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For Release: January 29, 2013

Expanded Worldview Theme Descriptions, New Theme Added 

Since the Project Worldview website went online (and we started offering The Worldview Kit) in the fall of 2006, we have maintained the same eighty worldview themes with concise descriptions that fit on fifty two standard size playing cards. While continuing to provide that service, we are now pleased to announce the introduction of expanded worldview theme descriptions--typically for those themes where two of them fit on one card.  Also, in an effort to accommodate a future program addition (we're excited about it, stay tuned!), we have expanded the number of worldview themes to eighty one.  This comes with adding theme #19B: "Corporate Capitalism".  In doing this, we are retaining the "Economic Individualism" theme (previously labeled #19) but changing its numerical designation to  #19A.  And to accommodate our eighty themes on the fifty two playing cards, we are changing the name of theme #19 to "Capitalism" and providing a concise description that reflects both Economic Individualism and Corporate Capitalism components. For more on what's behind this change see the latest installment of our Worldview Watch blog. 

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