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For Release: September 1, 2020

 Version 4.2 Worldview Theme Structure w/ related Choices We Make updates!

After the long awaited version 4.0 expansion of the Project Worldview theme structure was implemented beginning in April, 2019, we are are pleased to announce further refinements which will improve worldview characterization and analysis.  While there are still 104 worldview themes paired to make 52 choices, a couple of version 4.1 themes have been consolidated so that a few new themes could be added. These changes were driven by both our changing perception of the world and user feedback. For those of you who provided the latter, thank you! 

The biggest recent addition to our website is one that will aid those to want to systematically increase their worldview and cultural literacy:

Self Tests to check understanding of the "Related Words, Beliefs, Background" for each of the 52 choices 

Note we are working to make the Choices We Make cards and booklet freely available so that: use can make your own version 4.2 Choices We Make playing cards with your printer, copier, cardstock, etc. and get the digital version of the booklet for free.

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