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Self Test A on Knowledge & Vocabulary associated with Choice #24  

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. All of the following words might be used to describe someone for whom the BLAMING / SCAPEGOATING theme is a key component of their overall worldview except which

1) prejudiced            2) racist, bigoted        3) discriminatory         4) paternalistic        5)  childish, insecure

2.  Complete the following by selecting the best ordered pair choice: "Perhaps the key thing that distinguishes people who value the CULTURE OF TOLERANCE theme and those who engage in scapegoating is how they answer the question: "How do you treat people who  ___________-- do you accept them, or single them out for _________________?"

1) are minorities, discrimination           2) you fear, discrimination              3) you distrust, discrimination, 

4) seem different to you, blame               5) you fear, blame  

3. The  BLAMING / SCAPEGOATING   theme logically belongs together with all of the following except which?

1) ostracism                          2) segregation                

3) multiculturalism                 4) exclusion              5) discrimination 

4.  Select the ordered pair that best completes the following. "A key difference between people who value the CULTURE OF TOLERANCE theme and those who engage in scapegoating is that the former hope that eventually _____________ will bring positive change. Evidence for this is provided by the ______ sentence in this theme's description."  

1) democracy, first        2)  democracy, last       3) education, first        4)  education, last          5) religion, first       

5. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "noble, generous, especially in forgiving."

1)    discrimination                                    2) magnanimous                                3)   ostracism

4)   prejudice                                     5) none of the above


6. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "ignore, exclude, or shun a person." 

1)  discrimination                                      2)  prejudice                               3)   ostracism

4)   xenophobia                                     5)   none of the above


7.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "not impartial; biased."

1)    ostracism                                    2)   xenophobia                              3)   discrimination

4)   prejudice                                     5) blaspheme


8. All of the following in some way involve discrimination except which one

1) prejudice                                       2)   genocide                              3)  ostracism 

4)  servitude                                      5)   pathology


9.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "deliberate, systematic mass slaughter of targeted group."

1)   discrimination                                     2) genocide                                3)   xenophobia

4)    pathology                                    5) ostracism


10.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "fear of foreigners or strangers."

1)   xenophobia                                      2)  prejudice                                3)   genocide

4)  ostracism                                      5) magnanimous



       For Choice #24:

       Your Score on the Self Test = correct out of 10 possible


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