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Welcome to project Worldview's
Worldview Watch

periodic commentary and analysis on news items from a worldview perspective
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issue #76, posted 3/11/2024  Tiny Homes—Support Transcends Culture War? 

issue #75, posted 12/3/2023  Bashar of Essassani and Bashar al-Assad: UFO Religious Celebrity and War Criminal 

issue #74, posted 10/31/2023  Groupthink, Democracy, and  the new House Speaker's Worldview

issue #73, posted 6/28/2023 Battles Over Twisting Love into Hate

issue #72, posted 12/15/2022  Democracy, Citizen Assemblies, and the US Supreme Court 

issue #71, posted 7/10/2022 July 4th: Guns, Freedom, and Offering the Supreme Court Help

issue #70, posted 1/31/2022  Conservatives, Conscientiousness and Chaos

issue #69, posted 10/14/2021  Suggestibility, Alien Abductions, and Democracy

issue #68, posted 7/16/2021   Communists and Conspiracies 

issue #67, posted 5 /5/ 2021     Big Lies Can Have Big Consequences

issue #66, posted 1/18/2021   Pulling the Plug on Those Spreading Big Lies 

issue #65, posted 10/24/2020   The Extreme Alt Right Worldview

issue #64, posted 7/22/2020     The New Ideology of Journalism

issue #63, posted 4/12/2020 The Faith-Based Challenge to Corona Virus Response 

issue #62, posted 12/19/2019  The Sad State of American Democracy

issue #61, posted 9/25/2019 Climate Deniers and the Seductive Appeal of Certainty

issue #60, posted 5/15/2019 Tough Choices Behind Positions on Responding to Climate Change 

issue #59, posted 1/17/2019 How Belief in Evolution can Aid Monotheists and Win Sympathy for Climate Deniers 

issue #58, posted 10/18/2018 Believing Scientists or Politicians? 

issue #57, posted 7/16/2018 Abortion and Winner Takes All at the Supreme Court? 

issue #56, posted 4/13/2018 Pointing Facebook in a "Dancing With Systems" Direction

issue #55, posted 12/31/2017 What the World Needs Now: Tough Love

issue #54, posted 9/28/2017 Russian and Greedy Individual Threats to American Democracy 

issue #53, posted 6/26/2017 America: Toward a More Perfect Union or Winner Takes All? 

issue #52, posted 4/30/2017 The Circle:  Perfectibility Through Participatory Social Interaction 

issue #51, posted 1/ 19/ 2017 Trump's Ascendance: The Patriarchy Strikes Back? Not if Women Are Heard! 

issue #50, posted 9/ 30/2016  Young Voters, the Environment, and the 2016 Election

issue #49, posted 7/8/2016   Venting Frustration at the Slow Pace of Changewith Guns, with Votes

issue #48, posted 3/4/2016  How what Trump is saying resonates with the worldview of those who vote for him

issue #47, posted 12/21/2015 Paris, France and How Big and Majestic is Your Conception of God? 

issue #46, posted 10/7/2015 China: Global Climate and Development Leader?  

issue #45, posted 7/29/2015 Confucius, Singapore, China, and Political Meritocracy 

issue #44, posted 5/19/2015:  Steps Toward a Pay As You Go Economy

issue #43, posted 3/14/2015: Celebrating Each Day: Pi, St. Patrick, Uncle John and Uncle Albert

issue #42, posted 1/29/2015  American SniperHero, Yes or No?

issue #41, posted 11/11/2014 Be Grateful: Ceramic Poppies are Blowing in the Wind

issue #40, posted 9/28/2014 Scotland, the UK and Independence Referendums 

issue #39, posted 7/20/2014 Catholic Women Priests: More Jesus, Less Hierarchy

issue #38, posted 5/16/2014 Connecting September 11, 2001 to Worldview Themes

issue #37, posted 3/13/2014: Defining Life is Worldview Dependent...Duh!  And It's Useful!

issue #36, posted 1/10/2014 Kennedy, Shakespeare, Conspiracism, Elitism, and Missing the Real Story

issue #35, posted 11/17/2013 Freedom and Motorcycle Helmet Laws

issue #34, posted 9/20/2013  Inequality in America

issue #33, posted 7/28/2013 Violence, Women, and Illiberal Democracy in Egypt

issue #32, posted 6/16/2013 Authoritarianism vs. Democracy in Turkey

issue #31, posted 3/26/2013 God, Science, Faith

issue #30, posted 2/27/2013 Women's Rights, Hierarchical Rigidity, Egalitarian Progressivism

issue #29, posted 1/29/2013 Corporate Personhood, Responsible Corporate Behavior 

issue #28, posted 12/14/2012 Extreme Weather, The End Times, and Predicting the Future

issue #27, posted 10/26/2012 Critical Thinking, Prayer,  and the Free Inquiry Path to a Worldview

issue #26: posted 9/30/2012 Worldviews, Blasphemy, and Bumper Stickers

issue #25: posted 7/13/2012 The Worldview Behind The Rolling Stones' Music

issue #24: posted 5/8/2012 Unvaccinated Children, Public Health, and Worldviews

issue #23: posted 3/31/2012  Regulating Society: We Know What's Best for You

issue #22, posted 1/12/2012  Worldview Analysis, World Models, and Predicting the Future

issue #21, posted 11/4/2011 2011 Protests: Yes to Democracy, No to Greed 

issue #20, posted 8/14/2011 Prayer, Reason, and Drought in Texas

issue #19, posted 6/25/2011 Health Care, Religion, Beliefs, Attitudes--US vs. UK

issue #18, posted 5/13/2011 Categorizing, Name Calling, Scapegoats, Obama and Soros

issue #17, posted 4/2/2011 Disaster Capitalism and Class Struggle

issue #16, posted 2/25/2011 Democracy and Revolution in Africa 

issue #15, posted 1/23/2011 Guns, the Tea Party and the U.S. Constitution

issue #14, posted 12/16/2010 Science and Theology: "The Humble Approach" 

issue #13, posted 10/27/2010 "The First Great Global-Warming Novel"

issue #12, posted 9/16/2010 Worldviews Behind Drugs, Violence, and Lawlessness in Mexico

issue #11, posted 7/24/2010  Soda Taxes to Fight Obesity and Raise Revenue 

issue #10, posted 7/4/2010  Technology, Disasters, and Moralistic Apocalypticism

issue #9, posted 5/29/2010 And Man Made Life

issue #8, posted 5/2/2010  China in Africa: Ethical Globalization or Imperialism? 

issue #7, posted 4/5/2010  Geoengineering, Economics, and Restraint

issue #6,  posted 3/8/2010  Overcoming Political Gridlock 

issue #5, posted 2 /12 /2010   Greenhouse Bananas--Laugh or Cry? 

issue #4, posted 2 /2 /2010  Democracy vs. Authoritarianism

issue #3, posted 1 / 23 / 2010      Populism vs. Elitism

issue #2,  posted 1 /15 / 2010      Conspiracism on Talk Radio 

issue #1,  posted 1 /05 / 2010      Expanders and Restrainers

Caution: "As you shop in 'The Reality Marketplace' avoid spending your 'reality cash' too early, before you have seen everything!” from Coming of Age in the Global Village, by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.