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Characterizing Worldviews With the Playing Card Approach--An Overview

 unless noted this is generally version 4.2 worldview theme structure based 





LEVEL #1: Playing Card Suit ==> There are four of them

The characterization of an individual's worldview is divided into four parts* identified with these playing card suits as follows:





Understandings About Knowledge

Relationships:                        Interpersonal & Intrapersonal

 Relationship to Groups,
Community & Society

Relationship to Nature

*these connect with the four wings of The Reality Marketplace--click here for a map of The Reality Marketplace in terms of individual version 2.0 worldview themes)

 LEVEL #2: Meta Worldview Themes ==> There are sixteen of them (represented by aces & kings in playing card designations)

Each playing card suit is associated with four meta worldview themes ==> sixteen meta themes:   

mind open, vision global

cautious processing

hierarchical rigidity

freedom from limits

narrow-minded focus relaxed, generous, loving egalitarian progressive values limits and ethics
 evidence-based conscientious, efficient individual glory human-centered
faith-based easy-going, disorderly, cavalier celebrating team accomplishments belonging to nature 

LEVEL #3: regular Worldview Themes==> There are eighty eight of them (represented by twos ==> queens in playing card designations)

Worldview themes refer to the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behavior that come together in a way that is articulated in similar fashion by lots of people.  Project Worldview has given eighty eight of them formal names and descriptions. Many such themes can be used to characterize a person's worldview.                      Within each playing card suit there are twenty two regular worldview themes categorized as follows:

Understandings About Knowledge

loosely about THINKING

Relationships:                        Interpersonal & Intrapersonal

loosely about FEELING

 Relationship to Groups,
Community & Society

loosely about JOINING

Relationship to Nature

loosely about DOING

For a list of the both the regular and meta themes in each category, click on the links below:
the diamond worldview themes <==> thinking and the quest for knowledge the heart worldview themes <==> feeling and human interaction the club worldview themes <==> joining and the individual as part of society the spade worldview themes <==> doing and nature / the environment

LEVEL #4: Worldview Sub-themes ==> There are typically four of them for each of the eighty eight regular worldview themes 

Each regular version 3.0 worldview theme is associated with four worldview sub-themes (each* linked to a Wikipedia article) ==>
Wiki worldview sub-themes
At this sub-theme level, the characterization of worldviews leaves the Project Worldview website and jumps to the Wikipedia website. Of course, at the previous theme level, clicking the more to explore links on each individual worldview theme page typically takes you to other websites. Enjoy exploring! 

* at this final level, sub-themes for a few of the themes new to the version 4.2 worldview theme structure may not yet be selected  

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