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about The Choices We Make Card Kit

The Choices We Make card deck is an educational tool designed to help you better understand yourself, other people, the world around you, and make sense out of "the confusion of existence."  It does this by focusing your attention on choices we all make, with alternate theme choices represented on flip sides of playing cards.

The Choices We Make Card Kit is designed to:

1) offer a hands-on experience, easily shared with others, that supplements and builds on the related project Worldview website Choices We Make experience. 

2) save those interested in obtaining a deck of Choices We Make playing the trouble of obtaining cardstock for double sided printing on an available printer and doing the time-consuming printing (* see note below)

Besides the detailed and numerous .pdf support files available freely online (click here for details), it has two additional key components:

1) Six big theme cards, printed on both sides of 300 gsm white 8.5 x 11.0 in cardstock. Each side contains nine cards in a gird for you to use in making individual cards by cutting with your own scissors or cutter. 

2) A template printed on colorful cardstock for you to cut out and use in making a tuck box for your fifty-four playing cards (fifty-two with themes on each side; two are instructions related cards). You can select the color you want from a choice of five colors. 

* The kit works on conjunction with the extensive Choices We Make related educational material and tools freely available on the  Project Worldview website.  Besides helping you characterize and analyze your worldview, check it for coherence and consistency, and relate it to the worldviews of others, the cards you make from this kit will involve you in "doing"--most notably in making  your own Choices We Make  deck of worldview theme playing cards.  That deck can also help entertain you in the form of a both fun and educational Gin Rummy-like card game. 



note: you can make a deck of these cards yourself using instructions and files freely available on this website. Note there is a free digital booklet alternative to these cards. 

stay tuned: we may offer a
Choices We Make
printed booklet 

 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: The Choices We Make Card Kit -- Who Might Use It and How?
FAQ: Why is The Choices We Make Card Kit referred to as a "Kit" ?

The Choices We Make Card Kit is not a finished product. It is called a Kit since you have to supply the labor in cutting out the individual playing cards, and in cutting out the template and following instructions to make a tuck box for your cards. You will need to supply your own scissors, and either double-sided tape or glue (glue sticks work well) to do this. Once you've read the instructions and figured out what to do, it typically takes around thirty minutes to produce a finished deck of playing cards & tuck box to house them. 

FAQ: Why focus on characterizing a person's worldview using a deck of playing cards?  

Worldviews are unique, extraordinarily complicated, and thus difficult to characterize and get a handle on. While obviously providing only a first (an admittedly very simplified) approximation, use of worldview theme cards provides a way of doing this. There are several reasons for choosing playing cards--most notably they are in widespread use, their size will limit the information contained to a manageable amount, and they are associated with confrontation as in playing a game.  In the "game of life" you often confront people. The outcome of more serious and involved confrontations or interactions--whether a dispute is resolved, whether you get in a fight, whether you are able to exchange valuable or instructive information, whether you grow from the interaction, whether you have a happy marriage, etc--can often critically depend on the worldviews of the participants and how well they understand and accept those worldviews. It can be likened to sitting down with a person or persons to play cards: the better idea you have of the cards both you and the other people are holding, the better off you'll be in steering the game's outcome to your liking!  

FAQ: What is the objective of  the educational Gin Rummy like game mentioned above and how is it played?

The game seeks to build familiarity with the 104 worldview themes and how they define choices behind certain worldviews. It is played like regular Gin Rummy in that each player is dealt ten cards and seeks to be first to go out (calling "Gin") by obtaining winning cards. Those winning cards are ones that match up with those of "Generic Worldviews". Click here for more information.

FAQ: I've seen websites where getting someone to answer questions related to some aspect of their  worldview is used as a prelude to promote particular narrow worldviews, often dominated by particular religious beliefs. Could it be that your website and The Choices We Make Card Kit have a similar agenda (or hidden agenda)? 

In short, NO!  Please read the "Neutrality Pledge" on our homepage.  There you will also find (under "Our Logo & Our Hope") the following statement: "It is our hope that ... all people come to have a healthy worldview, one that brings happiness and promotes planetary well being."  Despite this hope, which most people would share -- not too many are hoping for the opposite (unhappiness and general ill health / discomfort)--both our website and The Choices We Make Cards or Booklet do not actively attempt to keep someone from believing things or engaging in related behaviors that are generally accepted as being unhealthy or not leading to happiness and planetary well being.   


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