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Steps Toward Characterizing A Worldview: start with Basic Choices

this uses the version 4.0 worldview theme structure with 104 themes:
16 meta themes and 88 regular worldview themes are grouped to make 52 choices
presented on the flip sides of 52 Choices We Make playing cards

the first step: The Meta Theme Choices can serve as a starting point for characterizing and analyzing your worldview.
For each area of focus / card suit below, based on your knowledge of the worldview you are characterizing (which could very well be your own!), you have two choices (each a pair of meta themes) to consider. There are eight selections to make altogether-- two for each area. In characterizing your worldview using the Choices We Make playing cards you'll go on to make forty-four additional choices...But these first eight choices are especially important since the meta themes they involve guide choices to come. After all fifty two choices are made and a "Scorecard" completed, your meta theme choices--involving the Aces and Kings in the deck--will be used to check the consistency of the other choices, and help you find contradictions or seeming inconsistencies in your choices.   

area of focus / card suit  

200 meta theme choices (Ace cards)


100 meta theme choices (King cards)

how the individual relates to    new  experience and knowledge, including receptivity to feedback, the basis for know ledge, the orientation adopted and tools used for  knowledge acquisition

evidence-based or  faith-based?


open-minded global vision or narrow-minded focus?

an individual’s interaction with another individual (or with himself or herself) with respect to the underlying driving motivation and the extent to which thinking, feeling, and doing—and related behaviors —are under control. 

 cautious processing or relaxed generous, loving?


 conscientious, efficient or easy-going, disorderly?

an individual’s relationship to groups of other individuals — including the whole society he or she is part of — and participation in activities (including earning a livelihood) associated with these groups. 

hierarchical rigidity or egalitarian progressive?

     individual glory or celebrating team accomplishments?
an individual’s relationship to the natural world and how his or her support of, or participation in, activities (including daily lifestyle, earning a livelihood, etc.) impact nature.

freedom from limits or limits and ethics?


human-centered or respect for nature?

The next steps in characterizing a worldview: 

To continue, making the other choices is facilitated with 

the "Choices We Make Playing Cards" which you can make yourself from information provided here 

With or without cards,  you can then go to the Systematic Consideration of Choices,

which allows clicking to get more info on each possible theme choice