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I am comfortable with free market capitalism where individuals rationally make self interest based decisions and see this as morally defensible.  I value competition—it promotes efficiency, stimulates people to work hard, innovate, and take chances.  Laws and government intervention should promote it, protect private property and serve individuals/small businesses--not big corporations. (Others are also comfortable with corporate capitalism--awed by big corporations' ability to harness production forces, satisfy consumers, and accumulate wealth, and appreciating their limited liability, greater ability to obtain capital and lobby to shape government policy.  Ideally corporate management pursues enlightened self interest and is sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders.)

Note: This Playing Card has been revised as of January, 2013. While other applications will use two separate themes--#19A ECONOMIC INDIVIDUALISM and #19B CORPORATE CAPITALISM--for applications based on playing cards (where 52 playing cards hold 80 worldview themes) and selected other ones theme #19--retitled CAPITALISM--with the new playing card description shown above will be used.