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For Release: November 11, 2014

project Worldview  in London.





Project Worldview founder and global education pioneer Stephen Cook (left) recently spent two weeks visiting Scotland and London in an effort to further his lifelong continuing education. With respect to this he spent four days in the British Museum. There, in room 2 of this huge complex, he found a statement that resonated with the Project Worldview philosophy: "During its long history the museum has become a place where all the cultures can be shown but none privileged, all faiths represented but none preached...Its aim: to be a museum of the world, for the world."  

The photo at the left was taken just before Cook walked across the Tower Bridge and visited the Tower of London, a World Heritage Site.. This visit provided the inspiration which resulted in  Worldview Watch issue #41: "Be Grateful: Ceramic Poppies Are Blowing in the Wind" 



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