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I believe that all human beings are precious, special and worthy of treatment based on The Golden Rule: that is, treat others as you would want them to treat you. I don’t lie, cheat, steal, discriminate, or arbitrarily restrict, because I don’t want people doing this to me. If I see someone suffering, beyond empathizing / feeling their pain, I give them compassion. If I see someone in need, I practice a “village ethic of mutual help”: I help them because someday I may similarly need help from someone. (Note: For many, the universal ethical principle known as the Golden Rule is the basis for a rational absolute morality. Some connect it with promoting good karma, others with “good cannot flow from evil.”)

note: the third sentence in the above theme description was changed in late 2014.

Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries:

values generalized reciprocity in material and labor exchanges

reciprocal altruism / TIT for TAT orientation

can feel others' pain and suffering, values empathy

values kindness, compassion

summary Wikipedia article: The Golden Rule

Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 2232

Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 96

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