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  issue #75  posted 11/26/23, revised 12/03/23             
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Bashar of Essassani and Bashar al-Assad:
UFO Religious Celebrity and War Criminal 

in the news: Beginning November 10, the fabulous Luxor on the strip in Las Vegas hosted a three day event billed as both "Stairway to the Stars" and "Disclosure". While both titles appealed to New Age folks professing some degree of belief in UFO religion, the second one connects with the plea that the US government disclose all that it knows about extra-terrestrial visits to Earth. One of the event's presenters was Darryl Ankasomeone who claims to channel an enlightened extra-terrestrial named Bashar. This Bashar is supposedly a "friend from the future"specifically from an "alternate dimensional planet" called Essassani some 500 light years away offering a message of peace, love, and hope for the welfare of humanity from a future time (the 23rd century.) 

In contrast, another similarly named man Bashar al-Assadis associated with war, hate, and inhumanity. With his reign of terror in Syria in a third decade, other nations have recently taken action against him.  In June, Canada and the  Netherlands brought a lawsuit  at the International Court of Justicecharging him with "ordering torture, rapes, and other de-humanizing tactics on hundreds of thousands of detainees in Syrian prisons." And just after the Las Vegas event ended, on November 15 (as reported by Reuters), France issued an arrest warrant for him. 

commentary and analysis by Stephen P. Cook, Managing Director, project Worldview:   

In what follows I hope to come across as one who values the  "Scientific Method" (theme #6B,) and a "Skeptic" (theme #1B ) who nonetheless is  "Humbly Unsure" (theme #1A) in that I do not pretend to know "the true nature of things" nor have all the "answers to life's important questions." But alas, Project Worldview is committed to helping to shape "healthy worldviews" as part of "Valuing Honesty, Learning" (theme # 3) and calling out bullshitmeaning we don't like others "Spreading Disinformation / Tactical Deception" (theme #4.) I could begin by flaunting my physics background (M.S. from UCLA) and offer a big reason to be skeptical of  Darryl Anka's Basharbut I'll instead end with that.

Ultimately the final verdict on whether those UFO sightings that can't be explained by other means are linked to extra-terrestrial life will follow from an Evidence-Based (theme #201A) investigation. Those who have already concluded the verdict will be "Yes" might cite the huge number of Americans who claim they have been abducted by aliens (see note #1 below.) This is perhaps as high as 6% of the population based on poll data! The "No" folks say these data just tell us instead there are millions of people with psychological problems. They point out that, despite the fact that for roughly the past decade nearly everyone carries a cell phone with a camera around,  there are still no credible photos of  extra-terrestrials or their flying saucers. 

Many of the folks attracted to the Las Vegas event by its "Stairway to the Stars" / New Age heavy program, have little use for "Scientific Materialism" (theme #5A). In contrast, I value that perspective, but am a bit uncomfortable in fully embracing it. Perhaps a better understanding of what human consciousness is could get me more firmly in that camp. So I feel we should not totally write off the opposite of materialism  "Vitalism" (theme #5B). Something else is behind my position on this (see choice #9): evidence provided by decades-long investigation of cases involving "...Reincarnation" (theme #14B)most notably that  conducted at the University of Virginia by Ian Stevenson and Edward Kelly. Besides that, I must mention the story of the early 20th century Indian genius Ramanujanwhich some explain in terms of his channeling (or somehow revitalizing / embodying?) some extra-ordinarily talented long dead mathematician. 

No doubts lots of those who like conspiracy theories (see "Conspiracies" theme #36B) were drawn to the Las Vegas event by its "Disclosure" theme.  With respect to UFOs, perhaps the US government really does have something to hideI'm not going take that up here. Rather, spurred by a friend's account of attending all three days highlighted by the channeling of BasharI shall share my research into that.    

Inspired by his own UFO "close encounter of the first kind in 1973," Anka has been channeling Bashar since 1983 says A December 3, 1986 Los Angeles Times account. That article, which centers on one event where around 30 participants paid a $10 admission to attend (see note #2), reported Bashar using the analogy of a two-sided coin to explain how forces of good and evil are roughly balanced in the universe. It quoted him as saying, "The universe is very slightly biased toward the positive. That is because the edge of the coin has a slight tilt in the positive direction." The significance of that, the article paraphrases Bashar as saying, "is that those seeking positive direction need not struggle constantly to stay on the good side of the coin but can merely find their way to the edge and everything will be OK."  

How does one do that? Apparently by listening to the "wisdom" and ongoing revelations Bashar provides. A sampling of thiswith occasional comments and relevant worldview themes noted in parenthesesfollows: 

“All is one and one is all” ("Mysticism"--theme #7A); 

"What you put out is what you get back”; ("...Karma..." theme #14B)

“You have a core vibrational frequency that is uniquely yours." Everything in alignment with that frequency strives to come to you; everything not aligned strives to get away from you. "Vitalism" (theme #5B);  

"Miracles are not the exception to the rule. They are the natural, true order of the things." (from the website.) [my comment: This is an extraordinary put down of an "Orderly & Explicable" universe (theme #6A) and strong embrace of  "Magic" theme #7B)]

We are posed "one minute from midnight." [my comment: will it be apocalypse or the ushering in of "The Age of Aquarius? see "Apocalypticism / Millenarianism" (theme #9B)] (see note #3) 

Physical reality is a dream; We create our own reality ("Positive Expectations" theme #201B); you can bring everything relevant into your life through synchronicity  and ("Non-Rational Knowing" theme #12B);  You should live with a feeling of abundance ("...Abundance"  theme #26B); Follow your own “excitement” / passion ("Hedonistic Orientation" (theme #28A);  "Let go of fear..."

This last admonition concerns me with its potential for getting lots of people into troublecertainly it is in direct contrast to the "Cautious Processing" orientation of theme #202A. Yet it provides an antidote to the "Culture of Fear" (theme #16A) so many are caught up inand may help foster a world of people being "Relaxed, Generous, and Loving" (theme #202B) and practicing "The Golden Rule..." (theme #16B).  No doubt Darryl Anka / Bashar has a devoted following of "True Believer" (theme #2A) New Age enthusiasts who feel the wisdom he channels will help user in a new era"an age of peace, love, and understanding." 

I note that in "Seeking Wealth and Power" (theme #43) terms Darryl Anka  has been very successful. Those in the "Cynicism" (theme #36A) camp would say this has resulted because he has attracted lots of ignorant people and "a fool and his money are easily parted." I will say that, after reading reviews from those attending his channeling sessions, I believe Anka is both good entertainer—one called him a "psychological comedian" —and a psychotherapist. Based on what the latter charge his sessions may be a bargain. In thinking about those who become obsessed with him, I direct your attention to "Group Think Imperative" (theme #15). And to case histories of those who have succumb to (often, cult-like) UFO religions (like Heavens Gate, Scientology, etc) 

Those followers imprisoned by a the authority behind dogmatic belief or some cult typically possess an immature, extraordinarily narrow worldview. Of course just because a worldview is broad and well-developed doesn't necessarily mean its healthy. One test for that is whether it possesses  internal consistency and avoids fundamental contradictions. With this in mind, let's pose two questions for Darryl Anka and those who believe in his missionhis channeling an enlightened message from the future that humanity desperately needs to get on the right track toward that so fervently hoped for New Ageto consider. 

First, "Why does Bashar hide behind a (up to $400 or so) pay wallsomething that excludes all but a wealthy few percent of the world's eight billion people from hearing his message?" Seems that excluding the "have nots" is not the way to a desired fair and just world. And second, "Doesn't it bother you that your belief in the wise and benevolent entity that Anka channels is known by the name Bashara name now associated with a man in Syria who has been charged with unspeakable atrocity?" .

..."What's the problem you askso these two have the same Bashar name?" Asking myself that, I sought information about the origin of this name. I suspected it was something that came ultimately from Darryl Anka's brain, perhaps from some roots in Syria or the Middle East? Sure enough, I learned that his family emigrated to the US from there. Darryl's uncle, the father of his cousin, the famous singer and 1960s teenage heart-throb Paul Anka, came from Bab Tuma, Damascus, Syria.  I found that Bashar means "bringer of good news from angels" in Arabicwhich to me explains why Anka picked this name for the entity he channels. "Hey, this was a good choice at the time. So what is the problem?" you ask.

The problem is that back in 1983 when Darryl began channeling, the man Bashar al-Assad, who became "the worst war criminal of the 21st century," was 18 years old and unknown. Buthere is the key point:  If Darryl's Bashar really has wisdom based on knowledge of the future, he (or she or whatever!) should have known in 1983 that the name Bashar wouldthree decades or so in the futurebecome associated with a very bad man. And if he really wants his message to help humanity he won't want his name to be linked to that of a man known to be a brutal monster. Why didn't he (telepathically?) insist that Darryl use a different namehe certainly had leverage with Darryl to make him comply? 

There are questions for Bashar related to those suffering in Syria and elsewhere. What do your teachings “You attract your life experiences” and “You are naturally abundant” say to those trying to forget the trauma of rape, kidnapping, bombing, disabling airplane crash, devastating flood, or extreme poverty? I think only a person totally lacking in empathy would say to a victim, “You were responsible by not thinking enough good positive thoughts, and attracting something bad.” More specifically, “Did each of those terrorized and suffering in Syria create that reality for themselves?” “What did the hundreds of millions of the world’s hungry children do wrong?” With a followup, “Where is that natural abundance you say they are blessed with?” 

Finally, some physics-related skepticism. In the "Who is Bashar?" section of his website, Anka tells us why what Bashar has to teach is important: "Bashar would be the first to say that it’s because this information is based on the laws of physics and is not just a nice New-Age philosophy." In thinking about this claim, I realized that what makes Bashar different from other well known channeled entities is that he supposedly comes from the future.  Thus, unlike Seth, who "had completed his earthly reincarnations and was speaking from an adjacent plane of existence" to Jane Roberts, or Ramtha, the Lemurian warrior from 35,000 years ago channeled by JZ Knight, or Jesus, channeled to inform the Course in Miracles, Bashar is faced with a big problem that physicists have identified.  They have given this fundamental logical impossibility various names—most colorfully "The Grandfather Paradox", referring to a time traveler from the future who journeys back into the past and kills (or attempts to kill) his grandfather.

So, a third and final question for Bashar, "I understand that based on your knowledge of what the future holds for humanity you are concerned and want to help us. But, I assert that nothing you can do can change that future. Example: say you knew back in early December 1986, when you gave that session in Encino California reported in the Los Angeles Times, that a plane loaded with terrorists planning to die for Allah was going to take off from Logan Airport in Boston on the morning of September 11, 2001 and cause 3,000 deaths at the World Trade Center. Suppose you explicitly alerted humanity to this. Had you successfully communicated this then the attack would never have happened. But—like  the guy who goes back in time and kills his grandfather —there's a big contradiction here. If it never happens your warning was based on faulty information! 

So, Bashar, if you are here as an extra-terrestrial from the future seeking to help humanity avoid mistakes, I say backed by the laws of physics Darryl says you value that doing that in any significant way is impossible. If, as I strongly suspect (but do see note #4,) instead you are here as something conjured up in Darryl Anka's brain and are hoping to bring some sort of psychological comfort or spiritual joy to people, that's something entirely different. In that case I am asking you to finallyafter 40 yearscome forward and be honest. I doubt you'll be arrested for any crimesimply claim you not been operating with faulty information. Think about it ...You no doubt have a gift. Give the gift of honesty to all of us and reinvent yourselfsay as "The Quantum Flap Doodler Who Came in from the Cold" or something equally creative and continue to be a big hit with your audience. What do you think?" 


#1 See Worldview Watch issue #69, posted 10/14/2021  Suggestibility, Alien Abductions, and Democracy

#2 For sessions with Bashar, Anka charges a great deal more these days ($100 to $400?) And from those and sales of recordings, films, books, etc. he has amassed a fortune (of somewhere around $15 million or more?)   

#3 Research proceeding writing this issue #75 of the blog helped uncover the need to slightly revise a small portion of the Project Worldview structure for formally characterizing worldviews. To better accommodate the worldviews of those who like UFO religion, I have revised one of the 104 worldview themes:  theme #9B. This themepreviously called "Simply in God's Hands: Apocalypticism"is now called "In God’s or Others' Hands: Apocalypticism / Millenarianism" Eventually this change will be fully implemented throughout the website. 

#4  My arrogance has its limitsas does how far the modern scientific conceptual framework can be extended. I suppose there is a slight chance I could be wrong. I would welcome Darryl Anka's proving that Bashar is who he is claimed to be. What would satisfy me? How about Darryl arranges for Bashar to make a well-publicized landing in his UFO at some prominent location in broad daylight?    

comments and questions received: 

from anon: Are you going to send that [this issue of the blog] to him as a personal letter?

reply from sc: Tomorrow I plan to send the URL of this issue of the blog, and text of related questions by certified mail to Bashar Communications.


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