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I value having the freedom to spend money and buy things. If I like what a product can do for me, like its image and the message associated with it--and I encounter these images / messages everywhere -- I will buy it. If I am envious of something someone else has, I will work to get one for myself. When I tire of a possession, I discard it for something new. Often, I express who I am through what I buy. Often I find my needs can be met if I shop around, and I like to shop. I often prefer things or experiences that are bigger, louder, longer, stronger, faster, with more power or more features.  (Note: Often such a “more is better” mentality is part of a “knows no limits” mindset. Sometimes "macho" arrogance, excess, and waste are part of this, typically humble pleas for restraint are not!)

WV Theme #26A: The Consumerist

WV Theme #26B: The More Is Better Mentality 

--Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries

--Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries

enjoys shopping defends and/or engages in Conspicuous Consumption  
values having things, Economic Materialism defends right to and/or lives in large house (McMansion) 
no problem w/ marketing, advertising==>supports Commercialism drives SUV or large truck, defends right to do so vs. critics
engages in Consumer Activism not concerned about Obesity

summary Wikipedia article: Consumerism

summary Wikipedia article: none

Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 2123 Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 1213
Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 24 Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 108

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More to Explore -- Worldview Theme #26A: The Consumerist

Consumer Bill of Rights (from online encyclopedia)
Consumerist (online encyclopedia article about the consumer affairs blog) 
The National Consumer Law Center ("for consumers" page from non-profit dedicated to "advancing fairness in the marketplace for all") 
link to Consumerist blog
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Links to articles about Data Mining and Consumerism (from The Consumerist)
The Luxury Institute (website of group "committed to delivering objective and accurate insights into the behaviors and attitudes of affluent consumers")
The Story of Stuff, with Annie Leonard (20 minute look at "the underside of our production and consumption patterns")
Phishing for Fools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception by G. Akerlof & R. Shiller  (book review in The Economist September 19 2015)
Stuffocation by James Wallman (review by Steven Poole of this 2015 book in The Guardian)
Fine Print by David Cay Johnston (read excerpt of 2012 book re: how big corporations rip off consumers) 
Brainwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade Us to Buy by Martin Lindstrom (more on this 2011 book)

"Watches and Wonders 2015: What the world's one percent wear on their wrists" by Stephy Chung   (reported on CNN October 4 2015)

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"Brands Finding it Hard to Adapt to Age of Scepticism" (article from The Economist Feb 1 2014)
"The Economic Waste of Christmas Giving?"  (report by Paul Solman on PBS News Hour December 24, 2013)
"Chinese Consumers Spent A Record $5.7 Billion On Singles' Day" by Hayley Peterson ( November 11 2013 article from Business Insider)
"Shopping: The Emporium Strikes Back" (article from The Economist July 13 2013)
"The Science Behind Gifting"   (December 3 2012 article from The Wall Street Journal)
"The Tyranny of Choice: You Choose" (article from The Economist Dec 18 2010)
"The Magic of Good Service" (article on The Economist September 2 2012)
"The Genius of QVC," by Megan McArdle (June 2010 The Atlantic article about the shopping network)
"Powerless Consumers Spend More" by Adam Galinsky (article from Sept 22 2008 Advertising Age)
Buyology: Truths and Lies About Why We Buy, by Martin Lindstrom (read excerpts from 2008 book)
Consumerism and the New Capitalism  (essay by R. Cronk) 
The Center for Consumer Freedom
The Center for Consumer Freedom -- their deception exposed
The Consuming Instinct by Gad Saad (2011 book by marketing professor and Psychology Today blogger)
Why We Buy--The Science of Shopping, by Paco Underhill (read excerpts from this 2008 book at Google Books)
Harvard Design School Guide to Shopping, by Rem Koolhaas (book review of this 800 page volume)
Life is Not Complete Without Shopping: Consumption Culture in Singapore, by Chua Beng Huat (book review)
Temples of Consumption: Shopping Malls As Secular Cathedrals
Economics Notes: Your Role as a Consumer
Shopping is Patriotic, Leaders Say
For American Consumers, How Much is Enough? by Jeffrey Shaffer (May, 2007 CSM article)
The Moral Nature of Free Enterprise
Blippy.com (website providing "a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying")
"Wake Up and Sell the Coffee," by Barbara Kiviat (article on selling high priced coffee to affluent consumers)
"Guilt Won't Stop Impulsive Shoppers, Researchers Say" (2007 CBC article)

Reviews on Amazon: Five Star Fakes (report from The Economist October 24 2015)

"Online Retailing: A Return to Santa" (article about hard to please online shoppers in Europe from The Economist December 21 2013)
"Sex and Advertising: Retail Therapy" (historical perspective from Dec 17 2011 The Economist)
"Data Mining: How Companies Know Everything About You"  by Joel Stein (cover story Time Mar 21 2011)
"The Proposed Consumer Financial Protection Watchdog" by Justin Fox (article in Time July 27, 2009)
Home Shopping: The Cult of the Snuggie, by M.J. Stephey (article in Time February 2, 2009)
Shop Till You Drop, by Larry Kudlow
Middle East Shopping Malls: The Battle of the Brands
Overcoming Consumerism  (anti-consumerism website) 
Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella (book review of this 2003 novel and links to reader reviews)
Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, by Judith Levine (book review by Marjorie Kehe in CSM, 3/2006)
Buy, Buy Baby: How Consumer Culture Manipulates Parents and Harms Young Minds, by Susan G. Thomas
Behind Consumption and Consumerism --Global Issues  (global health & environmental perspectives) 
Creating the Consumer, by Anup Shah (from global issues website)
All Consuming Passion: Waking Up from the American Dream
Affluenza (from online encyclopedia, refers to term used by those critical of consumerism)
Affluenza (teacher's guide PBS series on ills of consumerism)
Salvation Through Consumption?
The Sacred Santa: Religious Dimensions of Consumer Culture by Dell deChant
The CardHub on Comparing Credit Cards (the ultimate website about credit cards on multiple levels: consumer, researcher, etc.)
quotes related to shopping

More to Explore -- Worldview Theme #26B: The More Is Better Mentality

Super Size Me (from online encyclopedia about the documentary film and related cultural trend)
Spoiled Child (from online encyclopedia)
Living Ever Larger--How Wretched Excess Became a Way of Life in Southern California, by Patrick Kiger
Too Much (website providing "commentary on excess and inequality")
"The Neiman Marcus Catalogue: Hold the Myrrh" (article about Xmas shopping excesses from The Economist Oct 18 2014)
"How Mega Millions Became a $586 Million Phenomenon" (Dec 16 2013 USA Today story on a lottery with super jackpot payoff)
"Supercharged 2015 Chevy Corvette..." (Jan 15 2014 article/video about the 625 Hp sports car)
"Land of the Corporate Giants" (article from The Economist Nov 3 2012)
"Technology Advances, Humans Supersize" by P. Cohen (health & human evolution,  2011 NY Times article)
"Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Bulldozes $12 million Home" by Shane Bacon (Jan 5 2011 Yahoo Sports article)
"Forget Frugality, Focus on Earning More" by Ramit Sethi (Apr 28 2011 NY Times article)
"Our Super-Sized Kids--How America's Children Packed on the Pounds, by Jeffrey Kluger (article in Time June 23 2008)
Book Review of Better Not Bigger, book by Eben Fodor
I Love My SUV, by Ray Keating
I Love My SUV Despite Its MPG, by Colin Hurlock, editor at MSNBC
Chasing the SUV Vote
"The Politics of Very Big Trucks" (October 6 2012 article in The Economist)
The Big Screen (a Stanford student's prank / commentary)
People of Plenty: Economic Abundance and the American Character, by David M. Potter (read at Google Books)
A Man in Full, by Tom Wolfe (American consumer excess is major theme in this 1998 novel; from online encyclopedia)
American Mania -- When More is Not Enough  (book by director of UCLA Neuropsychiatric Inst.)
Feature Fatigue -- When Product Capabilities Become Too Much of a Good Thing (J. of Marketing Research article)
Quirky Foes and Owners of Invading Monster Mansions (NY Times book review of Rattled and Lapham Rising)
quotes about excess and related topics

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