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Climate Dialogues related Handouts and Links 

note: the handouts that you can click on below can be reproduced and made freely available for educational use only with citation:

"from Project Worldview,"  .

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1) Climate Dialogues Objectives and Guidelines (one page)

2) Climate Science Basics (two pages)

3) Climate Dialogues Study and Discussion Questions (four pages)
    note: the "Background" questions are here for facilitators to study & master, and for participants to look over and ask  facilitators if they are curious and/or wish to fill gaps in their knowledge. Depending upon subsequent "Personal Meaning" discussion, to help it go at a higher level discussing certain background questions may be required.

4) Simple Things You Can Do to Fight Climate Change (two pages)

5) Climate Dialogues--Economics / Communicating With the Public (two pages)

6) Global & USA Impacts -- Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) exec summary (fifteen pages incl 10 figures)

7) Local / Regional Impacts -- sample for Arizona / Southwest USA presented (two pages)

Hundreds of links relevant to Climate Change can be found by clicking on and exploring Project Worldview themes presented below: 

1) theme #23A: Sustainability

2) theme #23B: Enoughness

3) theme #104: Respect for Nature

4) theme #40: Environmental Economics

links to songs:

The Carbon Dividends Song 

Carbon Footprint Related Song Lyrics

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