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I've taken to heart the following advice: "You only get one body. How well you care for it--or don’t care for it--makes a big difference in the length and quality of your life." (Note: Those who embrace this lesson--and opt for a healthy orientation--will need to take care of their body's immediate health needs and also educate themselves as to its long-term needs.)

Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries:

follows latest nutritional guidelines, values Healthy Diet

makes lifestyle changes based on Preventive Medicine

recognizes mind/body connection, values Health Psychology

values Physical Exercise

summary Wikipedia article: Health

Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 3212

Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 8

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More to Explore -- Worldview Theme #28B: Healthy Orientation

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Center for Medical Consumers ("working to protect your rights--helping you make informed decisions")
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Food and Nutrition Information Center  (from USDA)
Nutrition and Health: Dietary Guidelines for Americans
MedlinePlus: Nutrition (in general this US NIH sponsored site offers "trusted health information for you") (what science is saying about choosing foods and making the healthiest choices)

Resources for Promoting Healthy Eating by Children  (ten links to articles provided by Helen Carter)

National Patient Advocate Foundation ("the patient's voice")
"Experts question benefits of fluoride-free toothpaste"  (August 7 2018 AP / NBC News report on the dental health benefits of fluoride)  
"A Huge New Study Just Showed Alcohol Is Worse for You Than You Thought" by Stephanie Mencimer (Apr 13 2018  Mother Jones report)
“Strawberries again top 2018's 'Dirty Dozen' fruits and veggies” by Susan Scutti, (report from CNN April 8 2018)

"'Nightmare bacteria' are trying to spread in the U.S., CDC says" by Maggie Fox (April 4 2018  NBC News report)

“Is Drinking Healthy? Alcohol Helps Clean Toxins From the Brain, Study Shows” by Kate Sheridan (Newsweek  2/2/18 report)
“The Weight Loss Trap—Why Your Diet Isn’t Working “ by Alexandra Sifferlin (article from Time June 5 2017)
The Link Between Air Pollution and Heart Disease (article from The Economist May 6 2017)
The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes  (book review by Dan Barber New York Times Jan 2 2017)
Depression and Its Treatment (report from The Economist October 15 2016)
Microbes and Humans--I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong (book review from The Economist August 20 2016)
Longevity report on how science is working to extend life spans (from The Economist August 13 2016)

"Alcohol is a direct cause of seven forms of cancer, finds study" by Dennis Campbell  (posted on The Guardian July 22 2016)

"Dietary Mineral Could Be One Key to Blood Pressure Control" by Mary Elizabeth Dallas (from US News & World Report July 12 2016)

"Very hot drinks are 'probably carcinogenic'" by Meera Senthilingam (report posted on CNN June 15 2016)

"Academies of Science finds GMOs not harmful to human health" by Elizabeth Weise   (news story from USA Today May 16 2016)

"New Insights into the Human Microbiome" by Karen Weintraub (April 29 2016 post on Scientific American website)

Cholesterol Lowering Statins cause muscle pain, scientists conclude  by Sarah Knapton (The Telegraph Apr 3 2016)

"Expert Says Wine Isn’t Nearly As Healthful As We Thinkby Anna Almendraia (report posted on The Huffington Post March 22 2016)

"A run a day keeps the tumour at bay" (research report about link between exercise and cancer from The Economist Feb 27 2016)
"How Sugar Might Fuel The Growth Of Cancer?"  (Jan 2016 report posted on Insight Ticker website)
"How Sugar and Fat Trick the Brain into Wanting More Food"  by Ferris Jabr (article from Scientific American Jan 2016)
"Cancer May Be More Within Our Control Than We Thought" by Alice Walton  (article posted on Forbes Dec 17 2015)
"Research breakthrough could lead to better prostate cancer treatment " (Nov 2015 research report from Medical Xpress)
"Do I Have to Stop Eating Processed Meat? Key Questions About WHO Group Report" by Maggie Fox  (on NBC News Oct 26 2015)

"Anthropology: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" (report on how long our distant ancestors slept from The Economist October 17 2015)

"Thirty Minutes of Exercise is Key to Health in Old Age" (May 15 2015 news report on long-term study involving thousands of people) 

"Treatments to Stop Alzheimer's Step Closer as Scientists Discover Inhibitor Molecule" (report from Medical News Today Feb 18 2015)
"10 ways to eat and drink your way to a better brain" by Jason Kane  (report on PBS News Hour website January 6 2014)
"Sleep Cleans the Brain of Toxins" by James Gallagher (October 17 2013 BBC News report)
"Increased Dementia Risk Linked to Higher Blood Sugar Levels" by Rina Shah (Aug 10 2013 news report on National Monitor website)
"The Perils of Sitting Down: Standing Orders" ( article from The Economist Aug 10 2013)
"Anti-Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Disease In Mice"  ( May 25 2013 report on Medical News Today website)
"Gene Test May Help Guide Prostate Cancer Treatment" by Marilynn Marchione (May 8 2013 news report from AP medical writer)
"Red Meat Chemical 'Damages Heart', say US Scientists" by James Gallagher (Apr 7 2013 BBC News article)
"Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us" by Steven Brill (Feb 20 2013 Time cover story)
"Study: Diet Soda Increases Risk of Diabetes" by Lylah Alphonse (Feb 2013 Yahoo News report)
"Blood Pressure Drugs May Also Reduce Dementia Risk" by Janice Lloyd  (news report from Jan 2013 USA Today)
"Psychosomatic Medicine: Think Yourself Well" (news re research from report The Economist Dec 8 2012)
"Epigenetics and Health: Grandma's Curse" (news re research report from The Economist Nov 3 2012)
"Can It: Soda Studies Cite Stronger Link to Obesity" by Sharon Begley (September 21 2012 news story on Reuters)
"Tiny Proportion of Americans Practice Seven Heart Healthy Habits" (Mar 2012 report from Medical News Today)
"Is Preventive Medicine Actually Overtreatment?" (Feb 2012 NPR review of book Overdiagnosed by Gilbert Welch)
Culinary Intelligence by Peter Kaminsky (review of this 2012 book on "eating healthy and really well")
"More Support for Passing on the Red Meat" by Genevra Pittman (from The Chicago Tribune March 2012)
Adverse Events in Hospitals May be Ten Times Greater Than Previously Measured (2011 medical journal article)
20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors--A Patient Fact Sheet (from US Dept of Health & Human Services)
Online Hospital Compare Tool (from US Dept of Health & Human Services)
"Exercise and Longevity: Worth All the Sweat" (article from The Economist Jan 21 2012 issue)
"What's the Single Best Exercise?" by Gretchen Reynolds (article from NY Times April 15 2011)
"Is Sugar Toxic?" by Gary Taubes (lengthy, authoritative article from NY Times April 13 2011)
Eating Made Simple, by Marion Nestle (September 2007 Scientific American article by nutritionist)
Nutrition News from the Harvard School of Public Health
Preventing Heart Disease -- from the UC Berkeley Wellness Newsletter
"Prostate Cancer and Acetaminophen Use" (abstract of 2011 research report)
"Social Relationships and Mortality Risk" (2010 research paper on effect of loneliness on mortality, on PLoS) 
Everyday Choices for a Healthier Life
Prevention Magazine
Partnership for Prevention (dedicated to disease prevention and advocating for health promotion policies)
American Heart Association
American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute -- Cancer Topics
National Mental Health Association
National Institute of Mental Health
American College of Preventive Medicine
Public Health Corps (devoted to providing information and "putting the public back into public health)
U.S. Health Care Costs (report from Kaiser Family Foundation) 
Overdosed America, by John Abramson (the website for this 2004 book by doctor)
Health and Medicine--Most Popular Programs (links to hundreds of UCTV programs on this topic)
"Smoking Explains Why Americans Don't Live Longer" by Maggie Fox (Jan 25 2011 news story)
"Alzheimer's Unlocked by Alice Park" (cover story in Time October 14 2010)
"Taxing Sodas for a Healthier Economy" by Barbara Kiviat (article in  Time Magazine July 12 2010)
"Study: Doctors Don't Always Spot Depression" by John Cloud  (Time July 30 2009)
"This Doctor Does Not Want to See You," by Alice Park (article about preventive medicine in Time Jun 17 2009)
"Faith and Healing: A Forum," by Alice Park (part of cover story How Faith Can Heal in Time Feb 23 2009)
"Living Large," by Alice Park (cover story about health effects of obesity in children in Time June 23 2008
"Eat Your Germs," by Sanjay Gupta (article about probiotic foods in Time April 7 2008)
"Health: Why Women Need Better Sleep," by Alice Park (article in Time March 31 2008)
"Mandatory Health," by Lisa T. Cullen (article about a great new idea in Time March 24 2008)
"Stuck on the Couch," by Sanjay Gupta (article about benefits of exercise in Time March 3 2008)
"Health: A Good Night Sleep," by Alice Park (article about benefits of sleep in Time December 17 2007)
"The Science of Appetite," by Jeffrey Kluger (cover story in Time June 11 2007)
Fantastic Voyage: The Science Behind Radical Life Extension, by R. Kurzweil and T. Grossman  
Preventing Stress Through a Healthy Lifestyle
Global Advanced Trait Description: Physical Fitness
People's Pharmacy
quotes related to health

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