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I respect, accept and appreciate the rich diversity of our world's cultures, our different forms of expression and different ways of being human.  Rather than using differences in appearance or behavior to exclude, I aim to celebrate them and include where appropriate.  For such diverse people to live in harmony, whether on the world or local stage, educational efforts are needed.   At the local level, such education helps others appreciate both the challenges diversity poses and benefits it brings to neighborhoods. (Note: several groups have “Teaching Tolerance” projects.)


I suffer when others see my behavior as worthy of shame. In my anger over unfair treatment or pain someone has inflicted—or more generally when I feel anxious / alienated— I may single out some person (often quite different from myself) or group to blame. (Note: such scape-goating often involves discriminating by unfairly blaming / shaming others for real or imagined offenses— including those linked to conspiracy theories.  It happens at all levels: from family to national. Related vengeance can result in anything from ostracism to honor killing to genocide.)

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"As you shop in "The Reality Marketplace" avoid spending your "reality cash" too early,  before you have seen everything. " 
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows