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for release September 1, 2020: Version 4.2 Worldview Theme Structure

for release July 1, 2020: Version 4.1 Worldview Theme Structure w/ related Choices We Make updates!

for release April 10, 2019: project Worldview in Venice  (cultural heritage at risk / global climate change connection)

for release March 31, 2019: 

Version 4.0 Worldview Theme Structure and Choices We Make Card Kit Launch!

Press Releases 2016-2018

for release March 1, 2018: project Worldview in Vienna (astronomy and earth science education / Globe Museum connection)

January 9, 2016:  In an effort to reduce clutter and increase viewer comprehension, project Worldview has made a significant change to its website: it has split the (cluttered?) double worldview theme web pages into two single theme pages. Some worldview web pages contained two themes since both themes appeared on one worldview theme playing card. In making this change, links to the original web pages have been created to facilitate worldview theme playing card applications based on version 2.0 theme structure. 

Press Releases 2010-2015

for release December 21, 2015: project Worldview in France (castles and cathedrals connection)

for release January 30, 2015: Years in the making, The Worldview Theme Song Book is now available!  

for release November 11, 2014: project Worldview in London (British Museum connection)

for release October 3, 2013: A New Activity for Astronomy and Earth Science Classes

for release February 19, 2013: project Worldview Founder Contributes to Life on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies Book

for release January 29, 2013: Expanded Worldview Theme Descriptions, New Theme Added

for release December 7, 2012: project Worldview in Beijing (Confucious connection)

for release September 26, 2012: project Worldview  Founder contributes to Origin(s) of Design in Nature 

for release January 24, 2012: Assessing Marital Compatibility and Much Bigger Things

for release December 2, 2011: project Worldview  in Ankara, Turkey  (Ataturk connection)

for release August 1, 2010: project Worldview at Astronomy Education Conference in Boulder, CO 

New for 2013: 2013 brought expanded worldview theme descriptions and one additional worldview theme (80==>81),  a page for Home Schoolers, a simpler way to Characterize Worldviews, and a redesigned home page... 

New for 2012:  Four new additions...Three to the  web site: 
1) The Quick Worldview Analysis program, a tool to check your worldview's compatibility with someone elses'. 
2) Lengthy excerpts from The Worldview Literacy Book were added to webpages of all worldview themes 
3) The beginnings of the version 3.0 structure, with the 80 worldview themes broken into 320 sub-themes, each linked to Wikipedia articles, click here to see how it's starting off...Stay tuned! 
And another new offering:
4) A new version (3.20) of The Worldview Kit  with Quick Worldview Analysis program--expanded version to check your worldview's compatibility with thirteen standardized ones based on representative religious, spiritual, ethical, and secular traditions/orientations, and other updates.  

New for 2010: Worldview Watch-- commentary and analysis of news items from a worldview perspective, issued periodically

2009 News: project Worldview at International Year of Astronomy event in Budapest

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