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For Release: February 19, 2013

Project Worldview Founder Contributes Article to

Life on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies Volume

Project Worldview founder and global education pioneer Stephen Cook has contributed one of the twenty seven articles which appear in the 534 page volume  Life on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies recently published by Springer Science, a leading academic publisher. The article is entitled "SETI: Assessing Imaginative Proposals"  The abstract to it begins, "It seems the SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) community seeks to encourage imaginative speculation, but  discourage promoting pseudoscience and wasting time/resources.  This chapter considers the question 'How seriously should imaginative proposals be taken?' After considering the worldviews behind such proposals, it provides guidelines for evaluating them." 

Click here for more on this book                        Click here to see both the abstract and pre-print version of the article.  

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