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Structure for Characterizing and Analyzing Worldviews
Version 3.11 (last edit 2/08/2016--contact us if you'd like to contribute to refining this structure)
Each worldview theme is divided into four sub-themes, each linked to a Wikipedia article 

Each of the 81 project WORLDVIEW worldview themes is described below using four sub-themes (total=324). These are described with short phrases and linked to Wikipedia articles you can click and read. The sub-themes concisely describe the main theme, and/or cover a range of possibilities inherent to belief in it--including (in some cases) the opposite of it. Of course you can click on either the project WORLDVIEW  theme webpage link (labeled PWV below), or (in most cases) a related Wikipedia overview or summary article (at the far right of the title line) to get much more information.  (Altogether there are nearly 400 links to Wikipedia articles!)

PWV Theme #1A: Humbly Unsure-- closest related Wikipedia article: Humility

can live with discomfort caused by Cognitive Dissonance often mentally between belief and disbelief / Doubt
conciliatory, avoids expressing extreme beliefs / Moderate realizes humans are flawed, human nature imperfect 

PWV Theme #1B: Skeptic-- closest related Wikipedia article: Skepticism  

is able to justify beliefs, values exercise of reason, Rationality questions assumptions, values Critical Thinking
values Scientific Skepticism values  Religious Skepticism

PWV Theme #2A:The True Believer --closest related Wikipedia article: Belief

has some understanding of what Knowledge is, sources of it feeling of special knowledge==>Esotericism
analysis flawed by Confirmation Bias, belief unjustified values Faith as important part of belief system

PWV Theme #2B: I Know What's Best For You--closest related Wikipedia article: none

interactions often characterized by Assertiveness often engages in Proselytism
interactions often characterized by Persuasion  attitude shaped by feeling of superiority, Paternalism  

PWV Theme #3: Focused Vision--closest related Wikipedia article: none

often mentally dwells near space/time center of mental maps employs ordered, often task-oriented, methodology
values higher resolution in mental models of conceptual systems   values perfectionism, often Micromanages

PWV Theme #4: Global Vision--closest related Wikipedia article: none

often operates at higher level in hierarchy of understanding values learning from past to prepare for future 
values interconnectedness in mental conceptual system mapping  appreciates the universe's extent in time and space 

PWV Theme #5A: Scientific Materialism--closest related Wikipedia article: Metaphysical Naturalism

believes reality explained by matter/energy / Materialism   values knowledge acquired by scholarly methods/ Scientism
values analytical approach / Reductionism rejects teleology, appreciates evolution / Natural Selection


PWV Theme #5B: Vitalism --closest related Wikipedia article:  Vitalism

comfortable with spiritual energy / life force based medicine believes spirit explains consciousness
believes in spiritual or ethereal beings such as angels, ghosts, etc.  may use Animism based hypotheses 

PWV Theme #6: Scientific Method--closest related Wikipedia article: Scientific Method

realizes scientific conceptual framework is based on observation  appreciates cause and effect / Causality
realizes science involves testable ideas, values hypothesis testing  appreciates need for Reproducibility


PWV Theme #7A: Mysticism--closest related Wikipedia article: Mysticism 

values altering consciousness using meditation techniques values what Buddhists call Mindfulness
values Monist Idealist Pantheism / Cosmic Consciousness appreciates New Age enthusiasm for Quantum Mysticism

PWV Theme #7B: Magic --closest related Wikipedia article: Magic -- Paranormal

values causal reasoning known as Magical Thinking appreciates Occult Practices
accepts reality of some parapsychology type phenomena (ESP, etc.) values applied spirituality: Shamanism

PWV Theme #8A: Monotheism--closest related Wikipedia article: Monotheism

believes in God the Father believes in God the Mother / Mother Goddess
accepts teleology, believes in God as Intelligent Designer feels God doesn't intervene, values Deism


PWV Theme #8B: Belief in a Personal God --closest related Wikipedia article: Personal God

embraces God in Abrahamic Religions believes God is Susceptible to Prayer  
values Love God Has for Us / Love We Have for God believes God Performs Miracles


PWV Theme #9A: Religious Fundamentalism--closest related Wikipedia article: Fundamentalism

respects Religious texts   accepts Revelation / Prophets / Divine Communication
would prefer government by Theocracy  accepts Creationism


PWV Theme #9B: Apocalypticism--closest related Wikipedia article: Apocalypticism

expects End time someday, perhaps soon respects Rapture possibility
realizes Societal Collapse is possible, perhaps will happen soon appreciates Risks to Civilization, humans

PWV Theme #10: Secular Humanism --closest related Wikipedia article: Secular Humanism

demands separation of church and state disdains religious framework, embraces Secular Spirituality
appreciates Human Condition / search for meaning  doesn't believe in God / Atheism  


PWV Theme #11A: Fatalism --closest related Wikipedia article: Fatalism

believes in the Will of God accepts Predestination 
appreciates Causal Determinism ==> predictions appreciates that Free Will is Logically Impossible


PWV Theme #11B: Free Will --closest related Wikipedia article: Free Will        

 appreciates factors limiting predictability recognizes free agents have moral responsibility
 appreciates probability believe my actions originate with and are up to me / Self Determination 


PWV Theme #12: The Artistic Worldview --closest related Wikipedia article: none

values creativity appreciates Aesthetics
identifies with both motivated and non-motivated functions of Art identifies great art with the sublime

PWV Theme #13: Dancing With Systems --closest related Wikipedia article: Systems Thinking

values alternative to reductionism: holism in science appreciates matter/energy/information system flow, feedback loops
appreciates unexpected / Emergence in system  appreciates value of modeling complex or biological Systems 


PWV Theme #14A: Moralistic God --closest related Wikipedia article: Righteousness

has awareness of importance of sin seeks salvation (the saving of one's soul from some undesirable eternal fate)
seeks to spend afterlife in heaven sees God dispensing punishment / Divine Judgment 


PWV Theme #14B: Reincarnation --closest related Wikipedia article: Reincarnation

appreciates consequences of karmic forces, values Karma  accepts possibility of learning from Past Life Regression
appreciates possibility of Rebirth (Buddhist conception) values Wheel of Life (Buddhist conception)


PWV Theme #15: Collective Cognitive Imperative -- Wikipedia article: Collective Cognitive Imperative 

feels pressure to conform / peer pressure accepts authority, open to indoctrination
succumbs to The Bandwagon Effect extreme suggestibility ==> The Brainwashed Herd / Sheeple 

PWV Theme #16: Golden Rule, Village Ethic of Mutual Help-closest related Wikipedia article:Golden Rule

values generalized reciprocity in material and labor exchanges reciprocal altruism / TIT for TAT orientation
can feel others' pain and suffering, values empathy values kindness, compassion


PWV Theme #17A: Bitterness & Vengeance --closest related Wikipedia article: Revenge  

feels Resentment or Bitterness feels Anger  
often looks to assign Blame or caught up in blaming values An Eye for An Eye type of justice  


PWV Theme #17B: Gratitude & Forgiveness --closest related Wikipedia article: none

possesses Psychological Resilience values Gratitude 
embraces Forgiveness values Turning the Other Cheek response to being hurt or victimized  

PWV Theme #18A: Passionately Impulsive --closest related Wikipedia article: none

often seeks gratification outside one's own self ==> extravert characterized by risk taking or novelty seeking 
characterized by passion often overwhelming reason characterized by Impulsivity

PWV Theme #18B: Dispassionate--closest related Wikipedia article: none

values thinking/reflecting before acting ==> introspection characterized by emotional detachment
values deferred gratification values stoicism  (indifferent to pain, pleasure==>inner calm) 

PWV Theme #19A: Economic Individualism--closest related Wikipedia article: Economic Liberalism

self interest based ethics / values ethical egoism values individualism in economic decision-making
values competition in organizing society, economic matters values Market Economy  

PWV Theme #19B: Corporate Capitalism--closest related Wikipedia article: Corporate Capitalism

appreciates the advantages of the corporation in setting up a business has some understanding of corporate governance
recognizes productivity as key to competitiveness in the marketplace values corporate social responsibility

PWV Theme #20A: Elitism --closest related Wikipedia article: Elitism 

appreciates criticism of democracy values idea that competence rises to top / Meritocracy
comfortable with social stratification distinctions comfortable with highest social class / Aristocracy


PWV Theme #20B: Authoritarianism --closest related Wikipedia article:  Authoritarianism

pledges obediance, needs social contract in accepting authoritarian rule accepts autocratic rule (government vested in one person)
Right Wing Authoritarianism type personality traits accepts rule by a single party state 


PWV Theme #21A: Populism --closest related Wikipedia article: Populism

values participatory democracy values  labor, workers over management, capital
possesses right wing populist perspective values "bottom up" community based organizations


PWV Theme #21B: Service to Others--closest related Wikipedia article: Prosocial Behavior 

often engages in Volunteering   values public or civil service
involved in community service practices charitable giving, values Philanthropy


PWV Theme #22A: Expansionism --closest related Wikipedia article: Economic Growth 

values economic indicators for measuring economic growth  values technology in promoting productivity, economic growth
see benefits in and generally values population growth sees economic growth as key part of economic development


PWV Theme #22B: Imperialism--closest related Wikipedia article: Imperialism  

can accept national territorial expansionist policies some cultures superior to others==> ok with Ethnocentrism
see benefits in and generally values Cultural Imperialism comfortable with capitalist led globalization, Neocolonialism


PWV Theme #23A: Sustainability --closest related Wikipedia article: Sustainability

appreciates how Ecosystem services benefit humans see problems with fossil fuel use, values renewable energy
concerned about Global Warming appreciates need for resource recycling


PWV Theme #23B: Enoughness --closest related Wikipedia article: none

practices voluntary simplicity, Simple Living to some degree appreciates Sustainable Living type lifestyles
lifestyle choice inspired by religion/Christian Views Poverty & Wealth   values global citizen Ecosharing type ethic

PWV Theme #24: Struggling w/ Basic Need:Sustenance--closest related Wikipedia article:Absolute Poverty

can relate to lack of adequate food / Hunger relate to lack of adequate shelter / Homelessness
has employment issues (job loss, working poor, workaholic, etc)  work hard, engaged in subsistence agriculture


PWV Theme #25: Anthropocentrism --closest related Wikipedia article: Anthropocentrism 

our needs >>other species', values Human Exceptionalism values prosperity theology, God-given dominion over nature 
denies Climate Change is human caused supports Geoengineering to remedy global climate change


PWV Theme #26A: The Consumerist--closest related Wikipedia article:  Consumerism

enjoys shopping values having things, Economic Materialism
no problem w/ marketing, advertising==>supports Commercialism engages in Consumer Activism


PWV Theme #26B: The More Is Better Mentality --closest related Wikipedia article: none

defends and/or engages in Conspicuous Consumption   defends right to and/or lives in large house (McMansion) 
drives SUV or large truck, defends right to do so vs. critics not concerned about Obesity

PWV Theme #27:Belonging to Nature--closest related Wikipedia article: Ecocentrism

practices Stewardship not having Dominion Over loves the land and Wilderness
appreciates ecosystems / values interconnectedness  values Eco-feminist perspective


PWV Theme #28A: Hedonistic Orientation--closest related Wikipedia article: Hedonism 

guided by immature feelings / Pleasure Principle values and seeks out Pleasure
knowledgable love of good food and drink / Epicureanism finds pleasure in what some call victimless crimes


PWV Theme #28B: Healthy Orientation--closest related Wikipedia article: Health

follows latest nutritional guidelines, values Healthy Diet makes lifestyle changes based on Preventive Medicine
recognizes mind/body connection,values Health Psychology values Physical Exercise


PWV Theme #29A:The Self-Restrained Person--closest related Wikipedia article: Self Control

exhibits adult maturity per Reality Principle behavior guided by well-developed Conscience
behaves as to produce Guilt-free existence==> no guilt! spiritually motivated restraint carried to extreme: Asceticism


PWV Theme #29B: The Threatening Person--closest related Wikipedia article: Coercion

dishes out physical or verbal abuse==>engages in Bullying litigious, threatens or files lawsuit
coerces others to exact payment: Extortion aggression threat carried to extreme: engages in Violence 


PWV Theme #30:Intellectual Freedom--closest related Wikipedia article: none

possesses lots of intellectual curiosity (wonders "why?" or "what if...?") values Freedom of Thought
interested in learning, resolving doubt, problem solving==>values Inquiry  values Academic Freedom

PWV Theme #31:Education for Democracy--closest related Wikipedia article: none

values advancing the common well-being, Public Interest values Education
values Democracy   supports Public Education

PWV Theme #32:Valuing Human Rights--closest related Wikipedia article: Human Rights 

values universal, egalitarian approach to human rights values freedom of speech and creative expression 
supports marriage equality (same sex marriage) supports all of UN 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights


PWV Theme #33A: Servitude--closest related Wikipedia article: Unfree Labor 

I am a soldier, not something I freely chose / Conscription I am a victim of my own poverty and debt (bondage)
I am a prisoner / Incarceration I am essentially a slave, a victim of Human Trafficking


PWV Theme #33B: Addiction --closest related Wikipedia article: Addiction   

I have a problem with alcoholism I have a problem with tobacco 
I engage in drug use ==> a substance dependence  problem  I have a behavioral addiction


PWV Theme #34: Traditions, Trad Gender Roles--closest related Wikipedia article: Traditional Values

values Tradition  (rituals, customs, beliefs, etc. passed down ) values patriarchy or Traditional Authority in general
promotes maintenance of traditional institutions (Conservatism) practices or respects Ancestor Worship


PWV Theme #35A: Self Reliant Nonconformity--closest related Wikipedia article: none

values Individualism (puts individual rights over those of society, family, etc) often takes do it yourself approach
often rejects what society dictates and conformity  values self sufficiency

PWV Theme #35B:Working for Change--closest related Wikipedia article: Activism

values social justice, Economic Progressivism known to support social movements
known to be involved in political campaigns relates to environmentalism as a social movement


PWV Theme #36A: Cynicism--closest related Wikipedia article: Cynicism 

disturbed by hypocrisy attitude of Cultural Pessimism rejects belief world becoming better
disturbed by political corruption disgusted with humans, human nature ==> Misanthropy  


PWV Theme #36B: Conspiracism--closest related Wikipedia article: Conspiracy Theory 

communicated by telling a story / uses narrative form enjoys retelling / embellishing modern folklore / legend 
thinking influenced by paranoia employs simplistic black/white analysis / Manichaeism


PWV Theme #37A: Proud Identification --closest related Wikipedia article: none

feels satisfied sense of attachment / pride appreciates Identity Politics
identifies with particular ethnic group, values Ethnic Nationalism values patriotism

PWV Theme #37B:Global Citizen --closest related Wikipedia article: Global Citizenship

seeks to globally apply  universality principle / moral universalism promotes Global Civics
Global Justice concerns, rejects "no global ethical standards exist"  prefers Cosmopolitanism approach to global justice


PWV Theme #38:Valuing Family--closest related Wikipedia article: none

Eastern tradition: respect for parents / Filial Piety strong supporter of traditional marriage 
exclusive: pro Western nuclear family tradition, family values  inclusive: comfortable with non-traditional family definition

PWV Theme #39A:Tough Love--closest related Wikipedia article: Tough Love

demands unquestioning obedience demanding but responsive /authoritative parenting/ mentoring
reject tough love==>prefer enabling, rescuing approach     values discovery learning approach to teaching


PWV Theme #39B:Scapegoating--closest related Wikipedia article: Scapegoating

often acts out of  prejudice often practices discrimination
often feels hatred comfortable with dehumanization of others


PWV Theme #40:Environmental Economics--closest related Wikipedia article: Environmental Economics  

appreciates need for environmental impact assessment   appreciates need for carbon tax or related market scheme
appreciates need for efficient energy use wants to factor natural capital into economic analyzes


PWV Theme #41: Struggling w/ Need: Self  Esteem--closest related Wikipedia article: Self Esteem

suffers from low self esteem suffers frequently from anxiety
suffers from emotional scars left by past traumatic event has overcome past difficulties ==> self actualization 


PWV Theme #42:Ethical Orientation--closest related Wikipedia article: Secular Ethics

actions characterized by honesty, respect for law, and integrity actions avoid conflict of interest
actions show respect for professional ethics greatest overall happiness based ethics / Utilitarianism 


PWV Theme #43:Seeking Wealth and Power--closest related Wikipedia article: Wealth

values financial literacy and uses skills to increase wealth values having more control over life, more power
pursues acquisition of wealth illegally / by theft has self-centered excessive desire for wealth / greed


PWV Theme #44A:Sanctity & Dignity of Life--closest related Wikipedia article: Culture of Life

opposes any ending the life of unborn through abortion  opposes capital punishment (legal to end life of bad criminal)
opposes allowing so-called mercy killing: euthanasia has bioethics related concerns about certain biotechnologies 


PWV Theme #44B:Animal Rights--closest related Wikipedia article: Animal Rights  

objects to all activities involving pain or cruelty to animals practices some type of vegetarianism
respects intrinsic value of animals  objects to discrimination vs. other animals / Speciesism


PWV Theme #45A: Borrowing Mentality--closest related Wikipedia article: none 

good understanding of debt-related terms/procedures  have or appreciate opportunity to get mortgage loan(s)
often late paying bills and contract credit card Debt can still respect those who declare bankruptcy

PWV Theme #45B: Pay As You Go--closest related Wikipedia article: none

operates within constraints of personal budget supports laws requiring governments to balance budgets
practices putting money aside for later use / saving understands the need to minimize ecological debt 

PWV Theme #46A: Technological Fix Mentality--closest related Wikipedia article: Technological Fix

has faith in Technology Assessment has faith in Engineering Design Process
prefers Technocentrism to Ecocentrism prefers Technoprogressivism to Bioconservatism


PWV Theme #46B: Militarism--closest related Wikipedia article: Militarism

has military service experience or as warrior comfortable with military discipline / chain of command
values military tradition believes war  not inherently bad, can be beneficial to society


PWV Theme #47A:The Attitudinal Fix Mentality--closest related Wikipedia article:Attitudinal Fix  

appreciates cognitive, emotional factors in attitude change encourages dialogue, negotiation to reach compromise
values fair play, interpersonal communication, people skills realizes attitude polarization will not=> conflict resolution


PWV Theme #47B: Pacifism--closest related Wikipedia article: Pacifism

values arms control efforts prefers to exhaust all diplomacy  before considering war
accepts Non-Aggression Principle, not true Pacifist chooses non-violent resistance when others would use violence


PWV Theme #48: Coop, Decentralized Society--closest related Wikipedia article: Co-operative Economics

prefers co-operation to competition  likes worker or consumer owned businesses/ co-operatives 
prefers decentralized economic or government structures prefers decentrally planned economy


PWV Theme #49A: Social Welfare Statism--closest related Wikipedia article: Welfare State

values the common good and the public interest don't mind paying higher taxes for more services, etc.
values safety net government welfare programs  believes quality of life enhanced by government regulations


PWV Theme #49B: Socialism--closest related Wikipedia article: Socialism

 values strong state, centralized economic planning prefer Social Democracy with capitalist mode of production
 prefer Democratic Socialism with social ownership prefer single party controlled socialist market economy  


PWV Theme #50A: Libertarian--closest related Wikipedia article:  Libertarianism

values free markets, limited role of state,  minarchism values individual freedom, self-ownership, own labor

values private ownership, private property rights 

would abolish state, values Anarcho-capitalism


PWV Theme #50B: Left Anarchist--closest related Wikipedia article: Social Anarchism

prefers no government===>values stateless society values mutual aid, abolition of private ownership
values Collectivist Anarchism, labor-based compensation values Anarchist Communism, need based distribution


PWV Theme #51:Ethical Globalization--closest related Wikipedia article: Global Justice Movement

bothered by, applauds efforts to reduce international inequality critical of globalization of coroporate capitalism
wants all global citizens to have voice: democratic globalization  supports steps toward world government such as UN


PWV Theme #52:Independence for Sick, Disabled, Old --closest related Wikipedia article: Independent Living

struggling to overcome disability struggling to overcome chronic illness
struggling to cope with problems of old age value a person's right to make own life decisions/self advocacy


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