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I believe God is concerned with human beings personally.  I conceive  of God as a personal being (perhaps like a father) with a personality. I value communicating with God through introspection and praying.  I believe God listens to our prayers, watches over us, and sometimes interferes with the workings of the universe. I believe that, given His personal interest in the world and its people, He will intervene on behalf of worshippers (performing miracles or whatever) or to punish those who are ungodly or disobey.  Some conceive of God in terms of forgiveness and love, others in terms of vengeful, judgmental punishment.  

Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries:

embraces God in Abrahamic Religions

believes God is Susceptible to Prayer  

values Love God Has for Us / Love We Have for God

believes God Performs Miracles

summary Wikipedia article: Personal God

Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 1232

Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 216

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