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Worldview-Related Application Computer Programs

Programs for Characterizing, Analyzing Worldviews (version 4.2 worldview theme structure based):

Choices We Make Worldview Analysis for One Person: A Program for Finding the % Correlation Between Worldviews. It is designed for one person to use in comparing his or her worldview with twelve different generic categories of worldviews--all of them based on the choices made when presented a deck of 52 "Choices We Make" playing cards with different worldview theme choices on each side. It will also flag inconsistencies in the person's worldview. 

Choices We Make Worldview Analysis--Basic for Two People: A Program for Finding the % Correlation Between Worldviews. It is designed for two people to use in comparing their worldviews based on the choices they make when presented a deck of 52 "Choices We Make" playing cards with different worldview theme choices on each side.  

More Programs for Characterizing, Analyzing (version 2.0 and 3.0 worldview theme structure based):

Top Cards & Discards : This program for characterizing your worldview (or someone else's) will ask you to select the eight project Worldview themes that you like the most (two from each suit: diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades) and the eight that you like least. It will compile a concise summary of these suitable for printing out or emailing to others. 

Quick Worldview Analysis Program: This program allows two people--for example, you and your friend--to quantitatively compare worldviews. If there is no second person, you can use it to compare your worldview with that of a  "Typical USA adult".  The program reports a % correlation, with scores ranging from + 100 % ( greatest possible correlation between the worldviews) to -100 % ( least possible correlation between the worldviews)

Worldview Analysis Program: The Worldview Analysis program will gauge your worldview in 18 categories: % scores for each category attribute will be reported—they will add to 100%.  For example, category #1 is "Basis for Knowledge"—its attributes are Reason and Faith. A minister's scores here might be 30% Reason, 70% Faith; an engineer's might be 70% Reason, 30% Faith.  In addition, this program will analyze your worldview according to the beliefs, values, etc. of six major religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions: Christian, Confucian, Green, Hindu, Islam, and New Age. The Worldview Analysis program also checks worldviews for consistency / contradictions by focusing on seventy pairs of worldview themes where the orientation, beliefs and long-term behavior associated with each is (more or less) diametrically opposed.  For example, one such pair is provided by WV theme #1B: Skeptic and WV theme #2A: The True Believer. The Worldview Analysis program will provide both a bar graph pictorial representation of your overall worldview, and similarly picture your scores on pairs of diametrically opposed worldview themes.  You can compare your individual worldview theme scores and worldview analysis category / attribute, religious, spiritual, ethical traditions scores with those of "An Average USA Adult" based on public opinion surveys utilizing around 470 questions

Other Worldview Related Programs (version 2.0 worldview theme structure based):

Share Aspects of Your Worldview With a Tweet: This program will help you concisely (<140 characters) express your view on some problem or issue in terms of project Worldview themes (two you like, one you don't) and send a Tweet. 

Custom Cards Program: This is version 2.0 theme structure based with 80 themes fitting on the back sides of 52 playing cards. The fronts of this customized card deck you produce will contain your name and playing card designation / suit logo; the back will contain theme descriptions,  The program guides you through your selection of worldview themes you like the best in each suit--these become your "aces"--on through to those you like the least--these become your "twos". It then provides instructions on how to print cards out (some may find it clunky and to not work well with printer / browser?!).


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