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I wish for all law-abiding people: “life, liberty”, equality before the law, legal recourse when rights or privacy are violated, presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and the right to appeal conviction. I’d outlaw discrimination (by race, sex, color, nationality, language, sexual orientation), arbitrary arrest, torture, inhuman treatment and servitude. I’d grant freedom— of movement, speech and creative expression (exempting what is hateful or hurtful to society), assembly, religion, to fair compensation for work, and to choose a marriage partner.


I’ve something in common with lots of other people, something I’m not pleased with: my freedom, and the control I can exercise over my life, is very limited. While we are all rather powerless, the cause of this condition may be quite different: extreme poverty, massive debt, harsh environmental conditions, ignorance, prejudice against us, disability, the authority of some dominating individual who exploits us, dogmatic beliefs, imprisonment, restrictions imposed by an authoritarian government, etc. (Note: most don’t choose this often painful condition!)

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"As you shop in "The Reality Marketplace" avoid spending your "reality cash" too early,  before you have seen everything. " 
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows