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For Release: April 10, 2019

project Worldview  in Venice

Project Worldview founder and global education pioneer Stephen Cook (left) recently visited Venice -- "the low-lying city [that's] the poster child for cultural heritage and people at risk...with climate change and sea levels rising globally" as a recent National Geographic report "Dramatic Pictures Reveal Venice Flooding" put it. For tourists who visit at the wrong time, those future concerns are today's reality as the city now floods four times a year. After looking at pictures of such times, Cook's thoughts not surprisingly turned to what we can all do to combat climate change. He recalled buying carbon credits to offset greenhouse emissions from his air travel there. Specifically, he made one such purchase from Ryanair, which flew him to Venice from Barcelona. Interestingly, during his visit, this airline made news  as "the first non-coal company to join Europe’s top 10 carbon emitters"