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I find aspects of my worldview and outlook on life are, to some degree, associated with taking a human being centered viewpoint where humans are the most important thing in the universe. I feel humans are special, stand apart from nature, and "the world belongs to humans.” I am comfortable with the increasing commodification of everything and valuing other things based on usefulness to humans.  (Note: some extend this in worshiping a Personal and Moralistic God and highly valuing their own ultimate salvation.)


I believe that humans are part of nature, not its rulers. People should cherish, revere, and sometimes stand in awe of natural beauty, not despoil it or threaten the integrity of ecosystems. The inter-connected unity of its parts / processes should be valued without regard to usefulness to people. Beyond respect, some feel they belong to nature. Sources of this feeling include a living in nature groundedness, and indigenous religion. Natural pantheists identify God with a self-organizing, ever evolving universe. Some worship the Goddess. Animists talk of gods inhabiting special places.

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As such this page may be rather incomplete or still "under construction" for quite awhile!

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Respect for Nature

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  "Hozho: Dine' Concept of Balance and Beauty" by Robert S. Drake (2004 paper on this Navaho concept)
  The Age of Empathy: Nature's Lessons for a Kinder Society by Frans de Waal (more on this 2010 book with excerpts from Google Books)
  God is Gone, Everything is Holy by Chet Raymo (more about this 2008 book by a well known science writer)
  The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth, by E.O. Wilson (book review in Washington Post)
  "Nature Demands Respect—On Hurricanes, Awe, and Humility"  by Anthony Makar (in UU World Dec 2017)
  Affluence Without Abundance: The Disappearing World of the Bushmen by James Suzman (interview with author by John Williams NY Times  July 23 2017)
  Biodiversity: Hang on (special report on Biodiversity and how economic growth may improve it, The Economist Sep 14 2013)
  "Adaptation and Defiance" by Jeffrey Lockwood (article about nature and climate change in UU World summer 2013)
  Plant Communications: Beans' Talk" (article about how plants use fungi to communicate, from The Economist July 6 2013)
  "The Ecological Turn in New Confucian Humanism: Implications for China and the World" by Tu Weiming (2001 essay)
  "The Continuity of Being: Chinese Visions of Nature" by Tu Weiming (summary of chapter in 1989 book) 
  Nature: An Environmental Cosmology, by Joseph Grange (read portions of this book at Google Books)
  The Well Dressed Ape, by Hannah Holmes (read portions of this 2009 book at Google Books)
  Christian Ecology, by Carl Pope, Sierra Club
  Forum on Religion and Ecology  (bibliography, etc)
  Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn (online encyclopedia account of novel about human history viz. the natural world)
  Newton County, Arkansas: The Natural State (2016 video portrait of individuals living close to nature and involved in environmental activist pursuits) 
  Belonging to the Universe by Fritjof Capra, etal) (refers to this book and "Ecoliteracy" path)
  Reason and Reverence, by William R. Murry (excerpt from book promoting humanistic religious naturalism)
  quotes related to nature
  quotes on wilderness

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