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For Release: August 1, 2010

project Worldview  
                    at Astronomy Education Conference in Boulder, CO 

Project Worldview founder, astronomer, and global education pioneer Stephen Cook attended the Astronomical Society of the Pacific conference in Boulder, CO, August 1-4, 2010.  With New Mexico State University astronomer Nicole Vogt, he shared newly developed astronomy for general education activities he has helped develop.  

One in particular is dear to him, a lab activity entitled "The HR Diagram and Stellar Evolution."  Cook has a long-time interests in 

1) observational evidence of stellar evolution reflected in period changes in Cepheid variable stars, and 

2) helping people expand their worldviews by better appreciating things that happen slowly over million of years. 

For more on this conference, click here. 

For information on the astronomy lab activities  click here. 

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