may encourage corporate social responsibility accepts how capitalism plays out on modern global stage  market power
appreciates need for strategic management may value environmental, social, corporate governance guidelines has some understanding of corporate governance
ignores anti-corporate activist efforts unlike critics, is not uncomfortable with increasing corporatocracy may overlook corporate crime
 may like public-private partnerships recognizes productivity as key to competitiveness in the marketplace  

Project Worldview theme #20A: Elitism / its wiki summary:
 may level criticism of democracy elitism most likely social class conscious
may be comfortable with meritocracy may accept elite theory and fear democracy is a utopian folly  typically accepts social stratification  
 typically comfortable with academic elitism  aristocracy oligarchy
plutocracy mixed government elective monarchy

Project Worldview theme #20B: Authoritarian Follower / its wiki summary:
may accept single party state rule more comfortable with authoritarianism than many other people are may prefer right wing authoritarianism
may accept autocratic rule may need social contract before accepting authoritarian rule may have authoritarian personality
may display  obedience like behavior may accept fascism consent of the governed

Project Worldview theme #21A: Idealistic Populism / its wiki summary:
may engage in left-wing populism populism    may engage in right wing populism
typically supports community organizing mob leader arouses common people against the elite: demagogue movement grows with appeal to emotion 
values hard-working people: labor participatory democracy may belong to a labor union

Project Worldview theme #21B: Service to Others / its wiki summary:
may engage in philanthropy intends to benefit others: prosocial behavior values community service
may be engaged in public or civil service engages in helping behavior for various reasons  may be involved in volunteering
may feel strong sense of civic duty may play this role: goal of leader is to serve-- servant leadership values volunteerism

Project Worldview theme #22A: Economic Growth / its wiki summary:
sees economic growth as key part of  economic development economic growth values job creation / job creation index
values economic indicators  for measuring economic growth  may especially value use of gross domestic product   may see population growth as desirable
promotes productivity of labor  values technology in promoting productivity, economic growth exponential growth

Project Worldview theme #22B: Imperialism / its wiki summary:
may promote colonialism imperialism   see benefits in and generally values      cultural imperialism
 comfortable with capitalist led globalization, neocolonialism  some cultures superior to others==> ok with ethnocentrism   can accept national territorial expansionism

Project Worldview theme #23A: Sustainability/ its wiki summary:
ethics extends to intergenerational equity sustainability concerned about global warming
appreciates how ecosystem services        benefit humans see problems with fossil fuel use, values renewable energy values sustainable development as organizing principle
sees climate change as existential threat  sees steady state economy as needed alternative to economic growth appreciates need for resource recycling
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sees economy as subsystem of biosphere: ecological economics sustainability measurement

Project Worldview theme #23B: Enoughness / its wiki summary:
 celebrates Buy Nothing Day practices voluntary simplicity, simple living to some degree appreciates small is beautiful philosophy
disdains consumerism: affluenza   lifestyle perhaps inspired by religion: Christian views on poverty & wealth values appropriate technology
criticism of SUVs appreciates sustainable living type lifestyles appreciates tiny house movement
  may value global citizen ecosharing type ethic  

Project Worldview theme #24A: Struggling With a Basic Need: Sustenance/ its wiki summary:
focused on livelihood   may live in or near extreme poverty has employment issues 
poverty  relates to lack of adequate shelter / homelessness has or has had hunger issues
poverty threshold life may be based on hard work, subsistence agriculture has or has had drinking water issues
squatting at bottom of gulf between rich and poor: economic inequality  

Project Worldview theme #24B: Creative Expression/ its wiki summary:
appreciates aesthetics values creativity values creative play
may be artist identifies with both motivated and non-motivated functions of art may be writer
may be designer identifies great art with the sublime may be composer

Project Worldview theme #25: Evil is Out There / its wiki summary:
likely believes in the reality of the Devil   evil identifies satanism as the enemy
may value concept of sin may have pondered the related religious problem of evil: theodicy believes in the existence of demons
may be sympathetic to occultism may be sympathetic to the practice of exorcism  supports harsh punishment as deterrent 

Project Worldview theme #26A: The Consumerist/ its wiki summary:
enjoys shopping consumerism no problem w/ marketing, advertising==>supports  commercialism
may engage in consumer activism values having things, economic materialism may advocate for consumer bill of rights
accepts throw away society may use economic freedom of choice argument vs. critics may engage in hyperconsumerism
   values  luxury goods  

Project Worldview theme #26B: More is Better Mentality / Abundance/ its wiki summary:
not concerned about obesity defends and/or engages in conspicuous consumption ties personal empowerment to big things
may engage in or be sympathetic to gluttony  defends right to and/or lives in large house (McMansion)  may like Abundant Life religious teaching
Super Size Me film may drive SUV or large truck, defends right to do so vs. critics may be influenced by prosperity theology

Project Worldview theme #27: The Smaller Producer / its wiki summary:

        may be an accomplished handyman

may be involved in gardening or small farming  may practice subsistence agriculture 
may engage in handicraft       may practice permaculture may engage in sewing
may engage in animal husbandry  devoted to philosophy and practice of do it yourself values manual labor
sympathetic to back to the land movement  may engage in or be sympathetic to homesteading may be involved in anti-consumerism 
  may be imaginative, creative, and rejects functional fixedness  

Project Worldview theme #28A: Hedonistic Orientation/ its wiki summary:
may live playboy lifestyle hedonism  values and seeks out pleasure
finds pleasure in what some call victimless crimes knowledgeable love of good food and drink Epicureanism guided by immature feelings /pleasure principle
may enjoy pornography may engage in recreational drug use open marriage styles

Project Worldview theme #28B: Healthy Orientation/ its wiki summary:
values physical exercise health recognizes mind/body connection and importance of health psychology
follows news reports from medicine makes lifestyle changes based on preventive medicine nutrition
avoids unhealthy activities, minimizes stress follows latest nutritional guidelines, values healthy diet recognizes importance of genetic factors
knowledgeable regarding cancer prevention  knowledgeable regarding cardiovascular disease prevention placebo

Project Worldview theme #29A: The Self-Restrained Person/ its wiki summary:
possesses this ability:  delayed gratification self control behavior guided by well-developed conscience
behaves to produce guilt-free existence exhibits adult maturity per reality principle, not pleasure principle behavior may reflect goal orientation
abstinence perhaps spiritually motivated restraint carried to extreme: asceticism inhibitory control

Project Worldview theme #29B: Taking Charge==> Violence / its wiki summary:
may engage in violence  may be involved in coercion   behavior associated with aggression 
may engage in bullying participates in creating culture of fear   may engage in intimidation
may work to instill fear may engage in blackmail may engage in extortion
may be involved in terrorism may threaten or file a lawsuit may engage in relational aggression
rape may participate in domestic violence  

Project Worldview theme #30: Imagination, Curiosity, Intellectual Freedom / its wiki summary:
has good imagination   possesses lots of intellectual curiosity (wonders "why?" and      "what if...?"etc. ) values freedom of thought
values creativity  interested in learning, resolving doubt, problem solving==>        values inquiry  values intellectual freedom
may engage in divergent thinking recognizes storytelling can foster imagination capability typically likes discovery learning
values freedom of the press  behavior diametrically opposite of exhibiting functional fixedness inquiry education 
  values academic freedom  

Project Worldview theme #31: Education for Democracy / its wiki summary:
values democracy   supports public education may have interest in philosophy of education
promotes citizenship education  values advancing the common well-being, public interest representative democracy
inclusive democracy values critical thinking skills  participatory democracy
democracy index may value character education taxonomy of educational objectives

Project Worldview theme #32A: Human Rights/ its wiki summary:
 able to distinguish  natural rights and legal rights    human rights asserts universal right to a fair trial
supports freedom of religion  values universal, egalitarian approach to human rights supports freedom of speech
wishes wishes to outlaw discrimination supports UN 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights supports International Criminal Court
supports marriage equality (same sex marriage) international human rights instruments international human rights law

Project Worldview theme #32B: Culture of Tolerance / its wiki summary:
promotes religious toleration toleration  promotes equal opportunity
accepts religious pluralism crimination fights discrimination by encouraging teaching tolerance understands cultural relativism 
paradox of tolerance likes multiculturalism understands nonsectarian orientation

Project Worldview theme #33A: Servitude--Suffering, Enabling, or Enslaving / its wiki summary:
may be a prisoner: incarceration may be trapped in unpaid labor: involuntary servitude may live in condition of slavery
prisons  may be a victim of human trafficking may live in condition of serfdom
slave narrative may be a victim of poverty and debt (bondage) may live subjected to domestic violence
may have to work a detested job: wage slavery may be a soldier--something not freely chosen / conscription reparations for slavery

Project Worldview theme #33B: Addiction / its wiki summary:
may likely have a behavioral addiction addiction may have a substance dependence
may have problem with alcoholism may have problem with tobacco use may have substance use disorder
may have problem with heroin   may have problem gambling addictive personality
addiction psychology addiction vulnerability addiction psychology

Project Worldview theme #34: Valuing Traditions, Status Quo / its wiki summary:
respects traditional values values tradition  (rituals, customs, beliefs, etc. passed down)  accepts traditional authority  
respects traditional knowledge promotes maintenance of traditional institutions (conservatism) emotional bias toward status quo
tends to respect ritual may value Christian sacred tradition may value Confucianism
may practice ancestor worship may value filial piety accepts traditional gender roles  

Project Worldview theme #35A: Sharing What Many Consider Very Private/ its wiki summary:
values authenticity  likely accepts and may engage in homosexuality may accept or practice polyamory
has tendency toward transparency likely accepts and may engage in gay sexual practices  may be queer
generally rejects conformity may have experienced gender dysphoria gender equality
childhood gender nonconformity ambivalent sexism sex reassignment surgery

Project Worldview theme #35B: Working for Change / its wiki summary:
may be involved in political campaigns with desire to change society for the better, engages in activism may be environmental activist
may engage in lobbying  may engage in community organizing appreciates collective action
may value social justice known to support social movements may value economic progressivism
may be whistleblower  supports grassroots movements appreciates civil disobedience

Project Worldview theme #36A: Cynicism its wiki summary:
disturbed by hypocrisy Cynicism (contemporary) despairs over  corruption 
  despairs over demagogy attitude of cultural pessimism, rejects belief world becoming better disturbed by political corruption
despairs over corporate crime disgusted with humans, human nature ==>misanthropy cynical about economic democracy, points to corporatocracy

Project Worldview theme #36B: Conspiracies / its wiki summary:
  conspiracy--some are real, many are imagined! conspiracy theory simplistic black/white analysis: manichaeism
may promote pseudohistory thinking influenced by paranoia may believe and/or promote fake news
values telling a story / uses narrative form enjoys retelling / embellishing modern folklore / legend  may be warrior in culture war

Project Worldview theme #37A: Proud Identification & Tribalism/ its wiki summary:
may have feelings of patriotism   feels satisfied sense of attachment to some group: pride appreciates identity politics
tribe may identify with particular ethnic group, values ethnic nationalism nationalism
tribalism may largely define preferences may have feelings of religious nationalism   may value national symbol(s)
chauvinism fits into in-group and out-group discriminatory pattern ethnocentrism 

Project Worldview theme #37B: Global Citizen/ its wiki summary:
supports global citizens movement global citizenship identifies as global citizen or world citizen
supports global citizenship education  seeks to globally apply  universality principle: moral universalism promotes global civics
the global citizen festival global justice concerns, rejects "no global ethical standards exist"  may have anti-nationalism feelings 
ridicules New World Order conspiracy idea prefers cosmopolitanism approach to global justice  

Project Worldview theme #38: Love as Family Glue / its wiki summary:
parenting may feel unconditional love for family member(s)  extended family
parenting styles inclusive: may be comfortable with non-traditional  family definition puts family needs above individuals': familialism
kinship exclusive: may accept pro nuclear family tradition, family values  may be strong supporter of traditional marriage
Eastern tradition: respect for parents: filial piety maybe has been spared dysfunctional family woes   may be a cosseting or helicopter parent 

Project Worldview theme #39A: Tough Love / its wiki summary:
believes in and employs corrective feedback tough love rejects enabling, rescuing parenting approach
may demand unquestioning obedience may use demanding but responsive authoritative parenting/ mentoring may employ shame
may engage in mentoring   may have to deal with dysfunctional family woes   may look to drug rehabilitation programs for help
may use corporal punishment values learning from mistakes, discovery learning teaching approach paternalism

Project Worldview theme #39B: Blaming / Scapegoating / its wiki summary:
 often practices discrimination scapegoating  comfortable with dehumanization of others
may direct hate speech toward person or group often acts out of  prejudice may promote misogyny
may condone hate crime may subscribe to white supremacy may practice or condone anti-semitism
may promote racism may promote racial segregation  may condone genocide
witch hunt may use anti-LGBT rhetoric shame
xenophobia The Holocaust online shaming

Project Worldview theme #40: Environmental Economics/ its wiki summary:
ecological economics Environmental Economics may prefer emissions trading schemes
carbon footprint appreciates need for carbon tax or related market scheme promotes efficient energy use
promotes renewable energy commercialization sees added pollution and resource depletion tied to market failure feels market fails to value ecosystem services
urges an end to fossil fuel subsidies wants to factor natural capital into economic analyzes prefers genuine progress indicator to GDP use
environmental finance appreciates need for environmental impact assessment   environmental, social and corporate governance

Project Worldview theme #41:Struggling With a Basic Need: Self-Esteem / its wiki summary:
may still be gathering self-knowledge self esteem may often experience anxiety 
may be continually refining self concept   may suffer from emotional scars left by past traumatic event may be suffering from clinical depression
may suffer from low self esteem personality may be heavy on neuroticism needs to develop more psychological resilience
working to build emotional intelligence may have learned to extend compassion to oneself: self-compassion defense mechanisms
may benefit from psychotherapy   perhaps has overcome past difficulties, working toward self actualization  

Project Worldview theme #42: Ethical Orientation / its wiki summary:
applied ethics values human capability for empathy, well being of others: secular ethics actions show respect for professional ethics
actions avoid conflict of interest actions characterized by honesty, respect for law, and integrity generally respects the rule of law  
may live in accordance with ethical code promotes greatest overall happiness based ethics /utilitarianism values distributive justice
business ethics environmental ethics research ethics

Project Worldview theme #43: Seeking Wealth and Power/ its wiki summary:
self-centered excessive desire for wealth:  greed wealth values having more control over life, more power
may pursue acquisition of wealth illegally: theft values financial literacy and uses skills to increase wealth may seek social status
may value Social Darwinism values central tenet of capitalism: capital accumulation the distribution of wealth
kleptocracy may be manipulative, callous, immoral: machiavellian may believe in The Gospel of Wealth

Project Worldview theme #44A: Sanctity and Dignity of Life / its wiki summary:
opposes any ending the life of unborn through abortion  culture of life opposes allowing so-called mercy killing: euthanasia
highly values sanctity of life opposes capital punishment (legal method to end life of bad criminal) consistent life ethic
opposes assisted suicide has bioethics related concerns about certain biotechnologies  supports Right to Life movement
supports fetal rights  stem cell research may oppose all genetic engineering

Project Worldview theme #44B: Hands Off My Body / its wiki summary:
values bodily integrity supports abortion rights movement   prefers pro-choice name for movement
believes in prevention and birth control   all children should be wanted: values family planning   supports right to pursue assisted suicide
realizes death can foster new life--example: extinction event  supports NARAL Pro-Choice America movement  may be concerned about population growth

Project Worldview theme #45A:Borrowing Mentality / its wiki summary:
may have or appreciate opportunity to get mortgage loan(s) may have good understanding of debt-related terms/procedures credit card debt
appreciates credit card convenience and value may often be late paying bills==> accumulates credit card debt may still respect those who declare bankruptcy
may understand simple vs. compound interest values using debt in purchasing an asset: leverage may be unaware of criticism of debt
consumer debt may not be particularly concerned with level of government debt may be lacking in delayed gratification ability
  may not be particularly concerned with student debt  

Project Worldview theme #45B: Work, Play, Pay as You Go / its wiki summary:
practices putting money aside for later use / saving operates within constraints of personal budget likes balance budgets
possesses good delayed gratification ability  recognizes obligations--including financial ones-- limit freedom  may contribute more sweat equity than money
values minimizing incurring ecological debt recognizes obligations--including financial ones-- can lead to guilt  appreciates criticism of debt 
may appreciate microcredit values fairness and justice associated with intergenerational equity  may practice frugality
may understand time value of money promotes mutually beneficial intergenerationality relationships may value Protestant work ethic

Project Worldview theme #46A: Technological Fix/ its wiki summary:
looks to technology to solve problems technological fix has faith in the engineering design process
prefers technocentrism to ecocentrism supports technological change driving social change, empowering people has faith in technology assessment
precautionary principle prefers technoprogressivism to bioconservatism typically dismisses criticism of technology

Project Worldview theme #46B: Military Backers / its wiki summary:
likely has military service experience militarism values military tradition
may be a professional warrior comfortable with military discipline / chain of command urges military budget be made a priority
  urges combat readiness may believe war not inherently bad, can even be beneficial to society   supports military schools
promotes military technology development perhaps, given desire  to avoid war, values diplomacy, deterrence theory military courtesy

Project Worldview theme #47A: Attitudinal Fix / its wiki summary:
appreciates cognitive, emotional factors in attitude change attitudinal fix   recognizes attitude acquired through experience and greatly influences future actions  
realizes social influences can change attitudes values fair play, interpersonal communication people skills finding common ground==> conflict resolution
diplomacy  encourages dialogue, negotiation to reach compromise mediation
  realizes confirmation bias leads to greater attitude polarization     

Project Worldview theme #47B: Pacifism / Non-Violence/ its wiki summary:
rejects all militarism including conscription   pacifism    anti-militarism
civil resistance: non-violent political action  chooses non-violent resistance when others would use violence appreciates peace churches
values arms control efforts may accept non-aggression principle, unlike strict pacifists ahimsa (Indian concept related to "do no harm")
anarcho-pacifism   believes diplomacy should be exhausted before anyone considers war shalom (Hebrew concept related to peace, well-being

Project Worldview theme #48A: Privacy / its wiki summary:
will typically fight bodily integrity invasions Privacy often asserts right to privacy
works to minimize digital footprint  has privacy concerns related to tracking cookies  often seeks confidentiality
may use anonymity to bolster privacy may want to avoid being disturbed by others, seeks serenity seeks security to avoid harm, injury

Project Worldview theme #48B: Liking Co-operation Based Communities / its wiki summary:
prefers co-operation to competition values co-operative economics values community economics 
likes grass roots democracy   likes worker or consumer owned businesses/ co-operatives history of the co-operative movement
community based organizations  would like power to shift away  from corporate elite:  economic democracy intentional community
likes community supported agriculture  prefers decentralized economic or government structures may live in ecovillage
worker co-operatives consumer co-operatives may live in cohousing community 
  may embrace bioregionalism perspective   

Project Worldview theme #49A: Social Welfare Statism/ its wiki summary:
 supports government welfare programs welfare state welfare economics
accepts higher taxes for more services values the common good, social welfare, and the public interest values social safety net concept
supports providing public housing social welfare model includes taxes, social insurance, public services, jobs supports social insurance / social security
accepts public-private partnerships sees need for government meddling in markets: economic interventionism  supports publicly funded health care
public sector   public interest may support universal basic income 

Project Worldview theme #49B: Idealistic Socialism / its wiki summary:
(naively?) believes others act out of altruism socialism embraces anti-capitalism
values the common good, social welfare typically believes in social ownership of the means of production dislikes capitalist mode of production
values egalitarianism values strong state, centralized economic planning not adverse to government using nationalization
comfortable with collectivism  may prefer single party controlled socialist market economy  (China model) may prefer market socialism
may prefer democratic socialism with social ownership may carry idealism to extreme and prefer communism  may prefer social democracy with capitalist mode of production
values social justice may value social class conflict route to socialism per Marxism may like  labor theory of value

Project Worldview theme #50A: Libertarian/ its wiki summary:
strongly values liberty  libertarianism strongly values freedom
strong supporter of civil liberties  values freedom of choice unconstrained except by non-aggression principle  much prefers individualism over collectivism
values self-ownership and own labor  promotes extreme (dangerous?) version of freedom of speech  rights  rejects modern welfare state 
values laissez faire capitalism    values free markets, limited role of state,  right-libertarianism big fan of private property rights 
 may denigrate common good notion sees virtue in selfishness, embraces ethical egoism, rejects altruism may be admirer of Ayn Rand
rejects coercion: non-aggression principle extreme belief in private property ==>abolishes state / anarcho-capitalism objectivism

Project Worldview theme #50B: Left Anarchism / its wiki summary:
social anarchism anarchism  abolition of private ownership==> anti-capitalism
 left-right political spectrum prefers no government===>values stateless society skeptical of private ownership: left libertarianism
values egalitarianism may prefer collectivist anarchism / labor-based compensation labor theory of value
values communitarianism may value anarchist communism / need based distribution anarchist economics
may appreciate co-operative economics may instead prefer individualist anarchism issues in anarchism

Project Worldview theme #51A: Ethical Globalization / its wiki summary:
globalization global justice movement wants all global citizens to have voice:      democratic globalization
supports international trade regulation  bothered by, applauds efforts to reduce international inequality international development
supports United Nations system  critical of globalization as driven by corporate capitalism supports UN Sustainable Development Goals
supports cultural heritage protection looks to technology transfer to improve life in  poor countries  may support steps toward world government 
cultural globalization economic globalization political globalization
  hopes to defeat resource curse plaguing underdeveloped world  

Project Worldview theme #51B: Big Business Pushes Global Limits/ its wiki summary:
big supporter of multinational corporations promotes aggressively pushing resource extraction / extractivism supports carbon capture and storage
hopes to delay fossil fuel phase-out  accepts perpetuating resource curse plaguing underdeveloped world supports mining industry
supports energy development promotes geoengineering as solution to climate change problem asteroid mining
fusion power supports developing space-based economy rejects degrowth movement ideas

Project Worldview theme #52: Physically Challenged==> Independent Living / its wiki summary:
supports disability rights movement  supports goal of independent living for people with disabilities, old age independent senior living 
may be struggling with chronic illness may be struggling to overcome disability fights disability discrimination / ableism
supports accessibility  accommodations may be struggling to cope with problems of old age deaf culture 
elderly care value a person's right to make own life decisions/  self advocacy assisted living 

Project Worldview theme #101A: Mind Open, Vision Global / its wiki summary:
  evolution = change over long time periods open mindedness values chronology / philosophy of history
appreciates how natural selection works may score high on openness to experience measure of this personality trait appreciates biogeochemical cycles
appreciates geologic time scale   recognizes by studying history can we one avoid past mistakes  appreciates vastness of the universe
appreciates human evolution appreciates timeline of evolutionary history of life appreciates large distance measures  

Project Worldview theme #101B: Mind Narrowly Focused/ its wiki summary:
has mental map confined in time and space values focusing on present moment without evaluation: mindfulness may prefer narrowly framing thoughts
 may value KISS Principle has less tolerance for cognitive inconsistency /cognitive dissonance reality tunnel 
may be more splitter than lumper? defense mechanism to avoid cognitive dissonance: compartmentalization  spatial cognition 
  good ability to concentrate or focus on something / attentional control   

Project Worldview theme #102A: Conscientious, Efficient Stewardship / its wiki summary:
may tend to perfectionism may score high on  conscientiousness measure of this personality trait internally consults value system: conscience
obsessive compulsive disorder  values ability to avoid wasting materials, money, effort, time: efficiency may have goal orientation
  values responsible planning and management: stewardship may be more task than relationship oriented

Project Worldview theme #102B: Easy-Going, Disorderly, Cavalier / its wiki summary:
less uptight, more relaxed than many are exhibits more toleration of mistakes or imperfections than many others do may be more relationship than  task oriented
stress management can live with more disorder than many other people can may use humor to reduce tension, manage stress 
may be more extravert than introvert responses typically come more from central nervous system than conscience  

Project Worldview theme #103A: Individual Glory / its wiki summary:
may have tendency toward selfishness may strive to maintain inflated opinion of oneself: egotism  may live more in self centered world than some
strongly prefers individualism to collectivism  may enjoy winning, engage more in zero sum thinking than others do more of a  lone wolf than some / social isolation
may have tendency toward narcissism may engage more in basking in reflected glory than others do tends toward egocentrism
  tends more to self-reliance / self-sustainability than others   

Project Worldview theme #103B: Celebrating Team Accomplishments/ its wiki summary:
values group cohesiveness very much a team player, enjoys teamwork values social connection as antidote to loneliness
may prefer co-operation to competition may prefer collectivism to individualism values taking collective action to reach goal 
labor movement looks to create win-win situations rather than engage in zero sum thinking   collective action problem (involving free riders)
  values people joining to achieve common goal as in a labor union   

Project Worldview theme #104A: Human-Centered / its wiki summary:
accepts speciesism prejudices  anthropocentrism  may exhibit environmental skepticism
anti-environmentalism typically supports wise use movement and associated philosophy  may oppose land-use planning restrictions
 accepts factory farming practices comfortable with commodification and valuing based on usefulness to humans may value prosperity theology,
may support geoengineering   may place humans at top of Great Chain of Being, beneath God may highly value their own salvation  

Project Worldview theme #104B: Respect for Nature/ its wiki summary:
urges good stewardship of nature ecocentrism typically has reverence for wilderness
  appreciates integrity of ecosystems appreciates deep ecology appreciates nature conservation issues 
appreciates biogeochemical cycles believes in animal rights, treating them with dignity, respect extended to people values biodiversity
living planet index may identify God with all nature, all Reality: pantheism values land ethic
animal testing may appreciate Gaia philosophy  may have eco-feminist perspective
  appreciates relationship between animal ethics and environmental ethics  

Project Worldview theme #201A: Evidence-Based/ its wiki summary:
values rationality evidence seeks to build belief system on reason, evidence
 concepts used in building framework appreciates key role of observation in gathering evidence recognizes empirical evidence foundation
worldview--framework for understanding realistic worldviews can make good predictions values logical reasoning 
 rigorous application: scientific method worldviews are refined with learning, corrective feedback process medicine provides example: evidence based practice
can accept disturbing parts of Reality evidence insufficient to make decision: underdetermination building on what others find: consensus reality
  rejects belief in afterlife: can accept likelihood of eternal oblivion upon death  

Project Worldview theme #201B: Positive Expectations/ its wiki summary:
values optimistic state of mind: hope optimism bias distorts person's assessment of likelihood of bad outcome has (unjustified?) confidence or trust: faith
has more optimism than warranted? certain beliefs can be recognized as healthy, useful fiction / positive psychology faith and rationality
rejects evidence, holds false belief forms beliefs based on what is pleasing to imagine: wishful thinking appreciates framing effect_(psychology)
may admit to self-deception when positive expectations improve outcome: placebo effect suppressing negative emotions: toxic positivity
may believe in afterlife  may refuse to accept what evidence shows is true: denial may believe in alternate history: pseudohistory

Project Worldview theme #202A: Cautious Processing / its wiki summary:
may often feel anxiety recognizes information is needed to resolve uncertainty about some situation  may feel fear or be able to readily recall that feeling
has memory of pain suffered personality may have higher harm avoidance than normal  very slow to extend trust in relationships
self concept  personality may have higher negative affectivity than normal  may harbor resentment
stress may unconsciously employ defense mechanisms to fight anxiety, stress Dukkha (Buddhist concept of pain, suffering)

Project Worldview theme #202B: Relaxed, Generous, Loving / its wiki summary:
displays generosity values deep interpersonal affection: love displays absence of tension, anxiety: relaxation
values interpersonal relationships values human bonding and living with benefits of such bonds  readily extends trust in relationships
biochemical basis: oxytocin values caring in intimate relationships easily engages in helping behavior

Project Worldview theme #203A: Hierarchical Rigidity/ its wiki summary:
values social hierarchy scores high on social dominance orientation  support for social hierarchy typically values social status
may support patriarchy typically tends toward conservatism may support paternalistic conservatism
may exhibit mentality rigidity engages in group-based discrimination per social dominance theory may support traditionalist conservatism
academic ranks in the United States appreciates chain of command   caste system in India

Project Worldview theme #203B: Egalitarian Progressive/ its wiki summary:
values egalitarianism typically supports social reform causes associated with progressivism values social justice
supports progressive taxation supports fight against economic inequality values economic progressivism
appreciates collective action fights previous discrimination by supporting affirmative action  progressive Christianity
may support utilitarianism liberalism and progressivism within Islam  

Project Worldview theme #204A: Freedom from Limits/ its wiki summary:

supports deregulation 

freedom dislikes regulatory economics
anti-environmentalism typically supports wise use movement and associated philosophy  big fan of private property rights 
 rejects degrowth movement ideas promotes extreme (dangerous?) version of freedom of speech  rights  may promote geoengineering  
may promote space colonization  values freedom of choice unconstrained by external parties   

Project Worldview theme #204B: Limits and Ethics/ its wiki summary:
values environmental ethics secular ethics supports zero population growth
may practice veganism would exclude hate speech, disinformation from freedom of speech rights concerned about human overpopulation
values climate ethics  concerned about tragedy of the commons situations  sees climate change as existential threat 
two child policy concerned about risks of collapse of civilization: collapsology generally supports regulatory economics


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