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For Release: March 31, 2019

updated January 21, 2020 

 Version 4.0 Worldview Theme Structure and Cards / Booklets Launch!

The long awaited version 4.0 expansion of the Project Worldview theme structure, which began with version 1.0 publication of 26 themes in 1990, finally comes online.  It includes 104 themes, again categorized based on playing card suites: diamonds / "thinking" / hearts-- "feeling" / clubs--"joining" / spades --"doing" as in impact on nature. But two additions: 1) the themes are paired to make choices that fit on 52 double-sided Choices We Make playing cards, and 2) 16 of the most basic themes are designated as "meta themes" (aces & kings!). New worldview characterization /analysis programs and educational / entertainment offerings are now freely available on the website.

Speaking of free: files that were once available for purchase on The Worldview Kit CD are now freely available online.  Thus the older version 2.0 & 3.0 worldview theme structure become more usefully accessible. Example: self tests to gauge understanding of key words / concepts themes are based on, and quizzes to gauge compatibility between a person's worldview and the particular worldview theme are now a click away on each of the older worldview theme pages. 

Accompanying the version 4.0 implementation has been the Choices We Make cards and booklet. The related booklet (free digital edition or inexpensive printed copy) is now available. And using files freely available on this website you can make your own Choices We Make playing cards with your printer, copier, cardstock, etc.

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