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In looking for solutions to problems, whether they be pressing societal problems or those causing minor human inconvenience, I look first to changing human attitudes and associated behaviors. This is done through education, drawing heavily on existing social infrastructure and institutions. It is in the ability of people to come together in a spirit of co-operation in an atmosphere of learning constructively from each other, sharing worldviews, articulating values and goals, and finding mutually acceptable non-technology (or soft technology) based solutions, that I put my faith and trust. 

Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries:

appreciates cognitive, emotional factors in attitude change

encourages dialogue, negotiation to reach compromise

values fair play, interpersonal communication, people skills

realizes attitude polarization will not=> conflict resolution

summary Wikipedia article: Attitudinal Fix

Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 2132

Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 24

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