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For Release: January 30, 2015

The Worldview Theme Song Book 

We are excited to announce the publication of the book:
The Worldview Theme Song BookExploring the Feelings Behind Worldviews
     by Stephen P. Cook  published by Parthenon Books  January 2015  ISBN: 978-0-9627349-4-6
summary of book: While it promotes understanding of what goes on in your brain as you build the conceptual framework behind your worldview, what this book really has to say concerns feelings. So at its heart are eighty-one songs based on popular favorites—one for each of the eighty-one Project Worldview worldview themes. Using song lyrics and text, the book tells a personal tale—in a way it's a love story—one that has a wildly improbable, worldview shaking, musically inspired climax!
For more information about this book click this link or go to:
Attention, Book Reviewers: If you have connections with a publication you think would be interested in printing a review of this book--or know someone who does-- please email us with an explanation and click here to request a review copy.


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